Used two bonuses today, one for a 1/2 salad and one for a bagel.  With a sandwich, enough for lunch for Ron and me.  Saved the bagel for later.

Went to the gym last evening and again this morning.  30 minutes on the bike and did some resistance exercises.

It started snowing about an hour ago.  Already accumulating.


“JFDI stands for Just Fucking Do It and it is a thing that I’ve found to be hugely effective when I’m piddling around whining to myself that I don’ wanna … 

“The idea of JFDI is basically to take a deep breath and order yourself to bang out that thing you’ve been dreading doing. Because once you JFDI it will be over and done with and right. JFDI.

“The greatest thing about JFDI, other than the fact that it works, is that it’s entirely self-driven. So there’s none of the resentment factor of someone else telling you what to do…”

Jezebel: The Fridge and the Microwave Are a Disgusting Hellscape

Jezebel is a genius and my inspiration:  after weeks of I don’ wanna, I removed a ridiculously stuck-on, gooey red substance from the frig today.  Ron gave me a hand, thank goodness, so I didn’t have to get up and down to rinse out cleaning equipment.

Made pork fried rice for us today.  Martha Stewart recipe.  Quite nice.

Dryer Vent

The dryer vent has been in place since mid-November 2015, so Ron cleaned it today.  Found very little debris, so we can probably hold off on the next cleaning for longer than 14 months.

I made fish chowder, roasted kale and bread pudding with dried cherries, pretty much all from Pantry ingredients.

You are not equal. Your daughters are not equal. You are still systematically oppressed.

“But these “what to wear” lists don’t read like dress codes, they read like the fantasies of middle-aged men who need a chorus of pretty minions to sing them to their desks.”
Nicola Thorp’s Courage

“The United States ranks at 45 for women’s equality. Behind Rwanda, Cuba, Philippines, Jamaica.

“But I get it. You don’t want to admit it. You don’t want to be a victim. …

“I get it. You want to feel empowered. You don’t want to believe you’re oppressed.”

You Are Not Equal

New Phone; Leg; Pantry

Visited the Falmouth Service Center Food Pantry today. Activated the new iPhone from Credo, which came packed in brown paper (good!)

Had a checkup with Dr. Boyle yesterday. Checked out Fisherman’s View on the way back.

Helped Ron get in to his UI account and requested benefits for two weeks. He’s qualified and we know the amount of his benefit; we’re still waiting for the claim to be approved.

I applied for a dev job today, haha.

Wrote a new page for the MRS Admin showing students who registered with discount codes. Only a handful last year.

We got a couple of clever tools for 39 cents at Job Lot: combo of pen, lighter and stylus. I bought a roof rake that was on special for Edgewater.

Hypocrisy and the Women’s Marches

Erosion of reproductive rights, which was a major concern of yesterday’s women’s marches, is not a problem for ugly women. It’s a fear which is easily resolved, but in doing so, comes with consequences.

Women who are not “glamorous” or “beautiful” don’t have to worry about unplanned pregnancies, but on the other hand, they will not be able to find a job to support themselves or if they are hired, will be bullied mercilessly and paid less than they are worth.

I suspect that if you were to total the cost of all of the cosmetics of all of the women in yesterday’s first world rallies*, you’d have more money than the combined GDP of the poorest third of the world’s nations.

In other words, money that could have been used to build housing, schools, water treatment facilities and sewers for the most needy people on earth was spent on makeup, hair coloring, etc.

I don’t fault Donald Trump for his so-called sexist attitudes. He’s just being honest. And I call “hypocrite” on anyone who labels themselves a “progressive” and who isn’t as angry as I am about this.

*Approximately $350 billion was spent worldwide on cosmetics in 2015; the total GDP for the poorest 69 countries in the world was $340 billion in 2016.

New Beach

Wandered into Hyannis Port today while I was waiting for Alpha and read for a while at charming Eugenia Fortes (East) Beach.

Finished Fall cleanup at Edgewater, finally. The rest can be done in the Spring.

Rained the last two days; mostly drizzle today. Drove Robert to and from work.