Unconscious Mutterings

From Luna Niña:

  1. Lover :: when you’re near me
  2. Ridiculous:: excuse (as in “the dog ate my homework” versus “excused from jury duty”)
  3. Oscar:: Peterson
  4. Tennis:: Elbow
  5. Account Balance:: zero
  6. Hickey:: James (oh, sorry, was thinking of the poet James Dickey)
  7. License:: to kill
  8. Breathmints:: Certs (branding, branding, my gosh)
  9. TexMex:: chile
  10. Stepmother:: wicked

With Friends Like These…

Who needs the Merry Maids?
With a guest coming for part of the Memorial Day weekend, I was trying to figure how to fit a normal two days of cleaning and errands into about 6 hours this past Saturday.
Luckily, I have friends who were happy to help out, one of whom volunteered to vacuum while her 4-almost-5 year old helped me scrub counter tops with “sugar stuff” (Ajax). The other mowed my lawn, a task I normally enjoy but just didn’t have time to manage before my guest’s arrival.
Then, while I was doing the second transfer station run of the day with Peter, they set up a charming Hamptons/Newport-style bistro arrangement on my porch.
Meanwhile, my washing machine decided to blow a gear or something in its overworked motor, so last evening, the second friend let me do laundry while I grilled some chicken on her barbecue.
So, today, I have a clean house, clean clothes and memories of a most pleasant visit with my out of town “gentleman friend”, a person of immense charm who entertains as well as enlightens with his well-honed and wide-ranging conversational skills. A Cape Cod postcard weekend altogether, with perfect weather and reasonable traffic to boot.
How’d I ever get so lucky?!

Bad Hire?

I’ve been working on a big web-based application pretty much full-time since January. In March, my client decided to hire another developer and made an offer to someone who I’d recommended, a person who was highly thought of by his former boss and who seemed a good “fit” in terms of skills and personality.

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