Another day of misery for Ron.

I did some web work and more deep raking.  Picked up lunch at Cooke’s.

Power washer arrived yesterday, and we are coming up with many uses for it: grill, Ron’s pond, vehicles, siding, driveways.

Federal tax refund check arrived today.

Just watched/listened to the Joey Alexander Trio on Livestream/JALC.  Eleven years old.  His talent is miraculous.

Ron’s Dental Work

Turns out, Ron had a dry socket.  The doc repacked it on Monday.  DSC01931He was still in a lot of discomfort yesterday, spent the afternoon on the couch watching a cheesy James Bond movie.

I can’t stand Sean Connery in those early films: want to slap that smirk off his foppish face.  Grow a beard and put on 30 years, then you’ll be entitled to strut.

I did some more shredding and drove Robert home from work.  He’s got ambition, wants to do his prereqs at 4Cs and go on for a degree in biotech.  He’s enjoying his work at iCape, and his manager thinks very highly of both Robert and Peter.  How good to hear!


Cindy Brunch, Ron’s Dental Work

Ron has been in a lot of pain from last Thursday’s extraction.  It looks like part of a tooth is still embedded in his jaw.  He’s to see the dentist this morning.

Met Cindy and Cathy for brunch at Crabapple’s yesterday.  It was crowded and the service wasn’t that good.  I stupidly ordered a mimosa, forgetting how sick I get with champagne.  Drinks were $9 EACH.  Ridiculous.

Cindy is getting second opinions from the local orthos before she schedules knee replacement surgery.  Cathy is a fan of the rehab group at Falmouth Hospital.

Ron did the transfer station run so that I could give my legs a break.


New Ceiling Fan

DSC01927Ed installed the new ceiling fan this morning with no problems.

I made cod kabobs for lunch (too bland) and a coffee cake (light and fluffy but not sweet enough) out of a used box of pancake mix.

I turned and vacuumed the mattresses and washed the mattress covers.  We put the beds back together.

Signed up to host an after-party for the Women Who Tech tele-conference next Wednesday.

The wheelbarrow hanger arrived today.

I did a couple hours of yardwork, including weeding and shredding sea grass from about half of the new garden.

Ron cleaned out Ron’s pond.  Laura spotted a female goldfinch at the “pond”.  They are having carpentry and deck work done.

Ron thinks we need to take it easy for the rest of the weekend.  Since we finished two heavy Sunday chores – laundry, changing sheets – a day early, that should be doable.


Ron picked up his van yesterday.  Problem – a bad coil – seems to be solved.

We also had my truck inspected by the Arbella adjuster in Hyannis.

Dental appointments for both of us yesterday.  Ron had an extraction, but mercifully, it went a lot better for him than mine did.  Either that or he’s a lot tougher!

shredderWent to Bridgewater today to pick up the leaf shredder.  It’s the Sears-branded Flowtron.

We also stopped at a junkyard to look for a rear bumper assembly for the truck.

Ron put up his GoFundMe request for help with his dental work.

Ceiling Fan, Yardwork

Ron and I cleared space in the attic for Ed.

Ed didn’t think the ceiling fan that I won years ago in a raffle would do.  Ron and I picked up a different one at Botello, but he didn’t think that would work, either.  So he stopped until we get a flush mount model, which I found and ordered online at Lowe’s in Wareham.

Meanwhile, we’d separated the beds to make room for Ed to work.  We put them back together again, only to have to repeat the process when Ed comes back.  In the meantime, Ron taped the full frame together to make it more stable.

Cleaned up the veg garden and pruned the rose bushes.  Hurt a toe on my right foot.

Daffs have started and looks like we might have a tulip blossom by the end of the week.  Hyacinths are blooming.

Ron’s van died on the way to get pizza at Zoe’s.  Peter rescued him.  The van is being towed to GMC in Hyannis.  The pizza got delivered.  Peter’s Jeep is fixed, we’ll pick it up tomorrow.


DSC01925I passed on the MRI at Shields yesterday but since we were mid-Cape, Ron picked up a free sleeper sofa from a Yarmouth hotel that was giving them away. Joe and Laura helped him move it into the house.

The blue recliner went to the transfer station today.

Ron put up a new pleated shade from Job Lot in the bedroom. It looks great.

We picked up a patio umbrella at Roche. It was about the same, maybe less, than it would have cost for the canopy alone.

Big load for the transfer station today. Two full barrels from Edgewater, wood and leaves from Edgewater, chair, cardboard, pizza boxes and piles of recycling. We didn’t finish until 4!

We also did three loads of laundry and changed the sheets today. No time for yardwork. I ordered a foam mattress for the sleep sofa. In the meantime, Ron cut a board to fit under the cushions, the covers of which we also washed, and stuffed pillows in the back of the couch. It is fantastic.