Plumbing Fix; First Outside Meal of the Year

Made a Pantry supper last night (four-can soup) and Pantry lunches (cheese dogs; ground turkey and vegetable stew), the latter of which we enjoyed outside in 68 degree weather today.

After doing some quick errands, Ron made mac and cheese for supper.

BCL was here to fix our tub drain.  After reconfiguring the drain pipes and adding a cleanout (dandy), they fished out a clump of hair the size of a rat!  Ron bought me a lovely gift of drain grabbers for future maintenance.   I bought him some flowers.

Good Haul

The ladies at the Pantry renewed my $25 voucher, so Alpha and I visited the thrift shop yesterday before our job search outing.

Turns out, they were having a sale on clothing, 50% off.  We picked up a jacket and vest for her, a watch for her friend, a “Mr. Rogers” sweater and 3 pair of jeans for me.

We buzzed the stores along Cotuit Road to see who was taking applications and came up with half a dozen or more ideas for Alpha.

We came back here for lunch, grilled cheese and tomato soup, then tea.  Ron drove Alpha and Robert home at 6.


I did cleanup at Edgewater and Ron brought a truckload to All Cape for recycling.  He also dropped off more tools for sharpening.  We returned books and CDs to the library.  I met with the trainer at the gym.  Ron did a round trip with Robert.

From Ron to Claire McCaskill

Are there any issues that particularly worry you?

The tremendous expense of maintaining security at Trump Towers in New York, the cost of using Mar-a-Lago as a week-end retreat and the exposure of diners and others to security alerts while there.  In three months the budget for security will outstrip the prior administration’s.  We the taxpayers are contributing heavily to Trump’s next campaign.