Leap Year Day, 2016

100_6739As posted earlier, got both vehicles serviced at Cormier’s this morning.

Peter came over and miraculously fixed Ron’s network so that his backup drive is now useable.

We visited our friend Emma and her Mr. Toddler grandson.

Did a modest grocery shop.

Uploaded new files to MRS. This year’s enrollment: 63, versus 33 at this time last year. I can’t quite believe it; how did we pull that off?

Late Start, Got It Done

Hadn’t realized until we left Edgewater around 3:13 how late I made us today.

We managed to complete two transfer station runs, although we were the last car.

Got laundry and sheets done in the morning, card for Alpha.

Watched the film Spotlight last night, took out a digital subscription to The Globe this morning.

Good Day, Good Week

Alpha came over yesterday to visit and cook: we made a quiche and she made a chocolate pudding pie.

Ron and I both had hours at the bakery this week.

I got an interim check from MRS!

On Thursday, Ron got to Canna Care Docs and was approved for his card.

Enormous stack of donated bread at the Senior Center yesterday.

Also on Thursday, I enjoyed breakfast sponsored by the Cape Women’s Coalition for women seeking political office. It provided a chance to meet some of the Cape’s leading female officeholders.

Ron bought a new Black & Decker coffee pot.

On Tuesday, I passed follow-up tests at InMed. I was fully prepared for bad news so was taken aback when the doc said everything looked okay.

Getting close to finished on MRS.

Enjoyed Mahoney’s farmers’ market today. Got one of the final spots in the Pariah Dog Farm CSA. Saw Emma, bought some of her compost. Had a delicious pizza and killer cake for lunch. Ron got doughnuts and we brought home some lemon dressing.

The Truth About WIU Mock Elections

Back in November, the media “informed” all of us that the WIU mock elections picked Sanders and Bush as the nominees for this year’s Presidential election.

Further, the elections claimed that Bernie Sanders would win the Presidency this year.  The media claimed, dozens if not hundreds of times, that the mock elections have “correctly predicted each president since 1975”.


The mock elections HAVE predicted the party that won every Presidential election since 1975, but NOT with 100% accuracy.  They failed in 1987, having picked Mike Dukakis over George HW Bush.

They have NOT predicted the winning or for that matter, the losing candidates with anywhere near 100% accuracy.


We raked the front and back yards at Edgewater and brought a truckload of trash, recyclables, pizza boxes, leaves and branches to the transfer station.

Did a little raking here as well.  Not as many blow-downs as at Edgewater.

Ron treated to breakfast crepes at Celestino’s – delightful!

Lucy-Fur needs surgery next month.  We are hoping it is not serious.  She has a topnotch doc as far as I can tell from online comments.

Peter had meetings in Cal this week.

Removed the redirect from MRS today.  Think everything is working.  Gift certs next.

Facts About the Cape

Question #7: Which of the three bridges at the Canal is oldest?
Answer. The Bourne and Sagamore bridges were both opened on the exact same day: June 22, 1935 with the Railroad Bridge opening later that same year on December 29th.

Question #8: How many lighthouses (active & deactivated) are on Cape Cod (not including the islands)?
Answer. 16. they are: Chatham, Cleveland Ledge, Highland, Hyannis Rear Range, Long Point, Monomoy, Nauset, Nobska, Point Gammon, Race Point, Sandy Neck, Stage Harbor, Three Sisters, and Wood End.

Question #9: How many islands are associated with Cape Cod?
Answer. 15: They are Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and the Elizabeth Islands which total 13 in the chain.

Question #10: How many miles of coastline does Cape Cod have?
Answer. 559.6, according to the Cape Cod Chamber


Cold and Grasses

Ron recycled the giant pile of plastic bags that I’ve been accumulating and worked with me to cut down the grasses at Edgewater.  That’s love.  We filled the truck.

It was colder than I realized: 30° by the time we were done.

The insulation installers were at Edgewater on Wednesday.  Peter wrote that they could feel the difference immediately.

Vikings Season 4 started last night.