Spinner, Tomatoes

Ron repaired the hose that powers the spinner!

I put in six tomato plants from Jen’s farm. They are puny compared to the ones I planted earlier, but I have hope that they will prosper with Ron’s good compost and regular irrigation.

Pruned the Summer Sweet.

Walked around the block with Teddy this morning. He slept until about 5:15.

It’s been humid the last couple of days and we are grateful for the central air.

Made a nice salad with julienned carrots and summer squash. Egg salad for supper.


We managed to get the “cafe doors” open on Ron’s van yesterday, without needing to park it on a hill.

We were able to remove the rear seat, and Ron and Tony moved it to the basement.

Ron vacuumed the van and my truck. I did the transfer station run.

I also attended the machine gun firing range rally at Forestdale School in Sandwich.

Worn Out

GoDaddy switched me to a different email provider this week, Office365. I didn’t have a choice and fortunately it’s inexpensive.

It’s taken a while for all of my prior folders to be reinstated, though, and this morning, I got back the one I’ve been waiting for.

Along the way, I found out that I needed to upgrade my version of Bootstrap, which now has the previously missing files.

The last couple of days have taken a toll on my state of mind. Teddy aggravated me this morning because I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. I took him out twice, then Ron managed to get him to Trump, thank goodness.

I uploaded some new code to MRS to try to stop double submissions. It may cause more angst, but they gave the okay, so there it is.

Inspections, New Muffler

Both vehicles have new stickers. I got a replacement muffler (under warranty) at Midas. Lots of back and forth. I have a small leak in the exhaust manifold.

Ron did the lawn yesterday.

We found that Ron’s cafe doors will open if the van is on a slope. Planning to work on this tomorrow.

Made an appointment for grooming for Teddy at Petco a week from today.

Rain this morning. Teddy and I were out, but we missed the deluge. Ron and I walked him briefly in the field this afternoon. I think Ron has taken him out at least twice more today.

Got some gorgeous HTML from the developer. May retain her for the whole project: she’s good.

After all the vehicle running around yesterday, I picked up a nice chaise pillow for Ron at Job Lot.

Went to the opening of the new Cape Verdean Museum and Cultural Center today. No gardening. Did some more work on MRS.

We had raw corn for supper.

Better Today

Felt lousy yesterday but better this morning. Took Teddy for a walk.

Made mushrooms, quinoa and eggs with Ron for breakfast.

Last evening, I was worn out and hurting. Ron did triple duty with Teddy, but I couldn’t even bring myself to offer more than cheese, crackers and grapes.

Did some more pruning over the weekend, especially the peonies and the new phlox, which was a mess for which I way overpaid.

Ron did a fantastic job framing Peter’s Father’s Day gift. We’ll catch up with Peter when he has some time off.

We had a nice lunch on Saturday with C&C to celebrate all the belated birthdays.


I finally trimmed the front shrubs but cut my left index finger in the process.

That’s probably why they discourage using an electric hedge trimmer while you’re on a ladder.

Ron helped me bandage it up so I could pick up a bag of produce at the Senior Center, donated by Roche Brothers.

Ron made us a superb salad for lunch!

We hung laundry outside and Ron did a transfer station run.

I figured out the problem with DotDigital that has dogged us for months.

We did a weed shop at the rec marijuana facility on Echo Road. Opening day!

Feed, Mow, A Little Rain, Bad Tooth

I set the mower at 3 inches and glad I mowed yesterday, it’s showering now. Miracle Gro’d the window boxes and the tomato/rhubarb patch.

Teddy has woken up and started barking around midnight for the past two nights. After false starts involving walks and food, we think it’s a signal that he either needs or would benefit from companionship, so Ron kept him company for a while last night. That seemed to work.

Ron had a bad tooth extracted yesterday. He’s in pain and his face is very swollen this morning.

Teddy is Better; Fairy Roses

Took Teddy out twice today. Glad that my stomach behaved so I could give Ron a break, especially after his midnight walk the other night.

Light rain this morning. Not a lot, but happy to see it for the transplants.

Bought tickets for us to attend the Cotuit Historical Society’s strawberry shortcake event this afternoon.

Went to Falmouth for a picture frame.

Ron’s Midnight Run

Teddy had diarrhea yesterday and was barking at 11:15 and midnight last night, so Ron took him out for a walk. Ron brought home some chicken, which I steamed and fed to Teddy last night and this morning. He seems better today, and Ron is happy: he got his stiches removed yesterday at the Osterville Urgent Care Center and got to take a shower today.

I transplanted three perennials yesterday. Two were getting crushed in front of the fence. I moved the third to make room in corner garden. Doesn’t sound like much, but it was a fair amount of work.

I’ve been yanking out junk in the tomato/bean/rhubarb garden.

Peonies are blooming. Ron and I raised the cage around the ones in the front, and they look really good.

Dog officer came by yesterday and explained what we need to do for the quarantine period, i.e., exactly what we have been doing. He has a rescue, too, and is sympathetic, understands that sometimes the only way you can find their buttons is to push one. Says 95% of his calls are rescues. Nice man, what a change from the creep who came to our house a couple of years ago.

Misfits came yesterday so I made a big breakfast for us this morning: pancakes, eggs, stir fry.

Ron wanted to clean the bathroom window sill, but it was a project to get the screen out, took both of us, several screw drivers and silicone spray.

Cicada, Tomato and Squash Flowers

Found a Cicada in the garden next to the driveway/deck steps.

Flowers on one tomato and one squash plant.

Saw bad stuff on one of the tomatoes yesterday so sprayed the vegetable plants this morning. We may get downpours later today but then again, we may not, so figured it was worth doing.

Enjoyed doing word games for a quiet hour or so with Teddy in his run yesterday. Reminded me of good times: I can recreate good memories but in my own yard, without an association with the damnable bitch. That is big.