Christmas Plus

We are watching “1883” with great pleasure on Paramount Plus.

I’ve been working steadily on the new MRS.

We made a chocolate cake for Christmas. I figure it cost about $2.80 and better than most store cakes at 3 or 4 times the price.

I also made a quiche and Ron did a nice salad. We had ravioli on Christmas day.

I picked up beef hearts on sale for Liz and made a stew with it today. Hope it lasts at least two days.

We did the transfer station run yesterday and were able to personally deliver our Christmas gifts to our three guys.

The box of oranges from Florida arrived today at Doc vonHaam’s office.

We had lunch and exchanged gifts on Friday, Christmas Eve, with Cindy and Cathy. Also got to give Robert and Peter the gifts for the grands.

Finally, we mailed a tip to our paper delivery person. Hope she received it.

Last Thursday, the person from Geek Squad connected the new modem. I brought the old one back to Comcast. He reconfigured the phones, Ron’s computers and the Roku, but I forgot Sonos and the thermostat. Got those connected myself.

Need Coffee Right Now

Ron bought me a nice pair of slippers yesterday. They are exactly what I wanted.

Today I did four errands in one trip: Washashore (closing at the end of the month/year) for cookies, beer run, bank for gifts and Roche for cooking oil.

Paid for Ron’s car repair yesterday but he was less than enthused, so I complained and he’ll pay me back.

It occurred to me that it takes ego to expect people to be grateful for your good deeds. If you aren’t that sort of person, the gift is bare in the eyes of the recipient.

Tried to transfer funds to First Citizens, but it got held up by Rockland. Squared it away this morning, hope the funds will be there tomorrow.

Have been working non-stop on MRS. New code for DotDigital and Admin.

Ron is working on laundry.

I made food for Lizzie and pea soup for us yesterday. Made another pumpkin pie earlier this week. Need to find a store that sells chicken gizzards. Maybe Shaw’s.

Full Weekend

We raked leaves yesterday and filled up the truck again.

I did grocery shopping and made food for Lizzie.

Ron has been working on his holiday cards.

Had a nice lunch with Cindy and Cathy on Saturday.

I’ve been struggling with PCmover and ended up copying individual directories from the old PC to the Seagate drive.

Installed new ink cartridges in the Canon printer.

After spending a small fortune on Office software, finally got Outlook squared away.

Ordered a box of oranges for Dr. vonHaam’s office.

UPS confirmed delivery of Ron’s signed and notarized agreement on the Deed to Deborah.

Up very early these days, before 5 am. Fell asleep with my day clothes still on last night after 60 Minutes.

Pumpkin Pie

Ron has been doing a great job taking care of Lizzie while I am busy with other things, including work.

It’s great to be back.

I baked the two pumpkins purchased from the Falmouth Art Center and got 2 1/2 pounds of filling from them. Made a pie with a pound of the filling, a Pillsbury crust and Dollar Store pumpkin pie spice and sweetened condensed milk.

Stress test appointment was cancelled for today, thank goodness. Insurance is deciding whether to pay for it or not.

Tires, Pie, Lights

Yesterday, Ron checked and inflated the tires on both vehicles.

I made an apple pie. It is better today, actually not bad at all. I used an S&S crust, a can of apple filling and additional homemade filling from three apples on hand.

While Ron was working on the tires, I strung the outdoor winter holiday lights after setting up the extension cords and the window candles.

This was in between loading, running and understanding a sample VB project prepared by a generous colleague.

The day before, Ron trimmed the bushes in front of the house. I cleaned out the leaves and managed to cut the extension cord before Ron took over. The pie was in the way of penance.