Birthday: Clear as a Bell(amy)

Waved to the boys. Showed up for a 9 am appointment at the RMV in North Adams. Easy process to renew my license.

Drove up to Hairpin Turn and on the way back, stopped at Eclipse Mill. Gorgeous displays of resident artwork. Strolled the grounds a little to view the Hoosic River and waterfall.

Stopped at BigY for cannoli and veggies. Picked Ron up for lunch at the Berkshire Food Project, then back to Eclipse Mill so he could see the artwork. He met an artist who’s having an open house tomorrow and was enchanted. Maybe I’ll get to be single again, who knows?

We drove to Pownal to restock our liquor cabinet: wine, Irish cream, Prosecco, champagne, Hennessey’s.

Ron tied up the last of the stakes from the back yard and did some raking. We sat outside, greeted the kids and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and wine.

Ate way too much and planted myself in front of the tv, thus forgot about the open mic session at Studio 9. Next Tuesday, I hope.

Rented and watched “The Zone of Interest”. Ron was moved, thought it is a great film.

I’d put the Prosecco in the freezer and didn’t pull it out in time. It was part liquid, part slush. I drank almost the entire bottle.

Some do-gooders are annoying the rest of us and scaring at least one resident by plugging a Gaza resolution to the Select Board. Go away.