Blowout on the Mid-Cape


Blowout between Exits 5 and 4 on the way back from Hyannis. Ron insisted on changing the tire himself and did a fine job.

Turns out, we have 7 AAA road assistance requests remaining until next March.

Trooper Matthew West – we’re not sure if he’s with the Bourne or Yarmouth State Police – was a huge help. He and one of his fellow Staties kept us from getting crushed.

Rain, the Beautiful People

We’ve received over an inch of rain since the storm started last night/early this morning.

Pool boy and hose meister have the day off.  Well, not quite: Ron’s Pond needed a cleaning.

I went to the new French patisserie/boulangerie in Mashpee Commons this morning.  Picked up 3 cinnamon rolls for Alpha, Ron and me.  Stopped by Edgewater to check up on things; Alpha’s been very diligent about taking care of the pets, much to her credit.

Ron and I went back to the Commons after lunch for more pastry, bourbon sauce at Williams Sonoma, and peppercorns at the spice shop.  We also bought some accessories for the kitchen compost pot, including charcoal filters and bags.

We finally got our Sunday New York Times and had a quiet afternoon reading. Bliss.


Rescued a Good Day

I got smart – WHAT was I thinking – and decided not to attend the TEALS training workshop today at my least favorite place in the universe, NERD in Cambridge.

Instead, I picked up books on hold at the Library, and pruned the front bushes at Edgewater while Ron dealt with trash and recyclables.

We did the transfer station run and grabbed pizza and mozzarella sticks for supper with Alpha.  Dropped her off, cleaned the cat boxes.

I didn’t water today; looks like rain may be starting in an hour or so, expected to continue through a good part of tomorrow.

More frustration with damnable third party lead tracking for Jim.

Cardio Visit; Guests Last Evening; Septic Today

Good checkup yesterday with the cardio doc!

Laura’s sister Ellen and nephew Will came over for dinner last night: beef and vegetable kabobs and grilled corn.  Ellen brought a very nice white wine and a fruit tart.

Checked in on the great grandbird, Azir.

Rained a little this morning.  Watered the back lawn behind the oval.

Chris pumped out the septic.

Alpha asked to come over for lunch.  Ron foraged for naught at the Senior Center.

We dropped off a bunch of tools to be sharpened.

Fearsome T-Storm

100_6332 100_6336Tornado warning last night.  We kept power.  Terrific wind and rain, but no damage to either property.

Drove Alpha and Robert yesterday.  James got the lawn mowed before the rain.  Got to drive Robert again this morning after going to C-Lab for a blood sample, dropping a check off at Weed Man, filling up the truck and buying a few groceries at Stop & Shop.

Ron mowed our lawn and cried for beer!

Brought James his cash for PortCon.


We’ve managed to save a couple, but a chipmunk or some other small thing has been beating us to most of the strawberries.

It’s especially vexing because it/they sometimes only take a bite out, spoiling the rest of it for us.

Yesterday, watered the center segments of the “U”, the rhodies, the front garden and the herb garden.  Pulled out a bunch of oregano around the little birch, but couldn’t get most of the roots.

Wareham, Watering

Ron drove Peter to Wareham for the elliptical they’d planned to get yesterday before they were rained out.

Ron and I did a big shop at the supermarket this morning.

I’ve been back and forth for most of the afternoon with Jim on NEPS.

Got some watering done.  Asked James to hydrate the grass over there.

Humidity is disgusting and expected to continue.  86° high.

Father’s Day: Humid

Rain this morning and humidity this afternoon and evening.

We did the transfer station run and our NYTimes finally arrived afterwards.

Spent the rest of the afternoon reading the paper.  Bourbon steak and mixed vegetables for dinner.

Third Sister

Planted a lovely yellow bean plant in the last empty corner of the garden today, completing the Three Sisters: corn, squash, beans.

We pruned the oak tree in the front, removing branches that were close to touching the house.  Brought the leafy branches to Emma’s sheep.

Switched out the sprinkler hose for a soaker.

Peter messaged that Fred Richton passed away.  Sent a donation.

Treated Ron to an ice cream from Lazy Sundaes and an iced coffee.  Stop & Shop pizza for supper.

Did laundry and changed sheets today since it looks like Ron will be busy helping Peter tomorrow morning.

Watered roses, Emme’s garden, grass garden by the Montauks.  Ron had the whirligig going.

Vehicle Day

Brought my truck in yesterday for servicing and a sticker.  It got brake work and new spark plugs.

Ron heard from GMC.  They were finally able to get the van to stall so that their guy could figure out what was wrong.  May be a few days before we get it back.

While I was in Hyannis, Ron got some dental work done and walked home.

Also while I was gone, Ed came by for a visit, and Ron called him out on his BS.  Ron was absolutely right and I am delighted and proud of him.

I met with my new mentor Bert J at Starbucks, so didn’t get home until lunch time.  Ron and I did some tree work on the left side of the yard.  At almost exactly the same time that we were putting tools away, I got a call to pick up the truck.

After squaring up with Toyota, we stopped at Jack’s for a patch cord for Ron’s guitar.

Today, Ron replaced one of the shelves in the shed.  I did some more pruning on the right side of the yard.

Started taking diclofenac two days ago and am already enjoying the results.  It’s a miracle!

Spread compost today while Ron brought a truckload of brush to the transfer station.  Small rain shower, muggy afterwards.

Looks like planting and paving work is done across the street.  Looks really nice, big improvement.

Peter came by for a visit and for supper.  Nothing fancy, turkey burgers and salad.