Gardener’s Diary

Mowed today. 8’d everything in the back except for the vegetables and the plants near the house. Watered the vegetables and the front gardens.

Planted more in the front garden – 3 Sedum, 2 Rudbekia and a pretty on-sale annual with light purple flowers. Am very, very pleased with the quality of the soil in that part of the yard.


The perennial Coreopsis by the outdoor shower has a second bloom, a very nice surprise.
I fed Miracle Gro to the tomatoes and other annuals today and did some light pruning and dead-heading.
I couldn’t bring myself to dead head all of the hydrangea blossoms.
I hope my fellow creatures remember me as the old lady with the pretty garden that was part of a happy summer, and not as the person they hated with such venom in offices here and in other places.


So far, it’s been a bad week for vacationers and a good week for gardeners.
It’s been windy and raining since Sunday evening, a light, steady rain that isn’t producing spectacular measurements but is soaking nicely into the soil. If it weren’t for the rain, it’d be fantastic kite-flying weather.
It may rain off and on through Thursday, which is fine with everyone. James has been working on his summer homework and playing Beyblades, ping pong and air hockey.

Just Finished…

It’s a little after 8 PM, and I just finished the day’s tasks.

Aside from visiting Mary at JML, I didn’t do much out of the ordinary.

Drove to Walmart then to Toys R Us so James could find a Beyblade. Got back in time to do the transfer station run with Peter. Went to Highfield to volunteer, but by the time I got there, everything was locked and most of the vendors were gone.

I did some laundry, picked up a few things at Stop & Shop, made supper, changed the sheets on both beds and can’t think of anything else that would have eaten up the day.

Of course, it didn’t help that I woke up almost exactly 12 hours ago, at 8 AM.

The boys are really enjoying the ping pong table. Me, too.

I counted over 40 tomatoes!


I gave the garden a good watering. This afternoon, Peter and I brought the snow blower to Heights Small Engine Repair. The ramps worked great.
This morning, I rented a gigantic combination wrench and tightened the big outdoor shower bolt.
On the way back, I stopped at Paine’s and picked up a pillow for the hammock and a sailing ship door knocker.
Putting up the door knocker was a good trick, since the front door is metal and I don’t have any metal bits. I did it, though, and can’t believe the difference it makes.
This afternoon, I pruned and dead-headed the Summersweet and the inkberry bushes. It is killing me to dead-head the hydrangeas.


Candy was stung by one yesterday, and I ran into a bunch this morning while mowing in the back.

Fortunately, Tom of the Turf Company was able to come out on short notice and spray.

I got the front gardens watered. Candy’s hibiscus have started to bloom.

Yesterday, I painted the bench and planted two Helena’s Blush and two Sedum as well as a couple of little begonias rescued from a nursery.

Put down hemlock mulch in the front to hide all the violence done to the ground as a result of planting. It looks pretty good and I hope everything winters over so that I can concentrate on the back side of the fence next year.

Outdoor Shower

I put the outdoor shower together last evening. It’s working fine although it needs one or two joints to be wrenched tighter – hard for me with carpal tunnel.
I bought a cool solar frog and a lantern. That should complete the garden features. I want to finish the front today and maybe do some painting.

Fountain Grass

Spent about 3 hours mowing and weeding at Edgewater yesterday. Gave the rock garden a good soak. It looks great – miraculous, since it’s received so little care this year. Destroyed several slugs.

Planted purple fountain grass in front of the fence at Dixon a couple of days ago, did more weeding and dead-heading today.

Have been storing up food and beer for the cookout this Sunday; the downstairs frig is full.

Transplanted James’ strawberries to the vegetable garden, and they seem to be okay this morning. Miracle Gro’d the annuals.

Made a decorative pseudo-fence to partially hide the mulch pile.

Candy put in hibiscus yesterday next to her pool; I hope they take.


Finished the driveway and did some weeding and dead-heading at the front entrance to Winslow Farms, pruned the big hydrangea, washed the truck, watered and did a transfer station run. Otherwise, I’ve been eating junk food and relaxing today.