It’s the end of November and we’re about done with leaf cleanup.

Both of us raked and mowed at Edgewater before, during and after the transfer station run. We’d worked through lunch, came home ravenous, cleaned up almost all the leftovers.

Classy move: Connie dropped off a gorgeous poinsettia with apologies for disruption during their home addition project.

100_6596 Alpha visited yesterday and made a chocolate cake!  She stayed for supper.


Ron cleaned and inspected ALL the gutters at Dixon, and did some anchoring as well.

I mowed the front, to get rid of leaves more than for any other reason.

Picked the remaining Swiss chard and lettuce from the garden. Nice to have fresh vegetables at the end of December. I immolated some otherwise very good chicken sausages for supper.

Was able to pay the property taxes for Dixon from our earnings. Ron is off to work today. We have a plan to rinse recyclables at the bakery, using the Oakland recycling bin and a single-use honey container.

Great weather yesterday but I was in a horrible mood nonetheless, snapped at Ron a couple of times. Was in a lot of pain from sitting too much at Thanksgiving: 6 hours and my back and hands were killing me. I would have been much better off if I’d been permitted to wash the dishes and soak my poor hands in hot water for an hour or so. I’ve always hated that pseudo-martyrly, snotty, patronizing phrase “Just sit down and enjoy yourself.” Next year, I’ll honor my instincts and do things differently. Today, I’m feeling much better.

Fifth Anniversary, 70th Thanksgiving

Up early this morning.  Gorgeous weather, sunny and in the 50’s.

Went back to sleep, up for good around 9.  Made steak and eggs.  Cleaned up the kitchen.

Ron’s van got fixed at Cormier’s yesterday.  Buddy gave him a lift to pick it up.

I worked from 9 until a little after 3 and was beyond tired even after a short day.  Had a piece of quiche from the bakery, the rest of Laura’s excellent lasagna and leftover veggies for supper; thank goodness for a nice hot meal with no cooking.

We observed/celebrated Thanksgiving with the Winslows: shrimp cocktail, cheese board and cashews to start; turkey, etc. and pies. Laura set a beautiful table, and it was warm enough for us to start the day at their fire pit!


Liz and Chris have been magnificent to us.  She gifted us with a gorgeous pecan pie for Thanksgiving.  Between Ron and me, we’ve netted enough in three weeks to make up for lost rental income this month.  It hasn’t gotten us ahead, but it’s kept us from falling behind.

Thanksgiving Week

Yesterday, I worked at the bakery from 9:10 am to about 8:45 pm.  Must have washed the cement mixers at least 6 times and a dozen or more detestable oxidized aluminum trays, not to mention two cycles of pan liners.  Grateful for the work.

Ron was busy as well:  he drove James to and from work, returned unneeded hardware, mowed the back yard at Edgewater and mounted the TV stand door that I’d painted yesterday.  Paint was the wrong finish, but it’ll do for now.

Had breakfast with Cindy and Cathy on Sunday.

Below freezing this morning.  Vacuumed the truck to see if that helps Robert’s allergies, and it did seem to (help).  Drove Ron to Cormiers to drop off the van last night to fix the window; gave him a ride to work this morning.  Missed any good pickings at the Senior Center.

100_6594 100_6592Decorated the window boxes with pine boughs from the transfer station and ribbons from last year.  Added a ribbon to the swag Ron bought last weekend at Sprout Farm.  Touched base with Laura on the Thanksgiving menu; she gave me two servings of an excellent lasagna.

Long Day

Ron worked from 10 until almost 7.

I mowed and picked up leaves from the front yard at Edgewater, including the debris on the street, and mowed front and back here.

Finished the MRS schedule for 2016.  Couldn’t reach Jim yesterday or today.

Pain, Rain

Dripping woke me up last night.  Still raining.  Ron’s timing could not have been better.  I’m so glad he finished the powerwashing yesterday.

Had a nap last evening after riding with Ron to bring James home.  Was in a lot of pain last night but much better now: back, left ankle, hands.

Looked back at some posts from December 2008.  That was a very tough year.


Busy Day


100_6582Ron finished the power washing! Fantastic. That leaves only gutter cleaning for the last major outdoor chore.

Had a great annual checkup.

Finished out my week at the bakery. Pureed a case of bananas, washed a “cement mixer”, labeled bags, cleaned a cooler, washed dishes, cleaned the coffee area and the side window sill.

$270 So He Can S*t?!

100_6580We are running very lean this month. Peter is late with the rent; property taxes were due on the first; and we had a gigantic water bill thanks to someone’s leaving a sprinkler on all night.

So, I was astonished to find that Ron had drawn down his bank balance to $0.

Turns out, he transferred about $270 to PayPal – for probiotics! – and didn’t realize it.

Finished cleaning the windows this morning, or at least, made a good attempt.

Slept with the puff last night. Frost this morning.

Day Off

Made a killer chicken stew and rice and beans tonight.

Drove Robert and later, James, to work.

Ron was at the bakery. He drove everyone home tonight!

Did some database updates for the school.

Swept leaves from the driveways, Edgewater and here.

Made more progress with old paperwork.