I’ve been experimenting with Joomla. It’s not as intuitive as WordPress, but I think it’ll be okay. I actually figured out how to create categories and articles and nuke pages without looking at the documentation, which says a lot for the UI.

My big mistake was to install the sample data when I set up the site. That took a small bit of work to delete.

Next I want to experiment with some free templates.

Where Does It Go?

I was up at 6:15 this morning to get a fasting blood test. It’s now almost 6 PM. With the exception of a quick trip to the post office, a brief chat with a neighbor and another with a friend on the phone, a couple of calls to tradesmen, baking a pizza and two meetings with landscapers, I couldn’t tell you of anything else I did today.

Oh, yes, we stopped at the Falmouth Library and I paid a bill at the Credit Union.

Ron on the other hand mowed the lawn, front and back, and fixed a metal shelf unit we’d picked up at the transfer station. He also minded the store while the sealcoat was applied to the driveway and our Terminix specialist completed his early Fall visit.

I took the a/c out of the bedroom and we moved it downstairs to the shelf unit. Really nice to have the window back.

I really want to do some serious weeding at Edgewater, sooner rather than later, before everything starts to seed. Maybe this weekend. After the activity of the last 10 days, we’ve left the long weekend open.


I finally took the a/c out of our bedroom. It’s nice to have the window back. I’m sure we’ll have more hot days, but having the a/c in here is not a good solution for a lot of reasons.

All Are Fed

Fed the roses and the garden today. It rained a little, but not enough. I think the Moonflowers will bloom soon. Really looking forward to that. Decided I do like our border garden.

Procter Garden

The magnificent Procter Garden at the Berkshire Botanical. One of the most beautiful examples of landscape architecture I’ve ever seen. The garden is 46 years old and was designed by E. Gillette Wilcox. A masterpiece even in the dog days of late August; imagine what it must look like in June!


I was delighted with the toolshed at the Berkshire Botanical Garden, which has many of the same implements and equipment as ours. Everything was neat as a pin, too.


We treated ourselves to a long-planned mini-vacation starting Sunday morning with brunch at the Major John Bradford homestead in Kingston. We drove from there to our motel in West Stockbridge, then to Tanglewood for a concert by Chick Corea, Gary Burton and the Harlem String Quartet. We finished the weekend with a visit today to the Berkshire Botanical Garden and lunch in Williamsburg with an old friend of Ron’s who is also a gardener. Great weather both days and a nice break from the usual.