Fantastic Friday

Ron FINALLY got approval from Cal’s worker’s comp administrator to proceed with his knee surgery!

Ron also cleared up a Falmouth Hospital billing problem and phone bill overcharges.

Dropped April off at Mr. T’s so she could pick up Ryan’s car. Got a haircut (Tiffany at Super Cuts). Fed the roses. Went to Heritage to ride the merry-go-round and see the new Tree House and children’s play area (fabulous). Picked up recommended floor cleaner. Put compost on the front garden and cleaned up the detested wood chips. Dropped off cans and bottles at the redemption center. Did a transfer station run. Had lunch at Cafe Chew. Showed Ron the Sandwich Marina, visitor’s center, and canal walk. Went to Benny’s for window well covers but they were out. Picked up a square shovel, Cutter’s and Rose Tone. Poked around at Home Depot, got advice on insulation and pressure washers. Stopped at MacKillop’s for pastries.

And Eagle Fence called to let us know that the new posts are ready.


Two big projects completed today: staining the deck balustrade and edging and/or mulching the front gardens. I also ordered two new posts for the fence.

More Yardwork

We need to repair the decorative fence in front of the house and are trying to decide if we a) replace it with vinyl or b) get two new wood fenceposts which will need to be painted and sunk.

Yesterday, we mowed the lawn, which was way overgrown. I was worried about over-cutting, but it seems to be greening up, in both the front and the back. It’s been hot and humid and generally unpleasant to work outside. I just stuck a load of laundry in the washer that included some items so soaked with sweat that they could have walked downstairs by themselves!

We worked today on the balustrade and completed two panels and the back stairs. Hope to finish the remaining panels this week before the weather gets too cold. It’s been very difficult to schedule because of the amount of humidity we’ve had recently. I’ve been pushing to get it done, putting off other Fall chores which could be completed regardless of weather.

I realized earlier this week that the front garden was a mess, full of weeds and disgusting-looking fungi. I’ve dug out almost all of it and have been trying to edge the garden, about 40 feet. The best tool is a square shovel that our landscaper neighbor let us borrow.

I hope to get a load of black mulch tomorrow to finish that job.


I cleaned up the gardens and transplanted a catmint, installed PHP on the laptop, made soup.

Ron and I did laundry and put clean sheets on the bed. He took care of Fluffles’ litter box. I picked up a few items at Stop & Shop.

I’m not sure why I’m so tired right now or feel a little gypped that I didn’t take the day off. I think it’s because of the weather. It is just too late in the year for this kind of humidity.

Gardener’s Diary

It’s almost October, but still uncomfortably warm (77) and humid.

I did a lot of cleanup today. Filled a wheelbarrow with detritus from the garden in front of the fence. Pulled out a lesser volume of weeds and deadheads from the back.

Transplanted a big, leggy catmint that I’d pulled out of Edgewater, moving a lavender and a small grass in its place to make the grass garden less crowded.

I’m disgusted with how awful everything looks right now: bedraggled and moth-eaten. The only saving grace is the Montauks, which are just starting to bloom, and a couple of mums.

It’s enough to make you want to cry.

It’s Ours

Some time ago, Ed and I talked about his selling the house to me, now us.

We finally passed papers today, and it’s changed the way Ron and I feel about the house now that it’s ours.

I put quite a bit of money into the house this year: new windows, siding, driveway. I hope it’ll be worth it. It is certainly nice to live in OUR place, as opposed to a rental.

We’ve talked about how to celebrate this. Ron suggested planting a tree. I’ve talked about putting insulation in the roof.


Having ended a contract last Friday, I took on the dreaded Fall chore, staining the balustrade, on Monday.

After seven more or less continuous hours, I finished only 1/3, almost 25 of a total 74 feet of fussy posts and railings.

Saturday, September 17

I was very happy yesterday and even today have some residual joy.

This is an answer to “when was the last time that I was happy?”

I finished a 90-day contract on a very good note. Work was completed on time and 8% under budget (I lost a week due to holidays and a power outage). It’s a nice application and will be very helpful to the customer.

We were able to complete a number of home improvements.

Fluffles is still doing reasonably well in spite of his age and a less than great annual checkup.

We’ve been favored, at last, with good sleeping weather.

Although Ron is prone to periods of depression, I’m still glad he’s here. He’s a major asset and I’m grateful for his physical and financial support as well as his caring presence.

I had fun yesterday visiting the South Shore AKC dog show across the street and a harvest festival in Bourne.

I will be even happier once Peter’s financial situation stabilizes.