Gardener’s Diary

We brought Ron’s non-working MacbookPro to the Genius Bar at the Hingham Apple store.

Turns out, his hard disk is fried, so they are replacing it. He has a backup, fortunately.

I 8’d the back garden today, especially the lupines, but not the lavender.

Ron put a new coupling on a hose that had a “frozen” spigot.

Ron got the duplicate title to the van, so we went to Falmouth for a new RMV-1 form. Picked up some grey pillow cases at Walmart and did a couple of other errands while we were there. We’re planning to go to the Registry in Plymouth tomorrow on the way to Hingham to pick up Ron’s Mac.


“The Dunning-Kruger effect describes a cognitive bias in which people perform poorly on a task, but lack the meta-cognitive capacity to properly evaluate their performance.”

“Fremdscham (the noun) describes the almost-horror you feel when you notice that somebody is oblivious to how embarrassing they truly are.”

Gardener’s Diary

Ron mowed the back and side yards yesterday. We put down Spectracide and watered. We cleaned out the litter box.

Big shop at Walmart the day before. We picked up flat sheets and I sewed them together for a wide bottom sheet.

Made a big breakfast: bacon, Annabelle Todd’s omelet, lemon poppy muffin tops. Three loads of laundry, didn’t finish everything until close to 8 pm.

Very warm and humid the last two days. We put in the A/C and are looking around for a second unit, maybe a portable that we could set up in the living room.

Iris and beach rose have started. Still waiting for the Miss Kims.

Big morning at Edgewater today, we are having the septic inspected.

Gardener’s Diary

Poor Ron has been in airports and on planes for almost the whole day, while I was lucky enough to have a great day on the ground.

Picked up and planted 8 Gerbera (pronounced GER’bera) daisies to give us some color in the back before the summer flowers kick in. Looks like we’ll have irises really soon.

Finally finished the grass plugs in the front lawn, at least as many as I have the stamina to do. In the process, I dug up a dozen or so grubs, so mowed and put down Spectracide. I’ll water tomorrow, but left the back for Ron, who likes outdoor work.

Met this morning with the mortgage specialist at Rockland Trust and put in an application for a fixed-rate, 20-year loan to refinance Edgewater.

Gardener’s Diary: Ready for Summer

I finished digging out the new vegetable garden today and transplanted most of the turf to the small patch of grass to the right of the driveway.

Here’s a before (right) and after (left).

The planters are done. I picked up a tray of snapdragons at Roche Brothers and we shopped at Attaquin Acres for sweet potato and marigolds.

The outdoor shower is in place, too.

Robert’s birdhouse has tenants for the first time. I was just outside in the hammock, enjoying the damp summer-like air and watching the tiny birds barrel in and out.

James’ strawberry plants are enormous, and Emme’s money plants are doing great.


Sprayed Bayer on the roses, the peony and some other plants this morning.

Timing has been difficult because we’ve had so much rain. The Bayer promises to be rain-proof after setting for an hour, though.

I’m going to try to finish planting the boxes today and maybe do a run to the redemption center.

Ed stopped by. It was nice for the three of us to have a chance to catch up.


Trevi Cafe in Mashpee CommonsI was in a fog of tiredness all day yesterday, so Ron very kindly offered to take us out for dinner: my choice.

We had tapas at Trevi, first visit for both of us, and it was just what the doctor ordered: low-key, terrific food (grilled artichokes and asparagus, lamb, scallops, Finocchiona), and at Ron’s invitation, I had not one but two glasses of their delicious sangria.

We’ll be back.

The Ring

100_4733Rather than getting something for himself, which would have been very well deserved, Ron redeemed his service award credits from Cal Performance by ordering this GORGEOUS sapphire and gold ring for me.

It’s special, not only because it’s absolutely beautiful, but because it represents 25 years of toil at Cal, including injuries, management issues and crazy schedules.

Without doubt, it’s the nicest gift anyone’s ever given me.

Out of Sorts

I’m irritated with everyone and everything this morning.

Even my poor husband, who is about as nice a person as you’d ever meet, got on my nerves by not asking if I had a carpenter’s square after getting grouchy because he couldn’t find his. This annoyed the heck out of me because I interpreted his failing to do so as a reflection on my competence, thus ascribing to me the worst qualities of the string of spoiled, selfish, poor-little-rich girls he’s lived with in the past.

Yesterday, I tried and failed, not only once but twice, to fit so-called “universal” burner grids to the Weber.

I drove the truck too fast over a vicious speed bump and caused both of us to wake up with stiff necks.

Ron assured me that he’d be able to replace a rusting light fixture with one we bought yesterday at a yard sale, but he ran into some tool-related problems – again.

Fluffles continues to wear me out with his fussiness over food.

There’s more gardening to be done and I’M TIRED.

Except for the fact that Ron’s things are all over the basement, we are in excellent shape. We have lots of good food and a well-equipped kitchen to cook it in, two working vehicles, and pretty surroundings, including the addition of a nice bedroom lamp and two handsome gold pillow covers purchased for pennies at said yard sale.

In other words, I have no good reason to be so ill-tempered right now.