Take a look at the pictures of this married couple from Clackamas County, Ore. and consider how you would describe their faces:
Absent of remorse?
Good-looking, well-groomed, healthy, maybe even financially comfortable*?
These are the faces of couple who let their 15 month old baby die out of some kind of perverse so-called religious belief.
I look at these people, who have everything going for them, and wonder how they could have been so selfish, or so weak, or so stupid, when someone like me, who had none of their advantages, managed to raise a child to adulthood.
“There but for the grace of God” I understand, but this? I just don’t get it.
*Clackamas County, Ore, ain’t exactly Hooterville: the county’s median income in 2004 was $67,900.

But She’s Got Murtha

I don’t care how many second-rate politicians with dreams of personal payoff have endorsed the Pretender – Hillary Clinton has Murtha.
Not that you’d know this from the MSM, who have been cackling with joy about the endorsement of Obama by Pennsylvania’s anti-choice senator, Bob Casey, for days.
I’ve said it before: when books are written about the Democratic party’s nomination process for the 2008 election, there is going to be enough dirt uncovered to fill Colorado Convention Center.
Meanwhile, as of this hour, 82% of the respondents to a poll on the Boston Herald think that Massachusetts would be better off without Obama’s clone, Governor Deval Patrick.
Caveat emptor.


Of all the common luxuries we have that were unavailable to even the Tudor court – central plumbing and heating, the automobile, the lightbulb – the ability to make coffee in the morning is among the ones for which I am most grateful.
I have a drip coffee maker, nothing special, but it provides a bit of civility and pleasure in the course of morning ablutions.
Sure, I enjoy the better things as much as the next person, but without a full-time caretaker, heated pools, high definition TVs, luxury cars would be a maintenance burden.
Bottom line, having a bed to sleep in with no Cobra snakes crawling around on the floor, a roof that doesn’t leak, heat in the winter, electricity to run essentials like the computer and the furnace, reliable transportation, and a coffeemaker are pretty much everything I and probably most of the human race would like to have to be comfortable and productive.

Thank You, Taylor Marsh

Maybe it was an editorial slip-up, but the virulently pro-Obama Huffington Post actually published an objective opinion piece on the devolving race for the Democratic Presidential nomination.
Meanwhile, the party elders continue to embarass themselves with their divided loyalties and public flaunting of negotiations for personal gain.
This whole thing makes one nostalgic for the days when laughing at Bushisms was the political maven’s favorite parlor game.

Anti-Democratic Democrats

I don’t understand how anyone can seriously consider a caucus to be democratically or Constitutionally equivalent to a primary.
In Texas, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, correct? But the caucus vote went to Obamination, as it did in 12 of 13 other states.
A caucus is an exercise in public intimidation where voters “lobby each other”, as opposed to the Constitutional privilege of primary or general election voting, which of course takes place in private.
There have been complaints that the timing and location of caucuses favor more affluent voters who don’t work during the evening, and college students who like to shout at other people, which would certainly explain not only why the Obamacons have been so successful but also the reasons for the appalling tenor of their entries on public blogs.
All in all, the whole thing reeks of back room deals and the vilest kind of social class-based snobbery, wrapped in the sheep’s clothing of racial “tolerance”. If you don’t mind the mixed metaphor.