Scr*w Jet Blue

I’ve flown JetBlue before, but will not patronize their airline again after the debacle at JFK last week.
Their CEO still has not offered an adequate explanation of why passengers were not allowed to deplane for up to 11 hours. Eleven hours in, as one passenger put it, a metal coffin.
No one would rebuke the airline for imposing moderate inconvenience on passengers due to safety concerns.
But to allow an _arriving_ flight to sit for almost 9 hours on the tarmack: that’s insane. It shows a lack of planning for emergencies and an inability to make decisions when faced with the unexpected, neither of which are especially good qualities in an airline.
Then, to compound this abominable customer service, the airline canceled almost 1/4 of its school holiday weekend flights so that their crews can catch up on their rest.
I guess that union contracts trump greed at Jet Blue.
Too bad they’re not as concerned about their passengers,.

The Child “Protection” Biz
From Massachusetts. ..2002…
Adoption Bonuses: The Money Behind the Madness
DSS and affiliates rewarded for breaking up families
By Nev Moore
Massachusetts News

Child “protection” is one of the biggest businesses in the country. We spend $12 billion a year on it.
The money goes to tens of thousands of a) state employees, b) collateral professionals, such as lawyers, court personnel, court investigators, evaluators and guardians, judges, and c) DSS contracted vendors such as counselors, therapists, more “evaluators” , junk psychologists, residential facilities, foster parents, adoptive parents, MSPCC, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, YMCA, etc. This newspaper is not big enough to list all of the people in this state who have a job, draw a paycheck, or make their profits off the kids in DSS custody.
In this article I explain the financial infrastructure that provides the motivation for DSS to take people

Terrorists Under the Bridges

No, I do not have the warm and fuzzies after Boston’s _very_ delayed reaction to the Err and Ignignokt lighted cartoon panels.
These “terrorist” devices had been in place for two weeks before an MBTA passenger – a _passenger_ – noticed the first one around 8 am yesterday.
It wasn’t until mid to late afternoon that officials figured out that the devices were harmless, long after the blogger community identified the panels as part of a publicity stunt by Turner Network.

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