Another Teenager, Another Little Girl

Today is Emme’s 13th! Mike’s baby girl is just over 24 hours old, she was born yesterday on Kathy’s birthday.
I attended judges’ training for Odyssey of the Mind in Malden yesterday and was amazed, delighted to see Carolyn’s good friend, Sarah Penvel, and her boyfriend Josh, who’d come up from Wareham.
On the way back, I stopped at Grossman’s outlet for a second indoor/outdoor rug for the basement, the local Ace Hardware store for the 20% off sale and closer to home, Stop & Shop and Job Lot in Buzzards Bay. It was great to get everything done in one trip.
This morning, Robert and I are meeting Khamla at a tea shop on Jarves Street in Cambridge.

Wind, Rain, Mud, Squall

Last night was the third DIY class, and I had to fight with myself to go because the weather conditions were so lousy: driving rain and strong winds, predicted to be of hurricane force.
I made it and glad I did because there was a lot of content and some good hands-on. We learned about finishing and patching drywall, and I managed to get joint compound (aka mud) all over my boots.
When the wind blew the roof, it got a little unsettling, and we lost power a couple of times toward the end of class.
This morning, I got caught in a minor squall. Looks like March will be coming in like a lion. Hard to believe it’s almost here.

Update on Mr. Fluffles

Mr. Fluffles seems to be much better today, eating, purring and head-butting. His vet called (again) last night to check on his progress, and we appreciate his thoughtfulness.
I had a good day yesterday, took care of some annoying business – gas for the truck, laundry, paid a bill online – then had a very upbeat and productive meeting in Fall River, did the circuit in New Bedford: Grossman’s Bargain Outlet, Building 19, Sid Wainer Gourmet Foods, Friendly Donuts and Friendly Fruit. Stopped off to pick up a bus schedule at Tedeschi’s, had a couple of good phone conversations in the evening.


He seems to be almost back to normal now, but Mr. Fluffles gave me a scare this week when he suffered a four-day bout of diarrhea and vomiting.
I have no idea what brought this on, but he was so sick that I brought him to the vet, not once, but twice.
It’s been exhausting, trying to clean up after him. I feel sorry for the poor fellow, but there have been times I’ve just wanted to put him out in the snow to clean him up!

Shopping, with Emme

Emme and I had a nice lunch today and did some shopping at the Cape Cod Mall.

Some generous colleagues had given me a Best Buy gift certificate, and I bought a little microwave that was on sale for 1 cent less than the gift certificate. I used the microwave tonight, and am happy to have food come out hot, actually hot.

We went to Game Stop and Emme was thrilled to find a game that she’s been wanting since Christmas. So, that took care of her birthday present.

We also stopped at a toy shop, and I picked up a craft which I hope she can work on tomorrow. The shop is having a contest, but even if she doesn’t win, it’ll be fun for her to have her work on display.


Had a good time sledding with the boys yesterday, and no one was hurt.
Picked up my order at Gourmet Gallery. Had done laundry and vacuuming in the morning. Rearranged the kitchen.
Today, I paid bills, unloaded the dishwasher, changed Fluffles’ litter, changed sheets, and loaded trash on the truck; had lunch, stopped in to Cirelli’s and Banker’s Life in Middleboro; redeemed deposit bottles, went to the transfer station, returned a library book.
Attached the cable drop to the rafters in the cellar and have been cleaning up the mess that used to be in the toolbox.
It infuriates me to think how much time and energy I had to spend on work, and the toll on me and the house. Between the yard and the interior, I’ve literally been working every day since June to get things into a minimal semblance of order, trying to correct over 8 years of neglect in a little more than 8 months.
No wonder I’m tired…

Mid-Winter Cleaning

Spent some time today on a chore I’ve been wanting to do for a while, reorganizing some of the kitchen cabinets and getting rid of out-of-date boxed, canned and bottled goods.
In a little while, I’ll pick up James and probably one or two more for sledding.
It’s a gorgeous day out there, perfect for it.

Gardener’s Diary – Mid-February

We had another snow storm this week, and I ordered seeds yesterday,

High Scent Sweet Peas and

Double Rose Peony Poppies.
James, Eric and Ethan stayed over last night. It was great to be able to put up 3 boys in the guest room, even though another piece of furniture is needed to store the office files and supplies.
Having more deja vu experiences around late Winter/early Spring.