Birthday Party

We invited Ed, Judy and the Cohens for a cookout today to celebrate Robert’s 16th birthday.

We crammed the usual 2 days of weekend chores – transfer station, shopping, gardening, changing sheets, laundry – into Saturday. James slept over so he could watch one of Tyler’s championship games with us and see the Mashpee Pops fireworks, which were gorgeous.

James got to swim in Tyler’s pool, and we did, too, a refreshing dip.

I finished the front garden and put down pine chips today. Ron and I had lunch on Saturday at the new Greek restaurant in Sandwich. We liked it so much, we ordered from the catering menu for today – tzatziki, spinach/feta pies, kebabs, salad. Everything was excellent.

I picked up another table and umbrella and some groceries. It took me 3 runs, I think, to get everything we needed: soda, ice, plates, cups, cake, ice cream, lemonade.

Ron set up music and everyone had a great time.

New Garden – Update

After the driveway went in, I decided to expand the new front garden and got a great deal on perennials at Stop & Shop: two Siskyiou (Oenothera speciosa) and a dark pink Echinacea.


So, over 600 able-bodied people were unable to stop one lunatic with a pistol and semi-automatic rifle.

And talk about the Keystone Kops: the local constabulary couldn’t get one helicopter off the ground or one boat off the landing.

An hour and a half later, 76 people, many of them youngsters like our grandkids, were slaughtered.

The law enforcement authorities in Norway have a lot to answer for, and so far, they’ve been unapologetic and even defiant.

I hope that once the public recovers from its grief that it holds these losers responsible for their failure to perform the most fundamental duty of police officers: to protect the innocent.

And what about the parents of the teenagers? In this age of regular terrorist action on the European continent, why did these young people lack the knowledge and self-confidence to defend themselves? 600 people versus 1, and almost 80 people had to die before the situation was brought under control?

Sparklers, Fair, Grands

The poor truck’s “check engine” light not only was on but was blinking yesterday morning, so we had it towed to Falmouth Motorcar.

Afterwards, Ron picked up the grands and stopped at Subway to feed them before the Fair (Peter and Bonnie were at a seminar in town).

We happened to hit the Fair just after a thunderstorm. There was a pocket of cooler air and NO CROWDS, so the boys and Grandpa got in a bunch of rides with no waiting.

Emme repeated her great performance of prior years, winning three stuffed toys, including a turtle, a frog and a bird.

The kids and Grandpa watched the seal show while I talked with the Master Gardeners and viewed some of the plant exhibits. I was amazed at how fresh the arrangements were after a week of miserable heat.

Afterwards, I made pizza on the grill but my timing was off. The toppings were great but I over-cooked the crust. Part of the learning process.

Emme wanted to work on the computer, so the boys went outside with Ron and I to burn through some sparklers.

Heat Wave

This is supposed to be the last day of a nasty heat wave that tormented the Midwest and spread East this week.

We’ve had a social week. Last night, we had a really nice “sit down” with our neighbors across the street and the neighbors next door. The prior night, we had dinner with Bonnie’s folks at their home in Wareham.

We’re picking up the grands today to go to the Fair and hope to see some other friends who are planning to be there as well.

Cuisinart food processor, with pesto.

I’m looking forward to using the Cuisinart this weekend, for pesto and possibly something with the pumpkins.

Bluegrass At Highfield

We enjoyed part of the bluegrass music festival at Highfield Hall in Falmouth. Afterwards, we joined our friends Candy and John who invited us to their family reunion so we could meet her newest grandchild, a beautiful little girl with huge blue eyes. Gorgeous, sunny day with a refreshing breeze to cool us off.We’re still waiting for the driveway to settle enough to drive on. I got a bigger water dish that Fluffles will find more difficult to tip over and two more shepherd’s crooks. Ron put up the hummer feeder further from the house, so we’re hoping some birds will find it. We saw a hawk with a mouse in its talons. Someone or something ate one of the tomatoes!