Dementia? Full Day

Ron was upset yesterday, claiming that his two pharmacies had lost track of his meds and it was his fault.

Turns out, his accounts are fine, the prescription records are all there, and I was able to set up new logins for him on both websites.

He argued and argued and argued with me about this. Instead of listening and watching what I was doing, he kept ranting about what the pharmacies’ staff told him, none of which made sense. He claimed that “guilt” prevented him from thinking clearly.

I’ve asked his doctor to diagnose him for Alzheimer’s before, and it looks like it may be time to do that again.

Meanwhile, I had a full day.

Picked up a superb mincemeat pie and cardamom bread at the Meetinghouse Farm baked goods fundraiser in West Barnstable.

Dropped off the holter at the cardio office, and stopped off at Janet’s for more bread. She gave me an extra loaf that “wasn’t up to quality control standards” but still very good.

Drove home to take Lizzie to the vet’s for blood tests, the results of which were outstanding. Her previously high levels were way down and well within normal range. Fantastic news!

Finally, had my computer glasses adjusted at Bayview.

Ron did a transfer station run with leaves. While we were raking the front yard, Cathy dropped off mac and cheese.

Raked the Yard. The whole yard.

It was cool, it rained early on and it was Sunday: the ugly racket of trees being murdered and leaf blowers was not to be heard until later in the day.

We filled the truck three times and made it to the transfer station twice. I can’t recall ever doing that much work in a single day. It helped that the leaves were damp; they stuck together in piles and on the tarps much better than if they were dry.

I made food for Lizzie in the morning.

Ron did laundry. I realize around 4:30 that we’d stripped the bed, but we were able to put it back together in between watching Kansas City defeat Dallas.


My legs, feet and back are sore tonight. I haven’t done much yard work in the last couple of days, but I did cook a big pot of food for Lizzie yesterday and shopped today.

Have been making some nice salads with lettuce, red cabbage and miscellaneous other ingredients.

New contract starts on Monday.

Joined the national and state Libertarian parties today. Want to keep in touch, and their Facebook posts just aren’t sufficient.

Ron has been raving about people who refuse to get vaccinated. I say we are better off without those who refuse to protect themselves for pseudo-political “reasons”.

The Senate needs to ratify Biden’s choices for the Post Office Board of Governors. Oh, goody, another battle with the buffoons.

Lizzie Runs Away

Lizzie joined us on August 30. They say that a dog has settled in to a new home after about three months, at which time their true nature becomes clearer.

It’ll be three months in a couple of weeks, so Lizzie may be a little ahead of the curve.

She’s been barking when she wants something rather than just standing quietly in front of us, although she still does the latter on a regular basis.

Earlier this week, I tried to get her to ride with me in the truck, but she bolted instead, trumped in the neighbor’s yard and trotted up Dixon until Norene’s dogs gave her a piece of their minds.

Good Day

Negative result from Monday’s aneurysm test.

Lizzie had leaked the night before, so Ron and I did laundry.

Green Machine’d the kitchen rug.

Made selections for 2022 medical and Rx insurance.

Ron thought his wipers weren’t working but mysteriously they turned out to be okay.

Tough Day For Lizzie

It started out well: Lizzie had her checkup with Dr. Baer and her blood work was good except for one measurement, whi,ch is what we expected.

Ron went to the transfer station and I picked up Robert after work and brought him a brisket lunch.

Unfortunately, Lizzie threw up and had diarrhea while we were gone. Ron cleaned it up, much to his credit.

We gave her ground turkey for supper.

Covid Booster

Very different scene at CVS for the third Covid shot yesterday. Afterwards, picked up meds and sundries at Walmart, had a conversation about a possible new contract and kept my appointment with the counsellor, almost incoherent with tiredness.

Ron took good care of Lizzie throughout the day.

Restored data that had been inadvertently omitted from the vehicle detail page. Good catch by someone at NEPS.

Visit with James; New Doc; Lizzie Goes For a Ride

James was over last night for supper; we had a really nice visit, although the big spread I prepared, intended to be a Buddha bowl, wasn’t really that great.

I ran the dishwasher three times to clean all of the pots, pans, bowls, dishes, flatware, utensils.

James had fun with Lizzie. He’s a self-described “dog person” so enjoyed a break from the “cat” house.

Today Ron drove us to Hyannis with the intention of going to Beltone after my appointment with a new cardiologist.

Unfortunately, he forgot to wear his hearing aids (again). Lizzie seemed to enjoy the ride, though, and I found the cardiologist – and her staff – to be a remarkable change from the usual. What a pleasure!

Ron’s Pension

Gave up waiting for Ron to do it so I called Local 16 and luckily, the pension administrator was available to help us change Ron’s checking account info. After a couple of tries, I was able to fax the paperwork to her.

Made some cosmetic changes to NEPS.

Talked with a Centerville company about a hot water heater that is supposedly energy efficient.

Great news from the Water Department: our November bill is $70 less than last year!

Applied for a job, heard back. Work would be nice now that NEPS is pretty much done.

Tried tackling the last veg garden weeding but there were some major roots that might be from trees. Ron offered to help tomorrow.

Lizzie had some intestinal distress so we fed her chicken and rice today.

Ron brought us cake and cookies from Washashore.