We did a good first pass at yard cleanup. All in all, not bad. We got in a transfer station run before it started raining. Extremely well organized this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was Ryan’s good doing.

I made a terrible meal last evening, spaghetti and broccolini. Even with oil and garlic, it was bland and dry.

Post-Storm; Lizzie Blew It

Around 1:30 last night, I heard Lizzie pattering around. I stepped into a puddle in the hallway, let her out and later on, at 4:30, into excrement.

In complete disgust, I threw towels down and rolled up her blankets and the rugs. This morning, Ron and I worked on cleanup: washing and hanging up the two blankets (he discovered that we aren’t supposed to dry them so we jerry-rigged an extra clothesline in the basement) and cleaning the rugs with the Little Green.

Ron took her cage out of the shed and we set it up on the deck to see if there was room enough for it in the second bedroom. Lizzie seemed happy to see it. We figured out we have enough to make her comfortable tonight and will give it a try.

I sautéed some veggies and the last package of ramen noodles, which were expired but still good.

Received a decorative arrangement from Joanne and adapted it to hang by the front door. Hope it stays put. It’s not wonderful but I paid very little for it.

The yard is a mess but thank goodness, no major damage, mostly minor blow-downs.

Storm; Flu Shots

Loud booms woke me up at 4:30 this morning. Could be transformers, could be trees. Glad we can stay put today.

Had a good meeting with an attorney yesterday about financial matters.

Cleaned the frig and disconnected the CO alarm before Ron got up.

We got our senior flu shots at the VNA popup at C the K.

Did a shop at Job Lot, short term 40% “off” in the way of a gift certificate.

Booked COVID boosters for both of us. Appointment times are already filling up.

Chewy customer support was great, they issued a credit for our last Rx purchase because I’d forgotten to use a discount code and had been beating myself up over it. They also said they’d issue a $20 new Rx customer gift certificate at our next order.

Sometimes We Surprise Me; New Faucet

It was supposed to rain all day, but by mid afternoon it was clear enough to do the lawn. I mowed the back and sides, Ron did the front. We were done by 5 or so.

The plumber installed the new kitchen faucet this morning, checked out the sillcocks and took some photos in preparation for installation of a new water heater.

Ron did a shop and I plowed through piles of paperwork on my desk. Filed a claim against Verde Energy online. Changed sheets, did a wash.

Weekend Wrapup

We had lunch with Robert on Saturday, got him a brisket combo plate from his favorite barbecue popup. I made kale soup. Ron had cheese quesadillas.

On Sunday, Ron and I finished weeding the third veg plot in advance of rain predicted for most of this week. It was relatively easy going.

In the morning, I visited the Cahoon and did a shop for dog food and Sunday bagels at the Hyannis Shaw’s. We watched some of the Patriots and Buccaneers before yard work.

Truck, Town Meeting

Picked up a book at the library and grabbed sandwiches and scones from Panera for lunch and snacks. Brought the truck home and did a transfer station run. Had to go back to the shop to retrieve a credit card.

Went to Town Meeting. Contentious debates over “Select Board” and plastic water bottles, both of which were approved, the latter by only two votes. A technicality got in the way of the vote on the solar farm.

Lizzie Trumps

Lizzie has trumped in the house two nights in a row. It’s gotten old and not due to neglect: Ron’s been staying up with her until midnight or later. Ron did laundry. I cleaned up a mess in the second bedroom and hallway.

We did have a good ride with her yesterday to pick up my new laptop at the Staples in Wareham. Ron found a gallon of Krud Kutter at Lowe’s. We came straight home.

Watched the Patriots and made a squash stir fry for supper.

All At Once

A gent from TruHearing visited yesterday at 9 am to give me a hearing test.

I had a job interview in the afternoon with a Cape Cod middle manager who thinks XAML and WPF – launched in 2006 – are new front-end technologies.

He didn’t seem to know what Angular is; only the #2 rated after Vue.js.

An appraiser came out later that afternoon to take photos of the outside of the house for our new homeowners carrier.

Fed Liz sautéed squash, eggs, cheese and chicken franks this morning. She devoured all of it. Ron and I had some, too, minus the franks.

Lizzie Meds; Pats; Indigenous Peoples Day

Gave Lizzie her flea/tick and heartworm meds yesterday.

Started her on the appetite med this morning.

We were amazed that the Patriots pulled off a win yesterday after a dismal first half.

Ron has been dragging these days. We’ve also had a lot of laundry. Lizzie has increased our workload, but we love her so its okay.

The Archives building and One Room Schoolhouse were open for Indigenous Peoples Day. We didn’t wander over.

Ron changed the dryer vent. I dug up a yard or two of milkweed roots. Lizzie kept me company for a while.