We Bid July Farewell

Seems like we can look forward to a better week, weather-wise.  I hope so.  The recent heat and humidity have knocked the stuffing out of me.

We did our usual Sunday things: change sheets, laundry, transfer station.  Robert came over for dinner.  I went light with lots of vegetables to give our stomachs a break.

We have a lot of good food – something neither of us take for granted.  The Kentucky Wonders have started, and I picked a good handful for Edgewater, plus Basil.

Ron unfortunately cut the roots off the squash that was growing from the compost bin.  I’m hoping that it will reroot, but not betting on it.  We have melons and I harvested a squash yesterday from the corn garden.

That’s What Happens When We Try

President Obama’s DNC Speech : 33:21

“She knows that sometimes in those forty years she has made mistakes, just like I have, just like we all do.  That’s what happens when we try.

“That what happens when you’re the kind of citizen Teddy Roosevelt once described: not the timid souls who criticize from the sidelines but someone who is actually in the arena who strives valiantly, who errs, but who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achivement.

“Hillary Cilnton is that woman in the arena.  She’s been there for us.  Even if we haven’t always noticed….You’ve got to get in the area with her because democracy isn’t a spectator sport….and we’re going to carry Hillary to victory this Fall because that’s what the moment demands.”

Where was I this week?

Paul came over for supper on Monday; Jeanie came to visit on Tuesday, after which Ron and I took a run to the farm to pick up our CSA; Robert’s birthday was Wednesday and I brought home groceries from the pantry; Alpha thought she had to work but didn’t, so we did errands in Hyannis on Thursday.  Ron worked every day.  He scrubbed walls yesterday.

Alpha likes her new job!

Ron put the floor A/C in last night after Eric hauled it upstairs.

I’ve been trying to keep everything from dying in this miserable drought.  Watering flowers, vegetables, even shrubs and trees.  Ron takes care of “Ron’s Pond”.

Pantry Meal

We had grilled cornish hen and squash (from the CSA) for dinner last night and for dessert, canned pears with a cake mix, melted butter and nutmeg topping.

Dusted the crabapple tree with spinosad powder, watered Laura’s potted plants, then we got a thunderstorm last night.

If that’s what makes it rain, then I should do the same today.

Give the Devil His Due

How about acknowledging the validity of some of the Trumpster’s claims and proposing solutions?

For example: the death of the young woman Sarah Root was the result of a judicial system that is broken due in part to lousy information technology systems.

The judge who released Eswin Mejia didn’t know about his prior failures to appear or that he is undocumented.

And by the way, how does a supposedly broke illegal immigrant family come up with (and subsequently lose) $5,000 bail money without even blinking an eye?

Come on, Hillary supporters, let’s give the opposition their due and talk about why and where we disagree with the Obama administration.

You May Be Better Than “This”, But I’m Not

I relate to the Trump campaign in at least one respect: I’m tired of being told by the Democrats that they are morally superior to people who feel aggrieved, choosing “love” over what they consider to be “hate”.

That is to say, “they” are superior to White lower middle class voters who have lost their jobs or whose kids go to second-rate government schools or who are close to being homeless.

I am no saint or martyr.

I live better than I thought I would have in retirement but not as well as I’d hoped.

I think a lot of Democratic or progressive or left wing beliefs are simply wrong, and that leads, unfortunately, to dismissal of their beliefs which are pretty much right, like the fact that humans are responsible for climate change.

Even the “correct” beliefs can be challenged, like the main global warming culprit isn’t cars, trucks and factories, but consumption of resources by big agribusiness.

Dishwasher Lock; Bi-Fold Door

Had to flip the circuit breaker – fifth on the right – to release a lock on the dishwasher this morning.  The “heat dry” light was on.

And for my next trick, I removed the bi-fold door in our bedroom.  We shoved the bed several inches to the right so that both of us can get in and out easily.

Ron and I set up the solar lights.

I mailed my complaint to MCAD.

Points to Ron for cleaning up the portion of Old Barnstable between 28 and Great Neck Road!