Talked with Attorney Baker last night about closing docs for sale of Sea Mist timeshare.

Peter and Bonnie gave us a shopping bag of gourmet coffee for Christmas – nice!

Ed dropped by yesterday.

The electricians are here for the solar panel installation.


We made a trip to New Bedford yesterday. We loaded up on gourmet items from Sid Wainer and bargains from the produce market, including 2 1/2 pounds of honeydew for $2. Last night, I shucked oysters and steamed mussels from Kyler’s.

Today I made swordfish kebabs for supper and chicken soup for lunch.

We did the transfer station run and a pile of laundry, and changed the bedsheets.


Ron was able to pry me out of the house this morning for a day trip to Paxon and then to Tower Hill.

We visited Marjorie’s grave.  The baskets that the cemetery had placed are quite handsome.

We had lunch at Tower Hill – ham and cheese for Ron, salmon for me – admired the decorated indoor trees, several done with recycled materials, and strolled through the conservatories.

Got home in time to see the beginning of the sunset from the Bourne bridge and to do dishes and laundry while watching “Copper” on Netflix.

Ron drove for 4+ hours yesterday just so that I could visit my Mum’s grave. Talk about love!


CranberryBogChristmasBrunch at our new friends’ house: salmon with sauce bearnaise , bacon, quiche, fruit, potatoes, sticky rolls, cake, fruit galette.

Afterwards, we went for a nice walk in the cranberry bog between our friends’ property and Santuit Pond Estates.

My leg and hip were hurting, so we came home.  Ron chopped a pile of veg and fruit scraps and after a rest, I did a tiny bit of raking around the front bushes.

Great day to be outside: in the 60’s.  I’ll take this kind of Christmas ANY year.

Christmas Eve Cooking

We did some last-minute grocery shopping but poor Ron went back again for a couple of items I forgot for minestrone, a leek/bacon tart and a leek/goat cheese quiche.

We watched the last episodes of “Mozart in the Jungle” as well as the movie “Emperor”.  Enjoying our trial version of Prime immensely.

60 degrees today!  Rained all day, more expected tomorrow.


Season of Giving

Thinking back on it, I realized with some surprise that even though we don’t have as high an income as most of the people in our circle, we’ve been able to gift our friends and even one or two people we hadn’t met before this month.

Today, I did some more yard cleanup.  Can’t believe there is still more to do.  At least the front and the small garden look much better.

I also arranged the terrarium, finally, and have enough plants for a second one.  Just need a nice container.  Will look in thrift shops.

Ron finished the “box” for the wishing well at Edgewater.  He wants to stain it before bringing it over.



Mr. Baby

Mailed the hair ribbons to Jen.  Met Janet for three loaves of her great bread.  Stopped at the Senior Center for bagels and.

Ron finished his cards!

Ed dropped off a nice DD gift card and left because the kitchen smelled from last night’s fish.

Got the x-ray of my right knee done and ordered for Dr. vonHaam and Cape Cod Rehab.

Gabriel asleep Gabriel awakeBrought the pine to Emma’s.  She’d invited us for lunch and a visit with Gabriel, aka Mr. Baby!

We think Woody must have neatly stacked the oak.

I made 2 1/2 dozen candy “bullets”:  half with soy butter and white chocolate for Ron and half with peanut butter and dark chocolate.

Got a call from the woman who restored an old photo of Nonna.  Dropped everything to meet her at Deer Crossing.  Stopped for a roast chicken at S&S on the way home.  Chicken, roasted kale from yesterday, Limpa bread for supper.