Pouring Rain

Ron fixed the vacuum cleaner!

There were downpours off and on today, but I was able to fill the planters with coleus from Stop & Shop.

Ron and I planted and mulched in the Edgewater grass garden: salvia, asters, penstemon.


It rained most of today, which resulted in the cancellation of the Downwinder’s annual Memorial Day standout.

I did the transfer station run and hunted for plants at the discount nursery, Mahoney’s and Soares.  Picked up some nice Salvia for Edgewater.

Cleaned up a bunch of junk mail in the second bedroom/Ron’s den.

Memorial Day Weekend

Planted the herbs, vegetables and daylilies from yesterday.

Ron and I got the new garden plot set up.  We are “destroyed”.

I took Ron out last evening for his birthday at Not Your Average Joe’s.  Made waffles this morning; spilled sugar and baking mix; no harm done.

More Plants; Vacuum Cleaner

Found a plant sale at the Osterville Library.  Bought some daylilies from a homeowner and herbs, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers from a garden center in the Sandwich Industrial Park.

Found that the Hoover’s agitator belt was cut.  We pulled out the filters and the agitator for cleaning.  What a mess!  Good thing we have the shop vac.

Grass Seed

It rained most of yesterday and is expected for part of today, so I put down grass seed in the dead zone between the driveway and the gardens.

Repotted the geranium that I’d dropped.

Alpha has work!

Laura’s dental work went well.

Last PT session.

Great news: my months-long billing dispute with Medical Associates has been resolved!

Ron made an elegant supper: “shrimp with a dash of lobster” ravioli and pesto.

Neemed ‘Em; Tree Work

Sprayed the roses – all of them – with Neem. Won’t help the branches already affected, hoping it will keep the rest healthy.

Tree work happened today at Edgewater. Unfortunately, a hydraulic fuel line broke, and there’s a good possibility we may lose part of the lawn. Based on advice from Tom and Keith, I held back $100 to cover the work. Hope it’s not more than that.

I did a volunteer stint at Highfield: weeding and transplanting. Did some extracurricular work in the Allium bed: remove a couple of huge weeds and lots of detritus.

Planted a card and a paper embedded with seeds in our gardens.

Ron mowed front and back lawns. He was cranky most of the afternoon; among other things, he was angry that I asked the tree people to haul away the cherry. We were able to stop them before they felled the trunk, though, and they were nice enough to cut it up in modest lengths for us. I called Emma; she said she’d be glad to have it.

Ribs, jasmine rice and brussel sprouts for dinner.

And More Seeds

Butter and Sugar Corn and Kentucky Wonders.

Planted two black cherry tomatoes from Mahoney’s.

Set up the soaker in Alpha’s garden.

Did some watering of transplants; ground is staying pretty damp. Rain is predicted for most of this week.


Lettuce, Nasturtiums, Marigolds, radishes, spinach.

Old seeds; not expecting much, hoping anyway.

We did laundry and changed sheets. Ron got accessories to make hose feeders.

Smokey arrived earlier and rested on the chair and then the bed for a while. He’s a comfort when he’s calm.

Watered roses and a couple of the gardens. Ran around doing transfer station and errands, almost forgot about Robert until 5:03!

New Garden; Fences; Garden Sales

We’ve been working on the gardens for about 6 weeks, since roughly April 8.

Yesterday, we finished setting up the last fence for the “bean” garden.

This is the big plant sale weekend. I got started at Green Briar and Spencer’s yesterday: daylilies, coreopsis, heuchera, peony.

Today is Roche Bros for hanging plants and the Master Gardeners for herbs and veggies. I showed up at Roche a little before 7, and people were already there, hoarding grocery carts full of hanging plants. I was able to get two nice geraniums for the back, nasturtiums, and a fine selection of herbs: rosemary, parsley, sage, dill. Got everything planted.

Went to the Fairgrounds a little before 9. There was already a long line to get in, and I figured there weren’t enough plants in the world to accommodate the people who were there, let alone the rest of us.

So, I came home and put in a new garden in the front at the corner of the driveway and the walkway with the plants I bought yesterday. My hope is to put in a perennial border, eventually.

While Ron made a transfer station run to unload the truck, I fell asleep. Smokey had stopped by for a visit and rested for a bit in my chair.

Ron and I worked on soaker hose placement.

I spent a portion of the afternoon in the hammock. Saw a couple of hummers and cleaned up the invasives we’d chopped down the other day.