Catching Up

Billy installed the light in the second bedroom, and Ron is pleased.

Ron installed a second shelf in the new room closet and patched the hole in the attic floor.

I attended a meeting of the Mashpee Introverts and am still waiting for them to add me to their FB page.

After the Introverts, I drove to Dennis, intending to stand out with the M2R group there, but no one showed up. I messaged Paul and the group leader. Paul offered no explanation, and I haven’t heard anything else.

By good fortune, I stumbled onto a craft fair at the Dennis Senior Center and was entranced by a display of stone and silver jewelry.

I took photos of 9 necklaces and sent them to Emme to pick for her birthday. She liked the pendant style made from a blue bowling ball!

The vendor let me take the necklace with me along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. She said this has worked out well for her, since she doesn’t want to deal with credit cards or PayPal! I mailed her check today.

Today, we dropped off Bonnie’s card and birthday gift and mailed Ella’s birthday cash and card. February is a big month for birthdays: two more to go, Mike’s wife and daughter.

Did a shop at S&S and made out quite well with used produce, as well as some sale items, including veg burgers.

We did the transfer station, changed the sheets and did 2 more loads of laundry and are spending the rest of the afternoon filling out forms for the attorney.

Good Workout; Beltone

We started with our second instructor at Fit and Strong. She gave us a good aerobic workout. Really enjoyed her music, too.

Dusted and vacuumed a little in the bedroom.

Helped Ron sign in to his computer and later on, set up transfers between his banks.

Gave the hibiscus a good dose of organic insecticide.

Sprayed a bleach solution on the black mold in the basement closet.

Practiced chords on the guitar.

Ron went to Beltone and did a bunch of shopping.

We gave Robert a ride home and the three of us laughed our heads off along the way.

Dryer Is Fixed!

We, mostly Ron, managed to get a new belt installed on the dryer. We were able to do a big load, and it worked great.

I made several ridiculous mistakes, for which I apologized. My one good suggestion – to take the door off the front panel – did lighten the panel enough that I was able to mount it on the miserable, stupid clips at the bottom of the machine.

We also got our shipment of furnace filters.

Trying to learn more about football lineups, positions and strategies.

Fixed a couple of bugs in MRS Administration. Getting embarrassing.

Applied for a job with the City of Seattle. Paid a bill. Inquired about the credits I was supposed to receive from a couple of online vendors.

Spectacular Day

Warm enough to work outside without a jacket.

Ron cleaned off some more roof detritus.

I cut down the last grass and did some raking.

NYTimes and Globe don’t give discounts to seniors.

Watched the Patriots parade for a while.

I did some warmups outside and strength exercises in the kitchen.

Have had a headache since I got up. Feels like neck or shoulder.

Ron’s light fixture and the dryer belt arrived today.

Super Bowl Weekend

Two standouts on Saturday, one at Powderhorn and one at Dennis Town Hall.

Billy installed Ron’s new ceiling light fixture. Our prep work helped. Ron is pleased.

Added a channel to Roku that gives us access to Boston-area network television for a one-time contribution.

We were able to watch the Super Bowl. A classic: defense and strategy. Loved the game, so glad we got to see it.

I put out a modest spread: crudites, hummus, cheese, chips, TGIF spinach/artichoke spread.

Ordered a belt for the dryer.

January was a heavy spending month: attorney, light fixture, license AND registration renewal.

Ron was able to shave $40 off our monthly Credo bill.

Attic Floor; Falmouth Eats Together

After “Fit and Strong”, we enjoyed a nice meal and pleasant company at the First Congregational Church last evening. Stopped at the packie on Palmer Ave. for a beer tasting. Ron found a Cape Cod Beer stout to his liking.

Ordered a ceiling light for Ron from Ferguson. Got 10% off.

Ron cut out a piece of the attic floor which should be close to where the fixture will be mounted.

Egg salad for lunch.

We picked up my guitar from Fran: beautiful! I can play it.

Dryer died on the second load around 7:30. Decided it was too late to go to a laundromat, so hung up the wash instead. Ron promised to add more clothesline this weekend.

Ron Falls; We Clear Space in the Attic; 7

Ron and I cleared space in the attic for the installation of his overhead light.

We also buttoned things up with the electrician and the attorney.

Falmouth Toyota tells me there is no need for big-ticket items like draining/changing fluids and spark plugs. Great news.

XFinity has no discounts for us. Paid them.

Found Robert’s “Sponge Bob” graphic and hung it in the new office.

Ron attempted to bring a heavy boom box down from the attic and fell. Not sure if the boom box survived, but he seems to be okay.

7 degrees this morning.

Turning Into an Epic Week

Ron put together a great tool for cleaning under the solar panels and finished today.

We received the go-ahead for the critter guard installation next month.

We met with our new elder care attorney. We’ve retained her to rewrite some of our documents and are considering hiring the firm to do some trust work for us.

Dropped in to the international food store on Main Street in Hyannis for the first time. Found a lot of good things, including some German chocolate that Ron has been raving about.

We met with an electrician today to discuss overhead lighting in the second bedroom.

I made heavy soup/stew; Ron made mushroom and cheese omelets. Saw Peter briefly to drop off New Yorkers and rolls.

Fine, No Really Good, Saturday

Brought two guitars to Fran Ledoux, master luthier. Ron had a great time, too!

Standout in Dennis. A few naysayers but a LOT of thumbs up and cheers. What a great group: no chauvinists and lots of enthusiasm. At one point, an older man gave us the finger, and we chanted “Shame!”

Internalized Nomadic Notion

From Psychology Today:

“I can say—after interviewing several of them over the years—that many of us have trouble feeling completely comfortable wherever we are—no matter how welcomed we may be. At times our discomfort can manifest in distancing, indifference, or even rudeness, but we usually don’t intend to insult anybody. We just seem to have an internalized nomadic notion that we don’t belong anywhere in particular. Even when we do settle somewhere we often work our asses off to prove our worthiness—just in case anyone gets any ideas about putting us back up for adoption.”