Leap Year Day Deal

7-Eleven is selling their large pizzas for $2.29 today. We bought four at their Osterville store, on the way to and from Geri’s.

We were prepared to do more cupcake decorating, but just had a relaxed visit instead.

Ron is off to pick up his meds.

Horrible Day and a Bit of Good Luck

Day before yesterday was, I hope, the last of my real estate marathon.

The good news is that my email client had not sent two days worth of outgoing emails. It seems to have stalled on an attachment.

This is fortunate because I’d written a pissy message to the two attorneys. I did have a minor fit in the seller’s attorney’s office, but at least only one firm hates me now instead of two.

A woman in the Mashpee Assessor’s office helped me complete the paperwork to report their discharge of the water betterment to Atty Sanidas.

I paid the final bill at the Water Department and got the receipt.

Picked up savory veg bowls, enough for two meals, at Le Bon Jour.

Surprise, surprise, the title company discovered that an old discharge of mortgage from an equity loan at Rockland never got filed with the Registry of Deeds. I got a copy of the mortgage discharge from Rockland.

Brought the lot to Atty Sanidas.

Turns out, the mortgage discharge doc misspelled my name, but Atty Sanidas says it was close enough for government work, so his office filed it anyway.

Yesterday, we attended a fine buffet lunch at the Barnstable UU church and listened to a Q&A with local legislators and their staffs.

Afterwards, we went to Geri’s to decorate Freeversary cupcakes and to meet some of her friends.

Yet More Property Sale Tasks

Our lawyer emailed yesterday requesting proof of a 6 year old financial transaction, clarification of our intention to pay the water betterment and yet another demand for yet another thing.

Figured out a handy way to take a photo with the laptop.

Meanwhile, we did not one but two transfer station runs. I fantasized about eating out, which we’d done only the day before at MoTo. Would be so easy to fall into that habit again. Instead, Ron cooked up some tortellini for supper.

We voted early at Town Hall. I watched “Batallion”.

Face masks are sold out everywhere, even in hardware stores. This morning, for whatever it’s worth, I found two 3M masks in our bag of sanding materials.

Good Deed; Bagels; Chappy

I was able to remove a cork that had fallen to the bottom of a huge bottle Ron is planning to use to make beer. Did it with a plastic bag.

We picked up two dozen bagels at Shaw’s and were planning to attend a jazz piano concert in West Falmouth until we found out the tickets were $30 each.

We went to Chapoquoit beach instead and watched a wind surfer.

Earlier in the day, we did laundry and changed sheets, and after getting home, stored Ron’s supply of bottles for beer making.

Two Good Deeds; Eggplant Parm

We brought the Edgewater air conditioner to the transfer station and paid the fee. Hoping to save us a trip, Peter had dropped by earlier to pick up his recycle bin, which we’d also forgotten to return.

Afterwards, we had enough time to collect litter at the bottom of Old Barnstable Road and dispose of that at the transfer station as well.

Yesterday, the lower dishwasher spray arm came loose and melted on the heating coil. It’s usable for now but I did order one that should arrive on Monday anyway.

I made eggplant parm with a close-to-the-end eggplant, old mozzarella and Ron’s tomato sauce. Used ingredients never tasted so good, and the aroma, especially coming upstairs from ‘the room’, was out of this world.

I figured out what we should net from the sale of Edgewater. We both think putting in central air here is a good investment and a worthwhile lifestyle enhancement. Ron would like to go to his family reunion in May. I would love to fly Emme and Ami back to Mass. We’ll see.

Come to think of it, three good deeds: I uploaded and replaced Ron’s old Facebook photo. It’s getting good reviews.

Watched the Frontline documentary about the Syrian civil war, “For Sama”. The filmmaker and her family now live in the UK.

Scream Therapy

This property sale is freaking me out in multiple ways, not just financial. It’s the final separation from Peter – a relief but also a big change, which does include stress.

I won’t be “right” until the check clears.

We’ve been involuntarily and miserably connected for too long. I’ve been ready to be “done” for years. It exploded last December when Ron and I laid down an ultimatum. I’m tired of worrying about two properties, living off other people’s money and being penalized because social service agencies treat us like rich landlords instead of fixed income retirees.

I’m angry that no one has said to Ron and me “It’s a great thing you’ve done for your family.” Parents who have paid for college tuition must feel the same way: it’s your job so you don’t need thanks.

Ron told me the other day that he wanted to move here so he could help me and the family. He has. He may not be the most “woke” person in the world, but he’s further along than anyone else about whom I know well enough to form an opinion.

It was cold yesterday and even colder today, which is making me cross. My right hip has been bothering me so I’m hesitant to ‘walk it off’.