Not My Favorite Month

Been overloaded this month, so much so that I managed to incur not one but two bank charges.  Yikes.

This morning: brought Robert to work, delivered Ron’s meds, filled up and returned the rental, brought my truck home, cleaned up the house and met with our insurance agents.


I’ve tried my best to square away all of the insurance company requirements; lined up Meals on Wheels; applied for a handicapped sticker; started practicing with crutches (guess what: I’m not 15 any more); and checked in with JML in case I need rehab.

Laura and I went to pick up my CSA share today.  We had a really good chat with Matt.

Down Cape

We dropped off the truck in Hyannis last night to make today a little less hectic.

Ron stopped at the Senior Center and drove Robert to work.  We drove Alpha to Hyannis, then met at the attorney’s office in Chatham.

Had lunch at the Corner Store.

Took a much-needed break at the Wequassett Inn Outer Bar.

Ron dropped me off at Hy Toy on the way back home so I could pick up a rental car.

I put together a quick meatloaf with baked potatoes, drank one beer and am already fading fast.  Horrible dreams last night.

Bad Leg, Kale Chips

My leg hurt a lot last night, waking me up several times.

Made kale chips, roasted green beans and corn bread with tomatoes, cheese and black beans this morning.

Had a breakthrough with my project. Encouraging email yesterday from Jim. New colleagues have been fantastic.

Ron’s back to work and doing well.

Thought for the day: every time a rich person gets keelhauled by their own yacht, an angel gets its wings.


I cut down most of the basil, which was turning brown, and made a couple of batches of pesto.

Froze the pesto in a plastic ice cube tray and put the cubes in  a plastic bag.

I’d post a photo except that they look like goose turds.

Made a terrible mahi dish earlier this week – the fish and squash were good, but I made the mistake of using lemon slices (bitter) instead of lemon juice – and a really good zucchini dish today from Laura’s recipe.

Ellen prepared a gorgeous salad for us on Thursday with mushrooms, sliced almonds, cranberries and chicken.  Wish I’d taken a photo of the view from her deck.  It looks something like this.summersea