Thanksgiving and More Good News

We had a fine visit up North and an excellent Thanksgiving feast.

The truck brakes were found to be okay. The mechanic thinks the warning light problem might be a bum sensor in the emergency brake. Peter and Bonnie were gracious enough to bring Truck home for me. I was so happy to see it in the driveway last evening!

Ron’s lawyer is actually communicating with him. May it continue.

I may have already written that the lawn mower repair was minor.

Today we did a little banking, visited the Cataumet Art Center’s annual holiday open house and then took a ride to East Sandwich to pick up my beloved wall clock. Ron did laundry this morning, I updated the O-F website with pix from yesterdays stand-out; otherwise we’ve been pretty indolent all day.

I plowed through two bags of receipts, all of Ron’s coat pockets and piles of paperwork in a futile search for the sales slip from Mill Stores for the Duraflame “fireplace”. It’s on sale at a couple of places and they have a policy of honoring competitor’s pricing within 30 days of sale. I will be quite vexed if we can’t find it.

Brake Light

The brake light on the truck started blinking on and off yesterday, but I/we were able to do a pile of errands anyway: senior center, library, Yarmouth and Barnstable town halls, Botello, Rita’s.

This morning, Jack Strumski and Peter Randall were in to help us with homeowner stuff. Jack is the PM for our siding project.

The lawnmower repair was very minor, a $1.50 part and minimum labor charge. Thank goodness!

The truck is in for diagnosis.

Cold…Water Filter

It’s bloody cold, but Ron was able to clean the gutters here. He’s on his way now to the WHFMS.

Changed water filter today.

Briefly attended the Spirit of America fifth annual Day of Percussion and enjoyed it thoroughly. One of the Blue Man Group members taught a Taiko class.

On the way back, picked up trash and recyclables at Edgewater. Loaded up the truck with our stuff and brought it all to the transfer station. Quite challenging today with the wind.

Made a gluten-free cake this morning. Used oil and yogurt instead of butter, and it still came out nicely, but more of a muffin than cake texture.

Emme wants to go to LA in January. Told her she has enough for the plane fare in the bank account we set up for her but she needs her folks’ permission first.


Ron finished cleaning the gutters today at Edgewater and put in some leaf screens.

The electricians installed our new bathroom ceiling light and heat lamp.

While they were working, Ron spread compost on the little front garden and I did back yard cleanup.

Joe and Laura were here to pick up leaves. I heard their machinery even after it got dark.

Sauteed fish, onions and the last of the greens for supper. Made couscous, which I didn’t like but Ron did.

And More Leaves

It rained this morning.



Fortunately, we got Edgewater cleaned up yesterday: 3 stuffed tarps. Joe used a blower in the front.

Ron cleaned the gutters.

I damaged the lawnmower and brought it to Botello for repairs.


Rain today, but before it started, we were able to fit in two transfer station runs and some clean-up at Edgewater.

We made it to a concert at the Mashpee Library, banking at Rockland Trust and picked up groceries on the way home.

We pretty much vegged afterwards, watched a couple of episodes of The Borgias second season and Moyers and Company.


After Ron finished the lawn here, we went to Edgewater to work. I helped James with the leaves and Ron worked on the deck.

We are spent, but I made a good dinner anyway: baked fish, vegetables with cheese and cumin, Allspice rice, Dutch apple pie. Ron is cleaning up. I entertained myself while preparing the meal by talking to the ingredients. Yes, that is correct. Maybe that’s one reason it was so good: you can’t take your ingredients for granted, you must be kind.