First mow of the year this afternoon.

The front lawn is amazing, looks like thick green velvet.

Glad I cut the grass for two reasons: needs to be cut regularly this time of year to grow and by the time I get to do it again, it’ll be way too long.

Set up the sprinklers in case they are needed.

Picked up some Forget-Me-Nots on sale ($2.50) at Mahoney’s, put them in the country garden.

Got my “paws” done, too, all four of them, flamingo pink.

Opened up a safe deposit box at Rockland for Ron’s jewelry and Nonna’s bracelet.

The bank rep alertly informed me that Ron’s license expires next week – whoops! He was able to renew it at his local DMV today.

Lettuce Define Your Terms

I ordered a strip of lettuce seed from Burpee and planted about two thirds of it in the last Earth Box and the rest in the vegetable garden this morning.

100_4623I also seeded the morning glories along the vegetable garden back fence.

We had fearsome rain, thunder and lightning yesterday afternoon and evening, and a couple of the daffs and jonquils were knocked down. They do make an awfully pretty bouquet.

The Lily of the Valley have started, and we have a couple more potato plants!


First pumpkin plant.

First potato plant?

Seeded Nasturtiums along the back cellar wall, the trellis and the bird bath base. Seeded Portulaca in the new garden, but the seeds are so tiny that I’m not holding out much hope.

Wind is fierce today, gusting up to 40 MPH, enough to make driving hazardous and knock over small trees.

At the Cape Cod discount nursery, the word was, “If you’re in the nursery business – get out.”

Munstead Strain LavenderPlanted two Munstead Strain Lavender in the new country garden. Would have loved to have put in more plants, but I’m nervous about heat next week.

Picked up a hose rack for the back yard at Waquoit Feed and Garden and what I hope is a better spray nossle than the Gilmours purchased up to now.

English Country Garden

The compost from the Falmouth recycling center had been sitting in the front yard under a bright blue tarp for exactly two weeks.

To say the least, I was way overdue on getting it spread.

By luck, it rained last night, perfect conditions for prepping the soil for the new English country garden.

Here it is, ready to go: compost from Falmouth, more compost from Aubuchon, loam and 2 cubic feet of peat moss.100_4602 This garden is going to grow with a vengeance once it gets going.

I also finished weeding the grass garden at Edgewater today.

Yard Work

I’m losing track of days, but am pretty sure that I did some yard work yesterday; at least, I have a nasty blister on my left arm, usually a sign that I came into contact with something mean.

I weeded and pruned for sure today, until it was time to go to PT, and I weeded in the grass garden at Edgewater on Sunday.

Tulips have just started in the back, although the grass in the front is already green and healthy, in fact, almost in need of mowing.

I have a hollow leg this week. Tonight I wolfed down half a large pizza. Yesterday I devoured a cottage pie. It is not stress eating, it’s hunger.

Tomorrow, I really have to do something about the compost in the front yard, either move it or spread it.


Beautiful day today, first real shorts weather, and I took full advantage by doing a transfer station run, cutting down a small tree and weeding the grass garden at Edgewater.

I almost lost my gloves over the fence but was able to retrieve them with a rake; good thing, because it looks like we’re getting rain later.

Yesterday, I put some grass seed fertilizer on some of the yellow spots in the back yard at Dixon.

Fed and checked in on Max, who was still hiding upstairs.

Changed sheets here and did some data entry stuff. Fixed the img classes in a bunch of old blog entries, too.

Home Cooking

I really like making my own soup.

Last night, I had a yen for corn chowder, and was lucky enough to have frozen corn, light chicken broth, fake cream and the ingredients for a quick mirepoix in the frig. Tastier, less sodium and much less expensive than the soup in the markets.

Compost, Etc.

Washed the pots and pans from last night’s potluck, cooked a chicken breast for Fluffles, put Candy’s wheelbarrow and ladder in the shed, spread compost around the six blueberries and the good butterfly bush, went to Edgewater to feed Max and Swimmy, brought some laundry back, did a transfer station run and picked up a book at the library.

It’s raining, but just a little.

I put down the last two bags of mulch yesterday along the back side of the fence. Pretty ache-y this morning, though, and glad to have the yard work done.

Told Me It Was Too Plebian

The other day, I got a sympathetic laugh from one of my neighbors, a young professional who did his graduate work in NYC, when I told him that I don’t enjoy the arts on Cape Cod because they are so amateurish. “Yeah,” he said, “they are trying.”

People here are pretentious about clothing and appearance rather than being comfortable with a bit of bohemian funk, and I think that goes hand in hand with their bourgeois outlook on a lot of things.

All the wealth floating around Cape Cod doesn’t necessarily result in a refined sensibility, save possibly the houses and landscaping in some really, REALLY nice neighborhoods.

Is the Cape just a haven for the nouveau riche? Sure seems so at times.

Early Spring

Finished mulching in front of the fence yesterday. Looks like we’re going to have a nice crop of larkspur this year. I’m enjoying the LPJs (Little Purple Jobs) in the vegetable garden.