Received and set up a new handset in my basement “office” yesterday, easy. Should cut down on the number of missed calls.

Ron and I went to the transfer station and BJ’s for home and meeting goods.

No word from the Select Board or Affordable Housing Committee members. Beginning to think that their duplicity isn’t just suspected.

We watched part of the Conservation Committee video. Brian Weeden’s call for a discussion of conflicts of interest was well taken.

Local Politics

Got an ad in to support Arden’s candidacy on the Affordable Housing Committee. The meeting was posted on the Town calendar with the wrong time but it was fixed this morning.

The CPC is meeting – finally! – on September 1 at 6:30 PM at the Library.

At yesterday’s Sewer Commission meeting, the Chair insisted that we present our Fudala petition to the Select Board since as far as he was concerned, the recommendation was a done deal for the Commission.

Lizzy had a good night. I was up around 3 and she kept me company until I went back to bed.

Next Move: Maine? Vermont?

Up at 3:30 or so.

By 12:30 I’d made phone calls and appointments, posted in Facebook, checked email and bank accounts, cleaned up dishes from last night and shucked and steamed corn but hadn’t gone outside except briefly, in a light drizzle, with Lizzie.

Whiteboard in hand, went to the Select Board last night to advocate for filming and posting AHC meetings, made a lame joke which one Selectperson “got” about channeling Katie Porter. Left early because I wanted to hear and for some reason, can’t in person but can on TV.

Have been checking out houses in Maine and Vermont.


I got an early start to the transfer station.

Later on, we returned AREDS to Walgreens for a refund and repurchased them with a BOGO deal that saved Ron quite a bit of money.

I installed two of Ron Beaty’s campaign signs.

I did start excavating milkweed roots, but it was too hot to work outside for long, again.

Roasted potatoes. Ron and I made salad for supper.


It being Road Race weekend, we’d talked about staying put but ended up doing three shopping trips, including one to Breakaway for a propane refill that resulted in our buying a new tank.

Ron spent the rest of the late afternoon cleaning the Weber.

Earlier, I’d dropped off shredding at the high school and visited the Wampanoag Farmer’s Market. Brought home some Effie’s, which delighted Ron so much that he went back for two boxes.

Hyannis, Furnace Part, Entrain

Ron had a psych eval yesterday. It was about a 3 hour appointment, the first part of which included both of us.

The doc believes that Ron has short-term memory and impaired reasoning problem and recommended a driving evaluation at Spaulding.

She recommended that I follow on the referral to a neurologist rather than waiting for them.

While we were there, Barrett Plumbing called for the install date, which I was able to find on this blog! It seems they are now on track with Robinson, the supplier.

We stopped at Wendy’s for a late lunch, then Harbor Freight, then Home Depot for a work light. Ron couldn’t resist buying a lava light. Impaired reasoning? I was so annoyed, the cashier gave him a 15% discount.

Next stop was BJ’s for a good-sized shop: cheese for Lizzie, bread, facial tissues, produce, eggs, ice cream, big jar of organic peanut butter.

We stopped at the Marstons Mills Walgreens for AREDS.

After dropping Ron off, I watched the Entrain concert for a while at the Commons. Huge crowd, everyone was having fun.

Furnace Part, Cooking, AHC, Mashpee TV

Multiple emails today with the Town Manager about recording the AHC.

I tracked down the supplier. They’ve been waiting for paperwork from Barrett Plumbing. Barrett claims they’ve sent it twice. Guess we’ll see.

I made rice and a stew with mushrooms, onions and our zuke, garlic, rosemary and tomatoes.

Cooking, Homeowners Renewal

Renewal time for insurances.

Ron and I cooked yesterday. He added cardamom to rhubarb: not my favorite, but he loved it.

He also whipped up a very good yogurt and mayo-based sauce for the zucchini dish I made.

We had a defrosted bag of a green vegetable and some peeled zuke that I wanted to use up.

Tried out a YouTube recipe that turned out very well, basically a vegetable/bread stuffing with Thanksgiving-type seasonings.

Earlier in the day, I made about a week’s worth of food for Lizzie.

Ron Cooks!

Ron made sauce from cherry tomatoes and added steamed zucchini and leftover penne for a very good supper last night.

Lizzie ambled around with me this morning while I harvested tomatoes.

Loosened the adjustable bolts on the treadmill by 1/4 turn.

Correspondence this morning with one of our select persons and a select person candidate.

Aside from that and making the bed, I’ve done nothing and it’s almost noon.