Errands and a Disappointment

Two disappointing football games yesterday. I bailed for Hyannis after the first half of Pats/Saints.

I tried to redeem a coupon that promised $40 in services at Best Fix and Repair on Main Street. I’d paid $20 for the coupon.

The store owner seemed to not recognize the coupon, which prompted me to offer to not use it. That was a counteroffer, not an invitation to cheat me.

He kept the coupon and then asked if I’d already redeemed it, thus accusing me of theft. Ultimately, I paid $50 for $40 of goods and services.

He swept out of the shop without thanking me for my purchase. Fortunately, his young colleague was gracious. Gorgeous shop, though, and if iCape had done the same model, it might still be in business.

I’d over-ordered drain cleaning chemicals from both Target and Home Depot and ended up buying everything because I’m so sick of confrontation, ala Ron.

Last night, I went to bed around 9 and woke up around 12:30 to skip to the loo. Lights were blazing in the second bedroom and Ron was in a fury because I supposedly disturbed Lizzie while he was trying to settle her. How she was supposed to sleep with the overhead light on full throttle was beyond me.

Poor dog was looking to me for sympathy.

Fasting Test; Bad Night for Lizzie

The truck is back, which puts me on a more even keel. I dropped off a Commonwealth Catalog book at the Falmouth main library and got some Fall decorations for the window boxes at Dollar Tree.

Yesterday, Ron picked up the vacuum in Hyannis before driving me to Midas. He was nice enough to set up the new water pitcher filter as well.

Afraid of losing my temper because of coffee deprivation, I’ve put off getting a fasting blood test for over a month, but was the first in line at the Sandwich CLab this morning at 7 am. Four other people swept in as I was leaving. Made coffee and treated myself to a bagel and neufchatel when I got home.

Lizzie leaked on her blanket and the second bedroom carpet last night around 2 am. Ron had been up late to let her out, but it didn’t help much. I was furious.

The bathroom stunk to high heaven, and I’m not sure why. I took down the shower curtain, washed the floor and toilet bowl and put the laundry basket and trash on the deck before feeding Lizzie. Fortunately, she slept in.

I am burnt out with news. Have given up on PBS Newshour and skipped DW and even Laura Trevelyan last night. Listened to Rossano yesterday afternoon while puttering around; his music helped, a lot.

I cleaned the carpet in the second bedroom as well as the runner. Fortunately, the new brush for the Little Green arrived, and it’s terrific. We did laundry. Bathroom is pleasant! I stupidly thought the tub was clogged; turned out, the stopper was down. Wasted a bottle of Drano, but it did a great job cleaning the tub…

Paid Geico car insurance in advance so we can get the documentation in time to cancel the old insurance automatic debit. Ordered drain cleaner at Target and Home Depot; trip to Hyannis tomorrow, maybe.


The truck is at Midas for an oil change and a repair.

I picked up water pitcher filters and a stand for the hose carrier at Walmart.

We got another check, this one a refund from Mass DOR.

Got Checks

Received and deposited interim payments for NEPS work today; most welcome.

Received another check, the result of a settlement agreement with United Wholesale Mortgage.

Lizzie recovered from her bad stomach and ate well for the rest of today.

I picked up treats for her and she is really enjoying her Milk Bone biscuits. Noticed lots of empty shelves.

Drank a lot of wine at lunch. Put a salad together.

Lizzie Is Not Feeling Well; Ravs and Sauce

Lizzie’s stomach rebelled on her this morning, so we’re taking it easy on feeding her for now.

Ron wanted to cook a package of ravioli last evening, and I offered to make sauce with the Brandywine tomatoes that escaped squirrels and mold.

We collaborated very well. Ron is especially good at seasoning. I’m not sure how he does it with his semi-working sniffer, but his sauce is always better than mine.

We sauteed the remaining Gilroy garlic from last year along with basil from the garden. Added tomatoes, the rest of the dreadful red wine from Job Lot and a little sugar to counteract the bitterness of the wine. We used Italian and Tuscan seasonings, salt, pepper, a little cinnamon and (per Ron) chili powder.

Sauce turned out great and the ravs were as well. Good supper.

Didn’t Do Much

Took Lizzie for a walk in the field and aside from that, can’t say I did much else worthwhile today, unless you count running and emptying the dishwasher.

I did create an account for Ron on the MassTax website and received $15 from Venmo – nice!

Come to think of it, I did try to clean the carpet in the van with the Little Green. Ordered cleaning fluid and a new brush that they say detaches for washing.

Ron picked up his prescriptions from Walmart.

3 Weeks for Lizzie; NEPS

It’s been 3 weeks and 3 hours since Lizzie moved in here.

After taking an evening nap, Ron has been staying up until midnight or later to let her out for her final leaks.

I’m pretty much done with NEPS, at least until the group has a chance to look at it. Finished Plaistow and Central Mass today, just need to double check the links before uploading it.

I stopped cooking for a few days but made a really good zucchini/lemon/white bean soup this morning. Waiting for Ron to get back so I can finish dessert, oatmeal/coconut/peanut butter/chocolate bars. I’ve been cooking on impulse based on what we have on hand and what sounds good to me.

We mowed today, front, back and sides.

Fence is up next door. I love it, just wish it were longer, to the street. Something to think about.

Did a transfer station run and stopped in to In Good Health yesterday. Loaded up on Animal Blues and a trick grinder which I like very much. Stopped for treats at Chocolate Rose on the way back.

My proto pipe arrived last week. It’s quite a different smoke than joints.

I’m tired of the gardens. Picked a few tomatoes that hadn’t gone rotten. Threw a bunch away.

I’ve signed us up with Geico for both auto and homeowners. Excellent savings, hope we don’t have to see how they do with claims!

New Schedules; Perfect Day?

Ron has been staying up, or napping then getting up, to let Lizzie out close to midnight.

I made the switch to Geico for homeowners as well as auto.

A perfect day would start with a fine breakfast, even if only a scone and good coffee, and include a tour of estate gardens with lunch or tea.