Two Down

Uploaded RovingGM files and database to Jim’s server so he/they can see the pages and the layouts.  More to be done, but this is a solid start.

Had teeth cleaned this morning and good review by Dr. D.

Ron cut down the holly bush by the driveway.

I weeded around the bird bath, the tomato garden and the corn garden.  More to do but for now, the truck is pretty well packed.  Sifted out almost a wheelbarrow full of soil from the weeds.

Hope to finish weeding and plant tomorrow.  We may get rain on Saturday.  Watered today.

Pollen everywhere.

We did laundry.  Hung a few things outside to dry for the first time this year.

One Down

Ron is the designated driver today for the boys, but I gave James a lift to work from school.

I’m done with the shed!  An adorable couple from West Roxbury bought the leaf shredder.  Suggested Cooke’s for lunch; hope they liked it.

After an hour, I got through the top of the little table, to find that it’s just paper and veneer.  Ron brought it to the transfer station.  I did another run earlier with plastic and cardboard.

Ron put up another partial loft.

Three Big Projects: Two Too Many

I’ve been trying to multitask between prepping the spare room for painting, cleaning out the shed and RovingGM.  Not to mention garden prep and planting.

Haven’t done much with the spare room since last week’s cleaning, although today I did find an emergency hand-crank light and radio that Cindy gave us, and put them in the TV cabinet.

Trying to get through RovingGM, but it’s tedious and that makes it hard to concentrate.

The shed is coming along, and some people are looking at the leaf shredder tomorrow.  Today we finished cleaning and putting away the recyclables and the useful buckets.

Ron did a lot of outdoor work today, including spraying Spinosad on the trees, the roses and the lupine.  We both did some watering as well: the corner garden, the driveway garden and the new vegetables and herbs.

Watering is about all I’ve done in the way of garden prep since cleaning out the clover.  Lots of weeding to do.

I drove Em to a job interview in Hyannis and did a shop while waiting at TJ’s.

Peter was here doing laundry.

Lousy news from Cathy.  She’s optimistic.  We are getting together on Sunday.

Irony: I’d kidded her a while back about inventing an illness that would let her retire early, and that’s exactly what she has to do.

I don’t want to lose her.

Memorial Day

A Mallard pair visited this morning.

Ron did the transfer station run so I could rest. Good lad.

No work for the boys.

I added to RovingGM and worked on the shed contents, washing containers to keep, recycling and trash.

A couple from Boston emailed about the leaf shredder.

Ordered mushroom/spinach/eggplant/broccoli pizza from Dino’s.

Rainy Sunday

Cooler today, around 57. Yesterday, our outdoor thermometer hit 90: crazy.

Looks like traffic is nasty through Buzzards Bay right now, so we are lucky to have finished early today.

I was up at 3:30 this morning. Made coffee (thanks for the setup, Ron). Left Edgewater around 7 or so.

Only had to water at Home Depot. Em and I had breakfast at BK. I picked up a few things at the Job Lot in Wareham, then drove to Lowe’s. Scott had “worked” the plants and a nice gent in a Lowe’s uniform had done the watering. So, we were excused from doing any work at Lowe’s. Makes up for yesterday, when we worked for about 6 hours total between us.

Scott let me take a flat of vegetable plants plus a couple others! If everyone from Alabama were as nice as he is, I would want to move there.

Rain started around noon today. I slept for a bit and recovered enough to do a transfer station run so I could empty the back of the truck, do a small shop and make the bed with Ron. Fried some veggie burgers and put together a salad for an early supper/late lunch.

Memorial Day Weekend; Bonnie Plants

One of the SPEA residents, a representative for Scott, posted a request from his colleague at Bonnie plants for stock help this weekend: $150 cash for 8 hours of work.

So, Em worked at Home Depot and Lowe’s yesterday from about 3:20 in the afternoon to about 8:23 that evening. Em worked with Scott, the Bonnie’s rep, at Home Depot while I had lunch/supper at Chili’s and worked on a .NET project. Em had lunch/supper at Burger King, then we both worked at Lowe’s.

It was fun work and very tiring. Em knew what to do and confidently directed me.

We decided both of us like to either work alone or in pairs. Any larger group inevitably includes a pecking order, and usually the new person is at the bottom.

We lucked out on traffic for our shift. By 3, it was slick going over the bridge.

Ron, meanwhile, did some work on the shed! He put up shelves and it looks fantastic. Contents need more culling, and that’s up to me.

Yesterday morning, I stopped at two garden club plant sales, Osterville and Cotuit, and then Soares, but didn’t find what I wanted. Had great luck at Sprout Farm, though: picked up about $25 of herbs.

Some really nice stock at Home Depot and Lowe’s. The Bonnie rep said this is their biggest weekend of the year. Makes sense.

This And That

Ron did laundry today. I dug up the second dead rose bush.

After dropping off the boys, we went to a political event at Dino’s, Jay McMahon for AG.

Ron water blasted Ron’s Pond, drove the boys to and from home, started organizing his tools and chopped off the end of one of the stair rails in the basement.

I managed to unload and move two of the shelves from the spare room. Did some more cleaning; found a live cricket and a dead mouse. Cut in primer around the outlets.

Made a stir fry for lunch with reconstituted mushrooms, tofu, onions and coleslaw mix.

Treated the Edgewater gang to a Dominos meal last night to celebrate Robert’s promotion and James’ liberation from public secondary school.

Stomach better today but still a bit iffy. Yesterday was horrible; pain all day and most of the night.

Days Are A Blur

Ron finished half of the shed loft today! We are already using it to store lumber.

I dug up a bushel of clover from 3 of our gardens and brought it to Emma’s sheep yesterday. Had a nice visit with her and her friend Barbara.

Finished the “Preowned” image corrections today. Working on RovingGM.

Meanwhile, we, mostly Ron, have been driving Robert and James to work and home.

I’ve been cleaning the walls in the new room so I can paint and in between times, weeding.

Had an exam yesterday at InMed – results were normal – and picked up a gallon of primer on the way home.

Ron fixed the spinner hose yesterday. It still worked even with the leak.

Have not been cooking, just salads. Frozen ravioli tonight.

Put the hibiscus and the geraniums out yesterday, but the leaves turned white. Too much sun, too soon. Hoping that new leaves will grow in.

6:30 PM: Where’d the Weekend Go?

We did the usual today: NY Times, transfer station, laundry, changed sheets.

We were able to cram everything into the truck: pruning from the holly at Edgewater, pruning from one of our lilacs, trash, recyclables, pizza boxes.

Got gas and dairy at Cumby. Checked out the discount nursery. Returned a book to the library.

Ron made omelets for breakfast, burritos for lunch and rhubarb sauce!

I dug out most of the clover from the herb garden. Ron started grinding the leaves with the Cuisinart for compost. Decided to hold off the rest in case Emma’s sheep would like it.

We were able to clean up and put away the tools before the rain.

First day of feeling healthy since May 3.

Plant Sales

Got up early for Roche Bros’ annual plant sale. Came home with four hanging geraniums and a couple of gaura.

Mike finished sanding the room. John and his dog Ozzie stopped by for his final check. He’s sending someone next week to work on the shed loft.

I managed to lock the driver side door of Ron’s van, but fortunately, John knew how to free it up.

All of this set me back, so by the time I got to the Green Briar plant sale, almost everything had sold.

I made a brief appearance at the SPEA membership meeting. Dropped off blueberry soda to the boys at iCape. Stopped in to the Master Gardeners Sale at the Fairgrounds and bought a nepeta and a phlox.

Peter had dropped off the truck and was visiting with Ron, so I gave him a lift home.

Got the first Treasurer’s unclaimed asset checks yesterday.

Cold, rainy day. Had enough daylight after veg burgers and fries for supper to load yesterday’s prunings in the truck; plant the gaura, nepeta and phlox, thus finishing what was supposed to be the white garden; and hose off the small tarp.