Monster Behind Bars

Michigan taxpayers will have the dubious pleasure of housing and feeding Lisa Holland, the murderer of her 7 year-old adopted son, for a long time: she was sent to the slammer for life yesterday.
Her equally despicable husband, Tim Holland, was sentenced to 30-60 years earlier this month by Judge Paula Manderfield.

User Group

I’ve been more or less leading the local Microsoft user group since 2002, although for the last year and half, haven’t really pushed to find speakers or call meetings.
Our membership has been +- 7% or so over that time period, and we are still pretty small, about 153 people on our current mailing list, with maybe 8-10 people showing up when we do have meetings.

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The Globe

According to an AP story on MSNBC, a group of Boston businessmen, including Jack Welch, are interested in buying the Boston Globe from the New York Times Co.
“Welch, Connors, and O’Donnell began discussing a potential bid for the Globe several months ago. An analysis done for them by investment bank JP Morgan Chase & Co. valued the Globe at $550 million to $600 million, about half the $1.1 billion the Times Co. paid for the paper in 1993.
“The Times Co. reported last month that advertising revenue for its New England Media Group

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Wow, I Coulda Had a Stroke

Diet Coke, which has no nutritional value, also won’t give you a heart attack: it has only 40 mg of Sodium.
On the other hand, V8 juice, which is supposed to be so healthy, has 880 mg of Sodium – 37% of an adult’s minimum daily requirement.

Midterms and High-Tech Cred

Prior to the elections, CNET graded Congress on technology votes covering such topics as the federal Can-Spam Act, taxing online purchases and making the ban on Net-access taxes permanent.
Considering that the election was supposedly about big ticket items like Iraq and Congressional corruption, it seems that arcana like Net neutrality wouldn’t have captured the public interest.
That’s probably true of most of the country, but not necessarily in the geographic regions with a large population of high tech workers.
Here’s a rundown of how the highest and lowest-rated Senators and Representatives who were up for reelection fared.

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It is an ugly and distasteful spectacle, watching Mitt Romney, who was born with so much, build his intended Presidential campaign on the backs of people who face discrimination for handicaps that are not their fault.
That’s beside the fact that Matt’s preoccupation – nay, obsession – with the private sex lives of monogomous, consenting adults makes my skin crawl.

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Doing More (and More, and More)

Doing, i.e., filling every waking minute with a task, chore or activity, isn’t making me particularly happy.
Sure, it’s not a bad thing to respect time as any other non-renewable resource. The problem with doing, though, is that it’s like having: you can accumulate accomplishments in the same way as goods, but at the end of the day, all those goals achieved seem to vanish into thin air.
Why would that be so?

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