Primaries; Plants

Sat with Phyllis for almost two hours at the polls.  Always enjoy talking with her.  Saw one of the MTR’s there; she refused to acknowledge me at first (no class).  Saw Paul later.  He gave us a wave (first class).

Picked up supplements on sale for Ron at CVS.

Cheryl called; she and Pat are in town for the week.  May see them tomorrow.

Stephanie spent almost an hour giving plant and flower advice.  Lots of ideas; some not doable now, but others might be.

Got free plants – iris and wood geranium plus a mystery flower – from a gardener in Sandwich who’s redoing her front yard.  We put everything in the washtubs to soak until I can get them in the ground.

Voted on the way back.

Eggs and salad for supper.

Had a longish chat on the phone with Patrice about the treatment yesterday.  First Deposit doesn’t put a hold on government checks.  I made arrangements to have my checks direct deposited there starting in November.

Cathy’s Salad Recipe

Made up a batch of Cathy’s excellent black bean/corn/tomato/avocado salad for supper.

Neighbors across the street had a big get-together.  Haven’t seen that many cars in a long time.

Peter and Bonnie drove James to Bridgewater State, so I got to drive Em to work and back.  Picked up cheap beer at TJ’s.

Bad experience at Rockland Trust.  Wrote to the manager and online.  Time to switch?

We did the usual: laundry, changed sheets, transfer station.

Plant Wisdom

I posted some garden photos today and have been getting invaluable advice from a handful of people on a FB garden page.

The post was so popular that the dean of Cape Cod gardening replied to it in her blog!

Along with the helpful information there was, unfortunately, a fair amount of pettiness and boasting.  One woman took offense when I asked her about her water bill after she posted that she waters twice a day (!), and some practically broke their arms patting themselves on the back.

I think these stupid “blue line” memes reflect the irrational fear by rich white people that they need cops to protect themselves from who knows what.  Or some kind of bromance thing that men have about other men in uniform.  Village People.

It’s gratifying to see that an Oregon jury awarded a motorcyclist a half million dollar settlement due to misbehavior by a yahoo cop captain.

I was pleased, though, to see that the Sandwich standout is losing more participants.  Good.  Falmouth is hanging in there and Dennis had around half a dozen.  It’s a lot harder than people think when they first sign up.

I did a transfer station run and some weeding at the Mashpee Community Garden, plot 15.  Made a pass through the Naukabout driveway but a food truck was parked in front of their lake view.

Received the check from the Commonwealth!  Almost $400.

Ron treated us to iced tea on the deck.  I made cucumber and tomato sandwiches, but without white bread, they weren’t very good.

We did have a nice supper, though: home made previously frozen veg burgers, salad and custard pie.  Watched the hummers for quite a while.  I’m pretty sure they are ruby-throated hummingbirds.

Kitty dropped by twice.

Scuffle Hoe to Buf-fa-lo

Buffalo, aka Ron, cleaned and put away the gardening tools, which is BIG.

I broke in the scuffle hoe today, weeded three gardens.  It is fantastic.  Good day to be outside.  81.

Small rabbit has taken possession of the old herb garden.  He/She is eating happily and, I guess, safely.

Hummers have been feeding a lot.

Em is going to Washington State on October 3.  I’ll have a chance to talk with them this Sunday.

Ron did a bunch of power washing.

Good info from the FB gardening group on seed collection, layering and winter sowing.

Washed and cut up a pile of vegetables for roasting with garlic, rosemary and thyme: cauliflower, onion, eggplant, potatoes, turnips, carrots.

Ron got a check today so I set up our bank’s smartphone app on his iPhone nd helped him deposit it.  Neither of us wanted to deal with traffic on the Friday of Labor Day weekend.

Roast vegetables and salad for supper.

101; Gail

Wish our visit with Gail could have gone on and on.  What a complete pleasure to meet her!

We stayed put the entire time.

Too hot for me at least to do much of anything outside, so grateful that we didn’t need to “entertain”.  What a house guest: she brought her own food and drink because of a restricted diet following bariatric surgery.  She’s doing very well.

Falmouth Toyota found a problem with a broken rear flange connection.  Bringing it to Midas tomorrow morning.

It started to cool off in the afternoon, so we helped the Conservation Department by spreading some mulch at the Santuit Pond Nature Preserve.  Sat outside for a while and watched the hummers.  Ron’s done a great job keeping their feeders full.

No supper.


Dead-headed the hosta and daylilies along the fence.  Watered the front lawn.  Prepped the pineapple from the service center, but it’s pretty awful, gone to alcohol!

Gave Robert a ride to work.

Picked up ale for Ron at TJ’s and trash barrel liners at Job Lot.  Gave Em a ride home from the mall.  They’re planning to move to Washington State in two months!

Ron and I worked outside in 95 degree heat.  He mowed.  I trimmed the front bushes.

Ron finally gave up on towing to GMC and asked the shop in Falmouth to fix the van.

Meanwhile, I got a check engine light in the truck.  Bringing it in tomorrow.

James goes to college this Sunday!

Gail is coming down tomorrow for a visit.

Leftovers for supper combined with some noodles from the service center.  Good!

Wayward Van; Eye Exam; 95

We got a call from Battles Auto – in Falmouth.  The van was towed there last Wednesday instead of to Battles in Bourne.

So, instead of being ready, it hasn’t even been looked at.

Ron had a checkup with Dr. Kadermas; his eye looks good.

While he was waiting to be seen, I got some fixtures at Botello which work for the IKEA computer desk.  We finally “got it together”.

Earlier today, we shopped at Walmart, got cones at Dairy Queen, stopped at Eastman’s and the Falmouth Food Pantry.  Got some marvelous groceries, including two veg dinners, a pineapple, oranges, cauliflower, etc.

Kitty came by after dark last night.  Were we ever relieved when he came back this morning!

Super hoe arrived today.


Hearing Aid

Doing more cleanup downstairs yesterday, I found Ron’s old missing hearing aid on his messy work table.  He thought he’d donated the other one only two weeks ago.

Turns out, he hadn’t!

The Senior Center was open for a private group late yesterday afternoon, so we were able to forage through the Lion’s Club eyeglasses and hearing aid donation box.

Ron found some batteries he’d donated, but no hearing aid.

This morning, he found it in the second bedroom.

He made tofu scramble for breakfast.  It was nice enough to eat outside.

I ordered a wall hanging unit for the extension cord winder.

Realized this morning that the creep I confronted last weekend is an Oath Keeper.  Someone else from the group was photographed with him.

We did a lot of outdoor work today, mostly watering and some weeding.

Also did the transfer station and changed sheets.

My right wrist is killing me.