New TV; Car; Van; Painting; Rain

Last night, we set up the new TV that arrived yesterday and the DVD player I’d picked up at Best Buy some weeks ago. It all works great!

We put down the first coat of paint on the new room. Love the color! I’ve made a mess of the floor, so Ron thinks we should paint it. He’s right.

I bought the G35X for Peter et al. They accepted my offer. We plan to drop off the certified check tomorrow on the way to NH. Peter has promised to get rid of the junkers.

Ron’s van is fixed. Made a mad dash to the credit union in Falmouth, Shaw’s for breakfast food, Sullivan Tire in Sandwich and back to give Robert a lift home. After a light supper, picked up the lemon balsamic on hold for us at Uncle Bill’s.

Rain all day, poured buckets at times. We are thrilled for our plants.

CSA; Kitty; Van

Kitty dropped by this morning and rested in one of the deck chairs.

Sullivan Tire has diagnosed the van’s A/C problems: leaks, compressor. Ron dropped it off earlier this morning after driving the boys. Van needs to stay another day.

I did the CSA run yesterday along with driving to Sandwich and dropping Em off in Hyannis for her work at the Cape Cod Mall.

Uploaded new Roving files and made database changes on Jim’s servers.

Drove Em to YAG this afternoon and did a shop at Christmas Tree and Whole Foods. Loaded and used the new Prime app and got some discounts. Ron and Em loved the chocolate and blueberry mochi.


Ordered a very inexpensive television set.  Should arrive day after tomorrow.

Picked up med at Walmart.  Stopped in to Uncle Billy’s.  Ron got a nice gift for his friend.  Put in an order for lemon balsamic.

Made stir fry with turnips, turnip greens, green beans, carrots, broccoli and garlic scapes, rice and strawberry shortcake for supper.


Got the chores done early.

Cleaned the DVD player.

Did a shop at the Cheese Store and the Pariah Dog Farm stand.

Got a good deal at the Organic Market on strawberries and Yerba Mate: 12 for the price of 10.

Strawberry shortcake for supper.

Rain; Van A/C

Yesterday, did some coding and drove Ron back and forth from Sandwich Sullivan Tire to get his A/C serviced.  They think there is a leak or leaks but couldn’t find the location, so he’ll bring it back on Tuesday.

Made tofu lasagna without cheese and roasted vegetables: scapes, Hakuri turnips, kale.

Good Heart; Scramble; Tomatoes and Roses

Got the okay from the cardiologist to come back in a year.  No stress test this Fall.

Picked up the wall paint for the new room yesterday.  Saved $10 with Aubuchon’s new online ordering system.

We scrambled to get our vehicle affairs in order.  Alpha’s training was cancelled, again.  Ron drove Robert to and from work and brought the van to Cormiers.  I lent Peter the truck to pick James up at Bridgewater State.  We hear he won a blanket at Bingo!

Ron got the van door repaired and passed inspection; he also made an appointment to have his A/C fixed tomorrow.

For supper, I made bean burgers, brownie mix cookies and roasted kale.  Baked some of the frozen biscuits Ron got the other day and microwaved corn and cauliflower.  Washed a pile of lettuce for salads tomorrow.

We have tomatoes AND roses.

I tried many times to get rid of the stupid Google Doodles.  Installed Panda antivirus on both machines and had to uninstall an application that I didn’t want in the first place that was interfering with my browsers.

Cleaned the carpet in our bedroom.

I’ve been cooking, watering, paying bills and even did a little mending today, but have neglected room painting and coding.

Got to get it together tomorrow.


Good Checkup; Uppa Yours

Truck and I both passed inspection today: good checkup for me with the much smaller DvH and a sticker for the truck.

Paid a pile of bills.

Called and emailed that I’m not interested in working at Associates.

Ron and I picked out a paint shade we like for the new room.

Got four shelf units moved to the laundry/hardware area!

Watched parts of Episode 10 of Handmaid’s Tale.

Dropped off John’s plasterer’s hawk at his house; saw Doggo in the window, but she didn’t make a sound: good dog!

Installed Panda on WORKERBEE.

Scrambled eggs with garlic scapes for supper; fresh strawberries with cannoli ricotta filling and whipped cream for dessert.

My oh my.


Out of Sorts

Decided at the last minute to lend Peter my truck so he could transport Alpha to and from their training session.

That worked out fine.

Ron and I hoped to have his vehicle inspected at Cormier on the way back, but turns out, his van would fail because of the door.  Ron was beside himself, but Buddy gave him an appointment on Friday, first thing, to fix it and put a sticker on it.

One strike.

I stopped at Cindy’s work on the way to Falmouth Hospital to pick up something for Cathy.  Cindy had forgotten it, which was not a tragedy, but it was

Strike two.

I was hungry and wanted a breakfast sandwich, which I couldn’t find at the convenience store.  Did buy crayons for the coloring books.

I tried the West Falmouth Market.  It was after 11 so they were out of breakfast goods, but one of the deli workers offered to make one for me.  Another customer was yelling over me, and I let him know I didn’t like it.

A woman at the checkout said “That was rude”.  Of course, I thought she meant me, and I lashed out “Mind your own business!”  She explained that she was on my side.  Horrified, I apologized about a dozen times.  Even apologized to the dolt.

Strike three.

The woman at the register was sympathetic and said she agreed, the kid was rude.

Got to Falmouth Hospital.  Cathy wasn’t there, she’s at Cape Cod.

Total waste, could have driven Alpha, could have seen Cathy.

I told Ron that he lost the Asshole of the Day contest because I came in first.

We did get the A/C in Ron’s window and brought the big one up for the living room.

After dropping off the boys, I went to Hyannis to see Cathy and picked up groceries at Trader Joe’s.  That redeemed the day.

While I was gone, Ron finished mowing the lawn and installed the big A/C.

Peonies; C-Lab

The peony we transplanted in 2014 has been magnificent this year.  The newer one is doing great as well.

I did some watering and planted the new rose bush and viburnum this morning after a blood test at C-Lab.  Waited half an hour to be checked in; they are breaking in a new computer system.

We stopped at Town Hall for a transfer station sticker, then to Edgewater, then to the transfer station to unload for this week.

Picked up pizza slices from Dino’s for lunch back at the house.

Ron got new Cooper tires for his van.

Wanted to get the vehicles inspected, but the internet is down at Cormier’s.

We did some more work on the new room: finished second primer coat and painted the door frames.

Salad and strawberries with whipped cream for supper.

Cathy’s surgery went well.

Father’s Day

Wholesale Nursery started their annual wind down yesterday with 50% off.  Brought home a Stella D’oro, a rose and a viburnum.

Not a bad start: washed strawberries from Pariah Dog and made 2 pots of coffee.

Blueberry smoothies and grilled veg burgers for lunch with leftover salad Ron put together yesterday.

Too hot to do anything outside, so we started priming the new room today.

Did laundry, changed sheets.  Put off transfer station run until tomorrow.

Corn for supper.