Climbing Denali?

Well, maybe not, but I feel that way today, maybe leftover tiredness from yesterday.

I picked up a few things, including thread for the drapes project, at Walmart this morning.

Made a “hash” of eggs, flour, roasted vegetables and quinoa for lunch.

Watered off and on today.  Ron did the mowing.

We hung a white wash on the line.  Ron laundered the sheets; I made the bed.

Trash run.

Found a typo in a config file.

First the Blade, and Then the Ear

The corn has silks.  Let’s hope we get ears.

New computer arrived Thursday morning.  Installed Visual Studio today.

Ron hurt his back doing power washing but is much better today.

I did some watering, weeding, mulching and cleanup in the front gardens.  Bought some bare root daylily fans at Soares earlier this week “for a song” and planted several of them.

Laura generously offered to help me with my sewing project.  I ordered drapery hooks today.

Roasted root vegetables, greens and squash for lunch.  The radishes were a particular surprise.

We did a marathon floor cleaning today.  Ron vacuumed and I power washed with Laura’s steam cleaner.  100% better.

Corn; Fair

The Fair is over.  We skipped it this year, gave our tix to the Winslows.  As much as I dislike it and don’t miss it as an event in itself, as I might with a real harvest fest, I feel a little melancholy when it’s gone.

We rigged a guy wire and string through the corn yesterday afternoon to keep the stalks from falling over.  Tassels have started.

I made pesto squares with sun dried tomato tapenade and roast green beans with garlic and almonds for supper last night.

It cooled off substantially from last week’s 90 degree weather.  63 now.

Weeding, Mulching

Susan and Laura came over to see the gardens yesterday and they did some weeding in the corn garden.  I continued today in all of the vegetable gardens and brought a pile to the transfer station.

I picked up a yard of mulch at All Cape.  Ron and I unloaded the truck and started spreading it.  I gave Alpha a lift to work at 3 and pretty much ran out of steam at that point.

Pay ‘Em Off, Move ‘Em Out

Will be pinching pennies until August 4, but I paid off the usurious Williams Sonoma and PayPal accounts, HFCU, the mortgage on Dixon and real estate taxes on Edgewater this week.

Ron did food prep last night and made a couple of very good salads.

New Garden: Update

Many hours of hard labor ago, Ron and I dug out 13 places and (all Ron) prepped soil for the new garden.

One more big hydrangea to go.

The humidity has done a job on the geraniums, but most everything else seems to be okay.

Picked up our share at Pariah Dog Farm this past Tuesday after work.  Ron has done all but one trip for Robert this week.

Corn has tassels.  Tomatoes are ripening.