About Our Week


006Thursday night, Ron, Emme and I were the pizza procurers (but not the pizza hosts) for the South Shore .NET User Group’s meeting/discussion on LINQ.




Friday, Ron and I hauled our weary selves to New Bedford for a dazzling, revelatory performance by the San Francisco-based Alonzo King Lines Ballet company.

Yesterday, I hauled myself to the Cape Cod Maker Mini Faire. It was very well done and very well attended.









Busy Weekend

Thought we might be taking it easy this weekend, but we managed to be productive and entertained as well.

We saw Igudesman & Joo last night, first-rate musicians with a great sense of fun. One doesn’t see a 1717 violin played with an electric toothbrush every day.

I gave Ron a major tongue-lashing for polluting the immediate environment: had to hold my coat to my nose for most of the performance. Sometimes I wonder.

I’ve been finishing up some work for Jim that has taken a very, very long time. Challenging implementation for a lot of reasons, mostly HTML and CSS, sad to say.

Yesterday, our new dehumidifier arrived. Ron set it up and it seems to be working very well.

Today, Ron finally bought his new bench with a 25% off coupon and got a raincheck for a stand. We went to Lowe’s in Wareham for the portable table saw he’s been pining for. This afternoon, he took the old bench apart to make room.

I started a new garden plot yesterday using the layered technique and rakings from the veggie garden. It was sunny but a little on the cool side; would have been a good day to work outside but ended up doing web stuff, laundry and changing sheets, plus the trip to Lowe’s and reading the Sunday Times.

Good Friday

The bathroom vanity is installed completely, went like clockwork, and I made progress coding-wise yesterday. Figured out how to consume the FRED web service and reformatted the preowned detail page to look pretty close to John’s design.

We haven’t heard from Pat the carpenter; hope he’s okay.

Truck is at the shop, possibly a fuel system problem. AAA tested the battery and ended up towing it to Midas. Ron and I got there just before closing, which was fortunate since I was able to talk with Jeff. Portside driver could not have been nicer or more careful with my pal. The dispatcher told us traffic was a mess over the Sagamore due to a lane closure.

Kevin the plumber cut out a section of drywall in the bathroom closet to give us access to the bathtub plumbing. Ron is going to make a panel to cover it, so we haven’t put the closet back together yet.

Ron got us set up for movie tix at the base yesterday.

Ron returned the chipper to Home Depot on Thursday and picked up a bunch of new tools at Harbor Freight. I was at the Commission for most of the morning working on FRED with Jay. Got all my eye meds from the pharmacy at Stop & Shop. Finances were complicated, but Arthur and Pat figured it out.

Weedman, Closet

Closet was installed today at Edgewater.

Weedman was here for the first application/treatment.

I ordered a 70-pint dehumidifier from eBay.

Ron picked up some nice clips for my hammock.

Ron fixed the lawn mower!

I screwed up, ordered the wrong machine from Home Depot – it chops up branches, not leaves. Need to return it.

Supposed to freeze tonight. We covered flowers, put a big tarp on the daffs.

Not What We Expected

The counter top arrived this morning, but it was marred with oil stains. The owner promised to make it up to us this week. We picked out another remnant in case he’s not able to remove the stains. Too bad, it looked great otherwise.

We picked up a whimsical piece at Marshall’s for the bathroom, a double holder for the toilet brush and the plunger. It suits us. I think we’ll paint it, not sure what color yet, maybe same as the walls.

I made an attempt to tie up the hammocks, which are getting hammered by wind. We’re supposed to get a frost tonight, so I put covers on the purple flowers in the veggie garden.

Finally dumped the barrel that was about half full with really nice soil. Made a berm halfway round the small rhodie near the bench.

It rained last night; glad I fed yesterday.


Feeding has started; yesterday, Holly Tone, today, iron for plants that need “greening up”.

We did the transfer station and laundry. Still haven’t found the hummer feeders, so Ron put up a new one from last year and bought two more.

Weather was nice today, but we may get ice pellets and snow on Wednesday morning.

Ron saw the new countertop today. We’ve coordinated the install with the plumber and carpenter. Empire people are expected at Edgewater tomorrow to fix the transition.

Hoping to line up the closet installation at Edgewater as well. That would leave the electrician for all the Edgewater projects and later this month, removal of the whole house water filter.

I was happy listening to Bach this morning, but so tired that I lost it this afternoon and smashed a TV table. Ron thinks he can fix it.

Leaf shredder should be arriving soon. Can’t wait.

Top Classical Composers, Top Works

Top 10


Orchestral Suites – Boston Baroque / Martin Pearlman (Telarc) CD from Amazon

*Brandenburg Concertos – European Brandenburg Ensemble / Trevor Pinnock (Avie) CD
from Amazon / Download from Amazon

Violin Concertos (period instruments) – Ryo Terakado; Bach Collegium Japan / Masaaki Suzuki (BIS) Download from Amazon

Violin Concertos (modern instruments) – Daniel Hope; COE (DG) CD from Amazon / Download from Amazon

Goldberg Variations (piano) – Murray Perahia (Sony Classical) – piano CD from Amazon

Goldberg Variations (harpsichord) – Andreas Staier (Harmonia Mundi) – harpsichord CD from Amazon / Download
from Amazon

Partitas (harpsichord) – Trevor Pinnock (Hänssler Classic) – harpsichord CD from Amazon

Partitas (piano) – Murray Perahia (Sony Classical) CD from Amazon

Cello Suites – Steven Isserlis (Hyperion) CD from Amazon

*Well-tempered Clavier (48 Preludes and Fugues, or The 48) – Angela Hewitt (Hyperion) CD from Amazon

Solo Violin Sonatas and Partitas – Rachel Podger (Channel Classics) CD from Amazon

Mass in B minor – Soloists; Dunedin Consort and Players / John Butt (Linn) CD
from Amazon

*St Matthew Passion – Soloists; Arnold Schoenberg Choir; Concentus Musicus Wien /
Nikolaus Harnoncourt (Warner Classics) CD from Amazon

St John Passion