Good Deeds; Thanksgiving

Yesterday I gave blood, picked up trash and dropped off books for the Falmouth Library to sell. We made pies; Ron got to flute one.

I prepared Thanksgiving dinner in stages in the toaster oven, microwave and stove top. Cathy offered to let me use her oven but not until 1, and I wanted to eat by then.

We had fresh parsnips, Shiitake mushrooms and brussel sprouts from the Farmer’s Market. Picked up cardamom bread from Janet yesterday after dropping Robert off at work.

Mashed potatoes, squash, veg loaf and gravy for the rest of the meal. Pecan/pumpkin pie for dessert with coffee and brandy (rum for me).


Good Stuff

Can’t do a refi on Edgewater but there is hope that P&B will be able to buy it. At least, they’ve started the process with a mortgage broker.

They may be able to buy “as is”.

I did the transfer station run yesterday with the usual aggravation from Ron. Also cleared the rock garden in the front yard at Edgewater.

Good dream last night about getting to Boston from Chicago and walking around barefoot in a fully integrated Roxbury or possibly South End. I handed $2 to a woman in a church group that was meeting in a storefront. I visited a popup with prices hand-chalked on a board and walked to the “T” for transport to Milton or the Cape. I had no luggage, but did have a wallet and money. I was smoking Newports.

Wompanoag Thanks Giving

We spent most of yesterday at the service and feast hosted by the Tribe.

Ron picked up and dropped off cider and cranberry juice at the Government Center for the potluck, then picked me up at the house. Incredibly, we got to the Meeting House in time. Saw a few friends and acquaintances.

The feast was even better than last year’s: corn and quahog chowders, venison stew, oysters, a good variety of vegetables (potatoes, squash, beans, parsnip), blueberry slump and Indian pudding. I brought home a couple slices of quick bread and a cookie. We shared a table with Lynn from the Introverts and a very pleasant woman named Maureen from Falmouth.

Ron entertained the princess with a “food joke” about π, cake and ².

Afterwards, we picked up a bucket of trash in our neighborhood. Got to see a couple of our neighbors along the way. Ron sorted through the recyclables and redeemables.

Mowing; a Neighbor Visits

Mowed front and back at Edgewater. Almost done with leaves there.

Our neighbor Tony came over yesterday afternoon for a chat and a beer.

Simple supper that Ron prepared: tomato soup and cheese panini.

Quite upset about a FB post by a stupid social worker who abandoned a child who loved her. As if unconditional love is something cheap and stumbled across every day.

Wrote to her, got an answer back. Disgusted that she exploited this story for personal gain and received kudos rather than rebukes.

I’m fighting depression and not a surprise: “the holidays” are here.

Discovered that I’d already paid for another year of The New Yorker!

Contacted two more freelancers for repair work at Edgewater. Fingers crossed.

Edgewater Repairs

I met with a carpenter and a contractor this week to discuss needed repairs at Edgewater. Questionable whether we can free up enough equity to cover everything, but very likely we can cover the essentials.

Followed the impeachment investigation hearings.

Worked on some updates for MRS. Need to change the calendar to work better with mobile devices.

Ron was feeling mighty mighty.

Tough Plants!

The hanging plants survived Tuesday night’s 20 degree freeze: the Million Bells still have leaves, and the others have green stalks.

So, I brought them in yesterday to see if they’ll winter over. They are annuals, so who knows; worth a try.

They also survived my spraying them, not with the organic insect killing soap that I intended, but with a bleach solution that Ron astutely noticed.

Watched the impeachment hearing off and on and did catch some highlights real-time, including Vermont Representative Welch’s neat put down of Republican whistleblower beefs.

Had a good, long conversation with someone from VIA benefits about the phone call with them earlier this week.

NEPS appears to be working. I’m not sure what changed and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on my side.

I picked Robert up at work. He was sick and I was late because I didn’t get an earlier message.

Totaled up P&B’s rent payments. Better than I thought, but explains why we’re short on funds to pay property taxes this month.

Checked out Ron’s health care premium payments this year, a whopping $1,300+. Next year should be better.

Met with a very pleasant gent from Homevestors.

I’ve been straight out running numbers for many days.

Staying Put

Yesterday was one of my worst. Ron got on my nerves and so did almost everything else. Wish I could say it was the full moon but that would just be an excuse.

Made arrangements for a tour and appraisal of Edgewater on Thursday.

Woke up at 1:30 and went back to bed about 2 hours later. Slept until 8:45 am.

I was going to have lunch this afternoon with a new friend but cancelled yesterday when the forecast called for snow. I’ll drive in it when I have to but not voluntarily. Hope we can reschedule.

Spoke with a real estate attorney today who only does business in cash.

We made soup with veg broth and old celery, carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic and parsley. Ron did all of the prep except for the celery.

I fixed a couple of problems with MRS and registered myself. Still fighting with VSEPT in NEPS.

Tortellini for lunch.

Made a Dutch pseudo-apple pie with eggplant.