Day Before Halloween

Ron was at the bakery.  He had pizza for lunch and a bonus for the week!

Slow cooker dinner, turned out very well.

I drove James to work and got a last-minute request from Alpha to drive her to a job interview in East Falmouth!  We had time for her to change at the house, and I thought she looked quite nice: my slacks, top and shoes.

Looked in on Lucy morning and evening.  She’s eating and talking but not visiting, not yet.  Cleaned her litter box, which needed it.  Thank goodness Laura left several bags.  Realized only this morning that I forgot to turn off a light, so took care of that and left more food for Lucy.

Getting discouraged about the last overseeding.  It’s been a week and there should be signs of grass shoots.  Either it’s been too cold or the old grass seed was no good.  At this point, think I’ll wait until Spring to try again.

First Week; Rain

Yesterday I finished my first week at the bakery, two days a week.  Ron is working today, three days a week.

It’s been raining since yesterday afternoon; we’ve had a deluge from time to time.

Ron was caught in it last night on the way home from his MRI appointment at Cape Cod Hospital.

Except for Ron’s work and my visiting Lucy, we have no other commitments today: no kids to drive, no Senior Center and no watering!


Cranberry Compost

Got up at 6:30. Showered and had breakfast. Picked up treats at Dunkin Donuts for the gang at the cranberry farm. Dropped off breakfast foods at Peter’s. Went to PJ Cranberry. Got a truckload. Stopped at South Sandwich Stop & Shop. Dropped off catalogs at Stonewood.

Changed clothes, met Cindy and Cathy at Celestino’s in North Falmouth. Picked up James and dropped him off at his bank and then to work.

Ron and I unloaded the truck, filled our two new beds with cranberry compost.

We’d just finished tea when Liz called to offer us jobs!

Ron’s been watering and changed the hose configuration to be more efficient.

Did laundry. Haven’t used the clothesline much these days, either I’ve not been organized enough to get things done early or the weather hasn’t cooperated. Today is somewhat cool and gloomy.

Started the second of Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitan Novels yesterday.

Made spaghetti squash with a curry- and chili-based tomato sauce and roasted garbanzo beans for supper. Tasty but not especially filling, even with salad.

Really Needed A Drink After This

Overseeded, fertilized and watered the front yard.

We interviewed at WLB for dishwasher jobs. Mailed a thank you note to the owner.

Finished touching up the deck railings.

Watched the Benghazi committee hearing with Secretary Clinton. She looked presidential, the inquisitors looked like extras from Deliverance: bad teeth, bad haircuts, foaming-at-the-mouth po’ White trash.

After we dropped James off, I grilled chicken and Ron was nice enough to make me a vodka/lemonade drink. We watched the rest of the Benghazi hearing on CNN International until 9 PM: 11 hours of McCarthy-era bullying.

This morning, I called all five Democrats on the Committee to thank them and made a contribution to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

In the spirit of wanting to make a disaster go away, I cleaned the frig. Looked like a jar of pickled herring had leaked and formed a glutinous mess that eventually hardened into an amber-colored mess.

Grandsons Like Crudités?!

I made a plate of crudités for us but Ron was not in the mood, so he suggested we bring them for the boys.

Glad they liked them!

I swept the lawn at the end of the driveway. That sounds stupid, but I was able to clear sand that had “floated” to the top, rocks and other debris, thus clearing some good soil. Overseeded, fertilized and watered. Plan to do the front yard tomorrow.

Brought Alpha to her YAG meeting. Had a nice conversation on the way.

Did a load of laundry. Paid bills. Picked up some loam at the transfer station. Stopped by Mashpee Dental about a claim.

Yesterday, I ran the lawn mower over the compost in the new garden plot in the back. That seemed to work pretty well. Removed the tarps from the herb garden extension and layered on more material.

Made a terrific slaw and grilled swordfish.

Walkabout, New Bedford

I’ve been promising myself for months to drop by Groundworks!, and persuaded Ron to join me on a trip to New Bedford.

Treated Ron to a snack at Uncle Jon’s in Marion. After downtown New Bedford, we walked around Fort Taber, a picturesque and, as you approach the ocean side, magical site.

We stopped at Sid Wainer and Kyler’s as well. Made it to the Fairgrounds’ Organic Market just before closing.

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Cheerful In Here

Ron is almost finished making another of his fabulous salads, and he’s listening to some upbeat blues/rock music.

I am in a funk.  Unhappy with myself, failed my lifestyle expectations.  I keep trying to be positive about what I/we’ve accomplished, but it comes up short for reasons I can’t get ahold of.

Did some work in the garden after watching Downton Abbey.  That show often inspires me to get my hands dirty, all that talk about country life and pigs!  Took out the tomato plants and cages, did a little weeding.

I took out all 3 A/C’s today and put back the screen in the bedroom window.  I almost slaughtered Ron for a stupid critical remark accompanied by his demeaning titter, which sends me into a state of sheer rage.

Called Delta Dental about a claim payment, or rather a non-payment.  They explained it very well.

Ron visited Emerald today for the pain in his arm and got some good news from Harvard Pilgrim.  He’s covered 100% for an MRI which the PA ordered for him and which he’ll have done next week.  He’ll be seeing an ortho specialist as well.

Watered the new grass.  It seems to be coming along, although there are still a lot of bare spots.

Got this week’s driving schedule from Peter.

It took two months, but I got my referral check today from Trinity Solar!

Busy Day

Tried out the new spot cleaner on the carpet in the bedroom.  Seems to work quite well; at least, it took up a lot of dirt, and I wasn’t even using it correctly.

Ron did laundry, I made the bed.  We did the transfer station run and caught the end of the farmers’ market at the Commons.  Bought frozen yogurts for both of us.