Adoption Triggers

I think I was triggered by a Netflix episode and a Globe story about adoptees.

Had a shouting match at PT about being a less-than-valued person after I was blown off by the techs, who chose in two consecutive sessions to attend to little women with dark hair.

I had a dream last night about the downside of being a non-blood relative on the Cohen side.

It is unsettling that these things are coming to the surface so late in life.

$25 of Stupid; Fired CCOSM

Distracted, maybe, by job search, I managed to mess up two projects over the weekend.  I kludged a fix of one today.  The other was irredeemable.

I got fed up with the stupid overbooking of PT patients at CCOSM and fired them today.  Sounds like they are notorious for this.


The Stories We Spin

In her book “The New Prophets of Capital”, Nicole Aschoff writes sympathetically about the stories we spin not only to make sense of the world, but also to help ourselves bear its indignities.  To uphold a profit-driven society willingly, workers must believe, in the fact of contrary evidence, that such a society “is worth their creativity, energy and passion” and that it “meets their need for justice and security.”

Miya Tokumitsu


I had PT in Sandwich yesterday, so we brought the elephant back to the laundromat for a second wash, this time with white vinegar as well as soap.

Quite a collection of our neighbors’ deliveries and mail!

Job Searches

Ron applied for two lab jobs this week and attended the job seeker workshop at the Senior Center.  He’s really got the application process down.

I did some job search activities, too; not holding my breath.

Did about a 42 minute session at the Hyannis gym.  Ron did some grocery shopping and we had a nice dinner.  Decided not to venture forth for St. Pat’s.