Is This the Formula?

Teddy was asleep when I got up this morning, and he didn’t wake up until Ron roused him at 6:30.

We’ve done a couple of walks already in very cold weather, but no wind.

Last night, we gave him two tranqs and a couple of night walks. Ron did the late shift around 9 pm or so.

I don’t remember much of yesterday except for a very long nap and enjoying “Master and Commander” with Russell Crowe.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5….

Teddy was wild this morning: pacing and even barking from 4 to 4:30 am.

Hard to know what’s going on with him. Make that “impossible to know”.

I was up at 1 to take him out; Ron got up at 3.

It’s been a full moon the past couple of nights. This morning, I think at 5, Teddy and I saw a rabbit. A lot going on now in nature. Ron thinks we should pull the kitchen shade when there’s a full moon; a sensible idea. Maybe give him a tranq, too.

I was so sleep-deprived yesterday that I lost track of my keys in the truck (they’d fallen between the seats) and used the wrong debit card to pay for a panini at Crave. Luckily, I had a balance to cover the small amount.

I did load the truck, do the transfer station run, shop at Roche, withdraw cash at the bank, drop off a tip for Trever and pick up a book at the library.

This morning I hauled to Stop & Shop for apples for Ron’s cereal and other groceries. No line at the checkout.

It’s 15o now, another cold one predicted for tomorrow morning. We’ll likely have a couple more like it in February, but we are getting through the worst part of the winter.

Coldest Day

Teddy and I went out three times before 6 am. Wind chill ranged from 1 to 3 degrees. I’m relieved we could do this, have been dreading this morning, but it was okay.

Scanned and mailed Teddy’s adoption application to the shelter yesterday. This morning, I completed the application for complimentary 30 day pet insurance coverage.

Teddy hasn’t been coughing, especially with the harness, so we’ve put off a checkup and xrays for now.

I made supper last evening, stove top “lasagna” from on-hands in lieu of take-out. It was good, too, and enough for several more servings.

We’ve been enjoying Martin Scorsese’s “Fran Lebowitz” series.

Yesterday was a low-key day for me. I was worn out from the trip to Brewster the day before and grateful that we decided not to haul ourselves to Eastham. It’s been snowing a little since Wednesday’s storm, nothing much.

Teddy Week: Got a Lot Done; Snow

Got a lot done, and it’s still morning.

Walked Teddy a couple of times. We shoveled. I made a salad.

We brought Teddy to the shelter for his last checkup with their vet.

Much easier getting him into the van today with his new harness.

Ron told them he coughed in the van, so they recommended that we go back tomorrow for chest xrays. They will only authorize an Eastham vet, so we declined. They allowed us to finalize his adoption on the phone.

I think the reason Ron heard him cough in the van is that he was chewing on a toilet paper tissue roll!

Teddy Week: Snow, Bolted

We are having a measureable snowfall. Ron and I took Teddy out after supper, and he bolted for the Bakers. Bill was in the driveway, in his truck, and I was able to catch up to Teddy there.

Boy, can he run!

Ron took Teddy out for the last walk of the day. Poor things were covered in snow. Teddy balked at going up the front stairs.

I made cauliflower soup. Tried twice to get him closer to the van, but was not successful. Chow’s are notoriously difficult to train.

After a false start, Ron got Teddy a harness at Baer’s, and he’s finding it easier to walk him with it. He’s gone to a lot of trouble for the dog today. I’m just glad that he finished errands before the snow. Trying not to think about Peter and James driving in it.

We got some last-minute info from the shelter about pet insurance and our visit with the vet tomorrow.

Teddy Week: We Survived

All hell broke loose here around midnight last night.

I’d fallen asleep at 8, before giving Teddy his second Trazodone. He was awake and barking starting around midnight. I gave him his med and some food and water and took him outside. He eventually calmed down around 1:30 am.

Earlier, the three of us walked around the Dixon/County Road block and got to see Shelley, our ICU nurse neighbor for a brief, very cold chat.

Even earlier, I took Em to their appointment with their new PCP. They seem to hit it off very well; I’m happy and relieved. While waiting, I went to Rockland on Main Street to deposit my last check from NEPS and drove around Hyannisport. Got back to Duffy exactly as Em was finishing up.

Saw Tony yesterday. Charlie wants to meet Teddy, I think.

We had a chat about lost friendships, and they suggested I consider getting in touch with Geri. They are eager to help, in the hope this will help them deal with a similar situation in their life.

Turns out, Geri had contacted Ron on his cell on Sunday, but he didn’t take the call. I suggested he phone her today.

Left a message at ARL-Brewster that I’d cut back Teddy’s med. They left a nice return voicemail, pleased he is doing well, he was one of their favorites.

Teddy was up this morning around 5:30. Gave him his med, took him outside, fed him.

Teddy Week; Sick of the News

I woke up yesterday, or maybe the day before, feeling better than I had in a long time.

This morning, Teddy and I got up too early, so it’s hard to know exactly how I feel compared to yesterday. It was my fault: I visited the bathroom at 3 am, tried to be quiet, but you can’t fool those keen dog ears.

I can tell you that I’m bloody sick of political news. Republican complaints about Biden’s Executive Orders are already mounting, and it’s same old/same old.

Misstatements abound. For example, stopping the Keystone Pipeline would result in the loss of 1,000 permanent full-time jobs and about four months of temporary jobs, not one million. Hardly a blip on the country’s growing rate of unemployment.

The deluge of made-up “facts” continues, too. A right-wing bimbo was forced to recant her absurd claim that a $15 minimum wage would result in a $38 burrito. In the real world, Taco Bell told PolitiFact, “at our company-owned restaurants in New York City, where the minimum wage is $15 an hour, our Bean Burrito is $1.89 plus tax.”

I heard both Romney and Rubio on Chris Wallace’s show yesterday. It was striking to note how the former came across as an adult and the latter as a juvenile whiner. Maybe Ivanka would be a better choice for Senator after all.

Meanwhile, I’ve lost or misplaced a slipper and a face mask accessory. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they were buried under paperwork somewhere.

Teddy Week; Cooking

He didn’t mind the food processor.

We were up at 5:30 yesterday, reasonable hour. Bloody cold, though. We didn’t stay out long.

I made a casserole but undercooked the potatoes. Otherwise, it was good.

We did laundry and changed the sheets. Ron picked up coffee. We watched the Tampa Bay game but I was too tired to stay up for all of Kansas City.

Gave Teddy a full dose of his med in the evening. He was beside himself.

This morning, I was up at 3 to go to the bathroom and unfortunately, woke Teddy up. Took him out a couple of times – 19-20 degrees but no wind.

He was very thirsty and hungry. Fed him some kibble which seemed to satisfy him.

Gave him a half dose of his med this morning.

Teddy Week – Saturday

From Sandy’s last email, looks like MTR is done for good.

I felt well this morning, for the first time in who knows how long.

The three of us walked in the field yesterday.

The Bakers dropped off generous presents, dog biscuits and treats, and a nice note for the “Southern Gentleman”.

Teddy let me sleep until 5 today. We did a couple of short walks in the yard, then Ron took him for a long walk in the field.

Teddy seems to like R&B. We listened to The 5th Dimension and EW&F on YouTube to help motivate kitchen and bedroom chores.