Alpha and I Have Something Else in Common

We both got fired today.

The grow light arrived for the hibiscus.  Ron put it together.

I was able to plant the perennials from last week’s scavenging.

Ron drove Robert home; we gave P&B their anniversary gifts, which were well received.

Ron did the laundry, which got us caught up from the weekend.

I get to do Fall cleanup tomorrow.


Baked goods from yesterday for breakfast.

We’re anticipating a lot of rain and wind, through tomorrow morning, so punted on Fall cleanup and planted almost 100 tulip bulbs.  We put down 7 bags of topsoil in the tulip bed.

Yesterday afternoon, I stopped by Green Goddess to get some soap and mentioned to Andrea that I was on my way to buy a pot for the hibiscus.  She gave me one that she didn’t need and refused to take even a penny for it!  Ron and I washed and sterilized it today.

We got the hibiscus washed, pruned and potted.

Anticipating the storm, I cleaned up the yard.  Nice to see it looking like something other than a third world dump.  Someone in the gardeners FB page has a place where I can get rid of the gravel from the old driveway, which I dug up for the tulip bed.  Maybe next weekend.

Ron also drove Thing 1 and Thing 2 to work and did the transfer station run.

“Little” was here for a while.

I uploaded new files to fix some bugs in Warranty.


A Lot to Catch Up On

We went to southern RI yesterday for a concert by Biscuit City.  Stayed at a motel across from Scarborough Beach in Narragansett.  I got to see the sun rise over the ocean.  Sand is so fine there it doesn’t even stick to your feet!

We’d had an exceptional vegetarian meal at the Crazy Burger cafe.  Enough to feed us for lunch again today.

On the way back, we stopped for breakfast at a terrific spot near Bonnet Shores, the Coffee ‘n Bagel Connection.  Came home with 3 small bags of takeout, too!

Made another stop at an extraordinary nursery, Botanica, in Portsmouth.  Found a concrete cat sculpture for the garden.

Got home around lunch time.  Ron mowed the lawn and I dug out a tulip bed.  We picked up the grands and 3 large pizzas in two shifts.

Einstein’s Recipe for Happiness

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”

I dug this beauty out of one of the entryway pots at the Senior Center yesterday. Got an invite to take a “half pot” home, which was pretty much impossible to do, since tropical hibiscus really shouldn’t be divided until Spring.

Ordered a grow light for it today.

Finished a pile of mending this week.

Unseasonably Warm

We’ve had spectacular weather recently, mid-upper 60’s and clear.  Sunrise this morning was beyond belief.

Ron finished watering in the lime application yesterday and gave blood.  I was turned down; anemic.

Set up an online account for us at Bankers after seeing a premium charge that was familiar but couldn’t place it until I remembered that I have two policies with them.  Added both and Ron’s as well.

Ron, Alpha and I voted on the funding for a new trade school in Harwich.  I figured it’d cost us about $52 a year in extra taxes.  Was proud of Alpha for wanting to vote.  I’d forgotten that she and I went to the polls together for the Presidential election last year.

Good Sunday

Got a little more cleanup done, mostly in the bean garden and a bit in front of the fence.

Did the transfer station run myself.  Peter loaded trash at their house; not much this week.  Told me about Bonnie’s new job.

Landed hard on my left leg.  Hope I haven’t ruined myself.  It burns at the bottom of the incision, although it doesn’t hurt to walk.  Trying to do some stretches on my right foot for what might be plantar fasciitis.

Discovered that Aunt Dora died this past January.  Sent a contribution in her memory to her scholarship fund at Elmhurst College.

Baked squash, made soup.

Squash; Wood

Alpha and I had a great afternoon visit yesterday with Emma, who fed us extremely well as usual: egg salad sandwiches on homemade bread and a savory rice/vegetable mixture.  She bade me to take home a sandwich for Ron, too.  We’d dropped off the Russian olive wood and had a relaxing time in her back yard.

Brought the second load of branches to the transfer station yesterday and a book crate worth of hazardous materials from the shed, kitchen and basement to the HHW collection in Bourne.  To my great relief, everyone was pleasant and non-confrontational.

Alpha and I made some semi-edible cookies; very disappointed with a recipe on the Musli mix.

Ron gave the three grands a ride home at 6.

I roasted squash this morning.  “Kedi” is keeping me company.  Getting laundry done.


Russian Olive; Roast Vegetables

This week went by fast.  Ron finished cutting up the Russian Olive today for Emma.

Alpha landed the job and is in training for the next week.

I made salad for lunch and we worked together on prepping vegetables to be roasted: carrots, turnip, beans, kale.

Made a heavy soup the other day.  Cheese sandwiches and minestrone for lunch yesterday.

Disappointing meeting at Mashpee HS this Wednesday.  Never again!

Pressure’s off at work for the moment, not so much for me, but everyone else.

Quiet Sunday

We did laundry, changed sheets, read the papers, got ice cream at Polar Cave and did the transfer station run.  Wrote up minutes from yesterday’s meeting, sent them along for review.

I fell asleep for about two hours late afternoon.  When I woke up, “Kedi” was here.

Feeling better today, intestine-wise.  May it continue.

Kedi; SPEA

Whoever heard of a documentary where ALL the people are good?  We saw one,  the first of this year’s WHFF “Film Falmouth” series, last night at Falmouth Academy.

Ron, Alpha and I attended a spaghetti dinner fundraiser at the Tribe government center, then saw – and all of us loved – the film “Kedi” about the cats of Istanbul.

In the morning, Ron and I attended the two-hour annual meeting of the SPEA, held under a popup in the pouring rain.

I was up at 4.  Intestinal distress all day.