Rain; Day 4; Transplants; Planning Ahead; Ron’s New Tooth

We got some rain today, but not enough to put much of a dent into our dry soil.

Earlier, I watered the grass seed. Four days to go.

Made veg burgers and salad for lunch; Ron cooked a bunch of asparagus. I ruined it for myself by eating crackers and butter. Will probably skip supper.

Did a little workout on the rower, then transplanted the poor Montauk daisies that I pulled out, bare root, yesterday. Put them in three clumps in the hydrangea garden at the top of the driveway. I figure they’ll get some sun and water there and maybe something will “take”. Doesn’t hurt to try.

Water Department helped me figure out how to read the meter to see how much we’ve used since April. I figured out what we owe so far and found that Ron’s FSA has enough of a balance to reimburse him for the rest of the year. Transferred funds to the savings account to help pay for water and property taxes in November.

Ron is at the dentist to start the implant process.

Dead Neck Walk

Got to walk with Stephanie, Abe and their adorable dog Sophie yesterday.

Wrote off Gail, couldn’t deal any longer with her.

While I knocked off any type of actual work, Ron watered the grass seed.

We did laundry and changed sheets in the morning.

Giving Up

I’ve been following some right wing groups on Facebook to keep track of what the crazies are up to but have given them up. Too old for this.

Gail continues to post about her happy widowhood with her new beau. It’s very depressing.

Meanwhile, Ron had a public rage at me the other night when I offered to pay for take out for dinner: “I don’t want to spend the money.” In other words, not only does he not want to spend money on me, he doesn’t want me to spend money on us.

I did some research this morning on lifestyle options in supposedly liberal parts of Massachusetts. Not encouraging, it’s bad everywhere.

This morning I scrambled the eggs I dropped yesterday with tomatoes, cottage cheese, sprouts and dill. Quite good!

Seeding: Day 2; Disappointment in Barnstable Village

We got up early to get flu shots at Barnstable Health Department but they ran out of the high-powered version so we punted. It looks like the shots will be available in the next week or two.

Did a shop at Stop & Shop on the way back for eggs and ended up with three bags of groceries. I dropped a couple of eggs, retrieved most of one and part of the other.

We had the lawn aerated and seeded this week. Ron’s been busy keeping the seed watered for 10-15 minutes a day. We’re told to keep this up for a total of eight days.

I did a brief stint today at the farm (radishes), then Walmart for meds and Job Lot for cereal and dog biscuits. Got 25% off for Senior Week.

Made plans to do a beach walk with Stephanie tomorrow. Ron drove us to South Cape this afternoon to find out if those allergies from the Spring kicked in. They didn’t.

We stopped at Green Goddess for hand scrub.

Ordered a Nest thermostat at a substantial discount from Mass Save. Ron was able to power it off and remove the cover so we could check compatibility.

It felt like a laid-back day but in retrospect, we did a lot.

Colonoscopy Day: It’s Here

I started counting down the hours when I woke up yesterday and didn’t do a lot after the COVID test except consume clear liquids and run to the bathroom.

Watched a docu-vid about Ursula K. LeGuin and did some very minor puttering outside. It was cold and windy, not the best weather, but the fresh air was a pleasure.

Feeling okay this morning. Have a weight baseline going forward.

Ron cooked a pizza yesterday, as promised, and made coffee for himself this morning. Looking back, when he had his colonoscopy five years ago, I fasted with him in sympathy. Ha!

Fast Day

The COVID test at Falmouth Hospital this morning went very well, the nurse was kind and skilled, there was little delay and the security guard was friendly and helpful.

I drove through West Falmouth and walked a little way at Chappaquoit Beach as a “reward”.

Received sympathetic comments from Facebook friends and followers.


Saturday I stood out, briefly, with MTR and did a walk in Falmouth Center.

Yesterday I mowed the lawn, front and back.

Today Ron and I did Lowell Holly Reservation, first time for both of us, a mile and a half to Wakeby and Mashpee Ponds round trip.

Have been pruning and weeding just about every day, sometimes for 20 minutes, sometimes for an hour and a half. Have been trying to rid the garden of milkweed.

32 Quarts

Did two hours of green bean picking yesterday and a half hour on the rowing machine.

Ron was hurting from his session yesterday anchoring gutter guards so took the day off to recupe.


Spent some time with G and Free today shuttling from a medical lab to her doctor’s office to the pharmacy. G was nice enough to treat me to lunch. I got to walk Free.

I picked up the two meds needed for the colonoscopy prep next week. Had a lousy experience yesterday at S&S pharmacy yesterday. Not worth the convenience factor.

Ron has been busy with the gutter guards in the front.

I paid household bills and reconciled the checkbooks.