Whatever Happened To “Take This Job…”?

Used to be that contempt for authority was a core American value, especially when that authority was an insufferable boss.
One is hard-pressed to find even a shadow of that cherished iconoclasm in today’s blogosphere, and I’m hard-pressed to understand why.
Take the case of Dianna Abdala, a 24 year old Boston-area attorney who has become famous recently for a series of emails between her and one William Korman, a potential employer.
In a huffery/puffery because Abdala declined his job offer (he reneged on his original salary offer, so she decided to open her own practice), Korman threatened – in writing – to discredit her among his fellow attorneys, which tells us that we are not exactly dealing with Chief Justice material here.
Putting his threat into action, Korman forwarded the exchange to a friend, it was leaked to law firms on two continents AND to the press, including Nightline, and the rest is history.

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Arrogance Dies Hard

The anti-food fascists in the American medical community were put in their place – hard – this week.
The instrument of their comeuppance? An eight year, $415 million federal study of almost 49,000 women which concluded that low-fat diets have NO effect on reducing the incidence of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer.
You read that right: NO EFFECT.

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Small Miracle

I was having a pretty good weekend – upbeat meeting with my best client yesterday; dinner, lots of laughs and a movie at a friend’s house last night; and finished a huge pile of laundry early enough to do a couple of productive transfer station runs with Peter today.
Then around 4 pm this afternoon, things went downhill, fast, and I started unravelling.

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