Why Offshoring Won’t Work (at least not for everyone)

I’ve been involved in a big development project since the beginning of the year. It’s been, as they say, a process.
My client, a local non-profit, and I are about 2/3 of the way through Phase I, which has involved designing a database and developing a web-based data-entry application. The other major phase, where the rubber meets the road, will be reporting.

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Years – MANY years – ago, Peter and I spent a summer in the western part of Virginia.
It was at that time I became acquainted with cucumber sandwiches, served at luncheon by a gracious family who, although of modest means, were rich in ancestral land holdings. They were true Southern aristocrats, self-assured enough to offer hospitality with an open heart rather than begrudgingly through clenched teeth.

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In Celebration of Bob

Sitting in Nonna’s kitchen one day, I realized with surprise that although she loved all of us, her first grandchild, Paul, had a special place in her heart.
We were grown up by then, and when Paul dropped by unexpectedly during a workday, she rushed to her stove to cook up one of her much-coveted savory meals because “Paul needs to have lunch”.

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A New Low

With Karl Rove sinking ever-deeper into the cesspool called the Plame scandal, and the Administration’s would-be distraction, John Roberts, stumbling over the subject of abortion in an informal meeting with Sen Richard Durbin ((D-Ill.) last week, are any of us surprised that Dubya is planning to attend a high-visibility memorial service tomorrow?

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Secret of the Montauks

I have an alternate reality that, in a certain light or summer air, pokes a hole in this one. It’s the parallel universe in which I did graduate from Brown, married a jerk who nonetheless made a very good living that enabled the purchase of a second home, had kids driven neurotic by the fact that their parents hated each other, got a divorce by reason of (his) adultery, and received the Montauk house, my designated place of privacy and solace, in the settlement.

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