Week One

Ron’s surgery was just four hours shy of one week ago, Wednesday, May 23, around noontime.

Yesterday was his best day so far. Spaulding adjusted his OT/PT schedule to better coordinate with his meds. He was able to achieve a milestone, 10 straight leg lifts.

It’s been hot and humid, and I brought Peter to Home Depot to pick out air conditioners for the house. With the new configuration, the air flow is different, and I’m not sure that three a/c’s are going to do the job. Peter hasn’t been feeling well for a couple of weeks and is going to the doc today.

Gardener’s Diary

Watering today, both back and front.

Fluffles threw up last night.

Ron sounded pretty unhappy this morning. Spaulding is doing a poor job with his pain management. If it doesn’t get fixed, I will get involved, but Ron wants to fight this battle himself for now.

Paul offered to visit and bring food! What a sweetie.


As promised, I’ve almost cleared an area around the cedar tree to make it easier for James to mow.

I hadn’t realized how badly the poor little tree needed pruning. A good chunk of the side nearest the fence was brown. It should grow back eventually.

I put Round-Up in the walkway, the area in front of the basketball hoop and the right side of the front yard; hope it works.

I also transplanted one of the lavender plants in the grass garden; trimmed the thorn bushes in the front; fed the rose and and sprayed the “volunteer” in front of it.

Ron phoned, he made progress in an important area and was hoping to have a better night than last night.

Day Five

Ron’s surgery was last Wednesday. I got him into Spaulding and am not sure exactly how that happened, but am immensely grateful to their head of admissions and to Ron’s Worker’s Comp administrator.

Spaulding Cape Cod is an affiliate of the Boston rehab center of the same name which was ranked #5 in the country by US News and World Report. It had a fine reputation in its own right as RHCI.

Ron’s been spartan about the pain. I think he’s relieved to have the operation over with, and he’s taking heart from a vast improvement in his flexion. He’s got some tough days ahead, though.

Today, he’ll be busy from 8:30 to 2 pm, a short day because it’s the weekend. Tomorrow will be a holiday schedule. The dreaded Memorial Day is here.

I’ve been admiring the beautiful Scaevola I purchased for only $12.95 last night at the Sandwich Stop & Shop. Bought a pretty yellow iris from the same lady that sold me some gorgeous plants two years ago. The roses should be stunning by the time Ron gets home.


Fluffles has been fussy about his food – again. I don’t know if he’s disturbed because of Ron or if he’s just being his spoiled little self.

Last evening, I fell asleep watching a really fine PBS special on my favorite President, Thomas Jefferson. I went to bed very early, around 7:30, and only woke up when Fluffles insisted on being fed.

I ended up defrosting and grilling a chicken breast for both of us.

We have so much bread in the freezer that I may skip the senior center next Tuesday.

A Little Off

Saw Ron twice today. Shuttled Peter between Edgewater and Midas. Mowed the front and left side lawns.

There was an 8-mile backup on Route 25 to the Bourne.

Right now, it’s quiet and foggy. I can’t believe that the grass still looks terrible, though.

I went to a couple of nurseries, including Soares. Saw a lot of nice things, but nothing “grabbed” me. Want a hanger and some color for the back. On the way there, saw a nice combo of what looked like Salvia or Speedwells and red geraniums.

I’m beat tonight for no good reason. My new meds were shipped yesterday, and I hope they’ll be here soon.


After managing to lose no fewer than three copies of Ron’s worker’s comp information, the case management people got their bureaucratic act together. We were told yesterday that Ron has been approved, written confirmation to follow, for rehab at our first and most unlikely choice, Spaulding.

This has been an ongoing nightmare for the last month or so. I keep thinking of Rose Cohen’s anguished “Get me out of here” when she’d had enough of the third world hellhole that South Shore Hospital sent her to in Norwood.

Discovered yesterday that some eBooks available through Clamsnet are in formats that don’t require a Kindle, a Nook or an iPad, just a free Adobe Digital Editions reader. Scanned through a book on nutrition that was very helpful.

Iris are blooming and majestic.

Ron’s Knee

The big day happened yesterday and according to the surgeon, everything went very well for Ron. As of last night, he was resting more or less comfortably. Pain management was far superior to what he went through with the foot surgery.

I’m confident he’s in good hands at Falmouth. Next is to get him into a good rehab facility.

Gardener’s Diary

Planted the Delph seeds today.

Planted 3 tomato plants and a basil from Roche’s annual plant sale yesterday. Skipped the Master Gardener’s sale, I think for the first time.

Had a fantastic time at Greg and Norene’s to celebrate her earning an MSW. What an achievement! Her mother, sons, DIL and grandsons were there. Greg’s band was terrific. Great food and some really nice people. She invited us to bring the kids after Ron picked up at the Boys and Girls Club: Emme, James, Emily and Ethan.

I mowed the lawn yesterday and put “chicadee doo doo” on the grass this morning. Ron and I did a bunch of pruning in the “olive grove”. Fed the roses in the back yard.