Like Royalty

Ron found a broken gold necklace on one of his walks with Teddy.  We had no way of finding the owner and after it sat here for weeks, I brought it to a broker to sell.  

It was enough to pay for a marvelous dinner Saturday evening at a restaurant in Orleans where Eric works. 

There was an open house of a new technology workshop in Harwich, between Mashpee and the restaurant, so Ron and I stopped there first.  

We were treated like royalty at the restaurant!  Obviously, they like Eric a lot and they made every effort to treat us as his friends with particular care.

I’ve been picking green beans and cukes. Squash is slow.

Fair is over for the year, thank goodness. Enjoyed the crafts exhibits on Saturday.

Stomach still in a rage when I walk.


Teddy was euthanized this morning. A compassionate administrator at ARL returned my call to let us know.

She assured me that Ron and I gave him a good home and that we would be welcomed at any of their shelters.

If all things had been equal, I’d have kept Teddy and gotten rid of Ron.

He’s been fussing all day about a bad stomach. This is the second or third day this week. He’s upset about Teddy and I don’t have much sympathy.

Cindy is sick and we’re waiting to hear if it’s Covid. Have been helping her with some legal stuff. Wendy called to talk about Facebook and the Commons.

I put in an online application for a dog in Bristol and dropped off two postcard-sized notices this afternoon, one at the Mashpee vet on Great Neck North and one at Baer. Might distribute more over the next week or so.

This is the fifth night of the Fair. Two to go.

Greg and Norene lost Chance this week. Summer is a killer.

I chopped off several inches of my hair on the sides today and Ron helped by cutting the back.

Did a grocery shop, made chocolate pudding with milk that had gone sour. Nice sandwiches and yesterday’s cold salads for lunch.

Harvest; Cooking

Picked some nice cukes and a bunch of string beans this morning.

Made tartar sauce (homemade) potato salad, cuke and red onion salad with a sweet/sour dressing and steamed string beans for supper.

Made a pasta dish for lunch with lemon and zucchini.

It looks like ARL decided Teddy was too damaged to be adopted. Our contact there who has been generous with answering my emails complimented us on our care.

The little dog we were scheduled to meet doesn’t need to leave her family after all: great news!

Ron Falls Down; First Cukes

Ron, chagrined, fell off his bike today.

I sold the broken gold bracelet.

Ron did a load of rondry.

Picked up the receipt from last month’s work at Midas, shopped at Job Lot and got three bags of groceries from the Service Center.

Found and disposed of the odor source in Ron’s van.

Paid bills. IRS started deducting from our checking account. A relief: we don’t have to pay penalties.

First cukes!

Made appointment with Creating Well Being for medical marijuana certification.

We were exhausted, left the kitchen a mess and the laundry in the dryer. Finished up and made coffee this morning. Funny how chores feel like climbing Everest when you’re tired.

Dogs; Bike; Compost

We visited a dog and her owners in West Yarmouth yesterday. Ron was enchanted, I am put off by clinginess. We’re to meet another on Thursday.

Ron saved $10 with S&S gas points.

Ron has decided he loves his bike, even with its drawbacks. Let’s hope he continues to feel this way.

I cleaned out some older compost so we could use the container for grass and clippings.

Ron was sick yesterday morning, probably from the bad rice I stupidly served the prior night. Cindy observed that this was a clever way to do someone in: Arsenic and Old Rice.


Mowed Lawn

Got the back and left side done this morning (Monday).

Beans have started!

Made three medical appointments.

Got a lead on a dog who may be great for us and us for her. We’ll be meeting on Thursday. Her owners want to check us out, which says a lot about them and all of it good.

Made some calls for Cindy today but haven’t yet talked with a person.

Ron is finishing up the power washing of the back gutter!

Sangria; Allergy?

We had a great visit with Cindy yesterday. Made a few hors d’oeuvres and a batch of Sangria from a Rojo suggested by Matt (very good).

Ron did a couple of loads of laundry today and I picked up a PUR water pitcher and a bath mat. Put a salad together for lunch and had a crazy allergy attack. Had to take a generic Benadryl to stop it.

Now I’m ready for a nap. Good thing I finished changing the sheets!


Ron worked in terrible humidity and heat today and power washed the entire front gutter. It can be painted now, and already it looks 1000% better.

I called ARL/Brewster to review Teddy’s meds and his schedule for heartworm and flea/tick. They weren’t especially concerned. They did promise to email a copy of the document we signed. I asked how he was doing, and it sounds like he’s fine. Probably not as attached to us as we were to him. I think I’m ready to move on.

I finally remembered, two weeks late, to replace our transfer station stickers.

While Ron worked on the gutter, I did the transfer station run and some stops in Osterville. Needed some rich neighborhood magic: natural food store, Amie. The farmer’s market was mobbed; I didn’t get anything there.

Stopped off at Rockland this afternoon for cash to tip Nathan (Weed Man) and transfer money to Robert for his birthday.

What’s a Metaphor for Disaster?

We returned Teddy to ARL yesterday.

I hate Ron for this. I wish he’d drop dead so that I could bring Teddy back here.

Brought Ron to the Falmouth ER, still in my pajamas. He got one of his wounds cleaned out. Picked him up later, stopped at Walmart for a new med (visit with doc yesterday for GERD) and requested a transfer of records to a cardiologist in Hyannis. Trifecta in Falmouth, good.

Brought him to Stop & Shop for Tramadol and an antibiotic. Only the antibiotic had been filled. Based on the after-care written information he got at the ER, he thought the PA at Falmouth put a stop to his Tramadol.

I went nuts, talked to one of the Medical Directors who was extremely helpful and sympathetic.

Turns out, his doctor’s office – once again – failed to call the pharmacy.

I’m done. This screwed up my plans to visit gardens in Eastham today, but to be honest, I wasn’t much in a mood to “intrude” on the idle (or worse, new) rich.

Have been having a great dialogue, on the phone and on Facebook, with a sympatico woman in her 70’s in Mashpee. We agree on the state of the Town in every way we’ve discussed so far.