40 Pounds

I’ve been offloading ice for Ron’s knee for the last couple of weeks. Today we got another 15 pounds at Market Basket (it was Ron’s first visit) along with a few other groceries.

This humidity is killing me. I felt whoozy earlier today, similar to the strange dissociation almost exactly four years ago that preceded the TIAs. I felt better after eating (we got to use our Captain Scott’s voucher, which expired today) but I still want to just sleep.

It’s summer, all right, and the eve of the hottest month of the year.

Peter left a message that he’s doing better, thank goodness, but he’ll be in the hospital for the weekend.

I saw a hummer briefly today hovering around the Bee Balm.

I wouldn’t work anywhere without air conditioning on a day like this. I’m thinking about the people at Coonamessett Farm and the PowWow across the street. I was out between 7 and 9 this morning setting up sprinklers and deadheading all the roses and the day lilies. That was enough to throttle me, let alone trying to do anything physical at midday.

Gardener’s Diary

We have nine tomatoes. Got most of them caged.

I planted an onion and several Rose of Sharon today.

PowWow started today across the street.

Cleaned the gutters yesterday.

Had a really good time at Ryan and Tyler’s graduation/birthday/birthday party this evening!

Septic, Sepsis

We had the septic pumped yesterday.

There were fierce rainstorms before and after, and a funnel cloud was spotted down Cape.

Later: Bonnie called to tell us that Peter is at Cape Cod Hospital recuperating from foot surgery. He had a very bad infection from an embedded piece of plastic.

Weed, Feed, Where’s the Rain?

Rain has been dumping inches in the United States, but not on Cape Cod. It’s more like an August fight these days to keep the gardens alive.

Ron mixed some new Fung-Onil. I sprayed some on the new carpet rose, but it went on white, so I’m nervous about it.

We, mostly Ron, finally got the back door panel, which Botello rescreened for us, and grills installed at Edgewater today. It looks great.

Our friend Emma is coming over for dinner tonight! It’s been a while since we’ve seen her, and I’m looking forward to getting caught up.


Spotted first hummingbird this morning! The bird was feeding at one of the purple flowers in the oval while the sprinkler was on. It took off to the far NW corner of the yard. Wonder if there’s a nest nearby (hope so)?

Gardener’s Diary

Blossoms on the wisteria and two small tomatoes.

Sprayed and weeded yesterday. Sent photos of a mystery plant to the good folks at Extension and Scenic Roots, both of whom answered very quickly that it was pigweed or spurge, neither of which are edible.


Put Advantage on Fluffles today. Better late than never.

Cleaned up the vegetable garden and planted the new rhodie.

Ron shortened the tomato cages so that they can be sunk securely in the garden. I am thrilled. We have 2 tiny fruits on the cherry tomato!

Second dead-heading of the roses.


Finished spreading the 5 yards of mulch delivered yesterday at Edgewater. Trimmed the bushes and raked under the holly tree, brought clippings, recycling and trash to the transfer station.

Picked up another rhodie for us at the wholesale plant place, 30% off. Thinking about getting some shade-tolerant Leylands.

Gardener’s Diary: What’s Happening to June?

Next week are the longest days of the year, and we go to pot after that. I can’t believe it’s so soon.

I changed the sheets, did laundry and made some calls, then went with Ron for his 3-week checkup at Dimond’s office. I dropped off Ron’s California return at the Post Office and the braided rug at Capeway Cleaners.

We had a great lunch at Captain Scott’s (half price Tuesday) and stopped at Edgewater to do yard cleanup and pick up the screen door insert, which we dropped off at Botello.

I cleaned up the right side of the front yard at Edgewater in preparation for new mulch. Did some minor cleanup in the rock garden so it looks quite pretty now.

Came home so Ron could ice his knee and so I could transplant a grass and its “child” grasses into our cutting garden. It had been crushed by the beach rose but managed to thrive anyway. I moved the big Rudbeckia to the back.

We drove to Stop & Shop for a slew of meds for Ron and some groceries for the kids, which we dropped off.

Busy and productive day.