Our handyman was here for a few hours yesterday caulking and priming window trim. It’s one of those improvements that has a favorable cost:benefit ratio.

I picked up lunches at the Senior Center and filled out menus for March.

Afterwards, we attended our first Friday LOG lunch, which was great: all-vegetarian buffet menu – salad, roasted veg skewers, barley/veg soup, flatbread, yogurt/dill sauce, trays of baklava passed around for dessert.

An attorney with DOJ gave the presentation on prosecuting environmental crimes.

Did a small shop at Aubuchon. Spread varmint repellent on the tulip bed, which is starting to sprout.

This afternoon, did a transfer station run.

Sent a message via form to Williams College about the passing of one of their students last month. I’m disturbed by the lack of contrition and acceptance of responsibility on the part of the college’s administration for what seems to me a failure of stewardship.

This young person – age 18 – was in my view overwhelmed. He was involved in enough academic activities to fill a full-time schedule, yet he was also a member of the Berkshire Symphony, participated in a weekend long competition run by the college’s volunteer economic consulting group and worked on projects for the Special Olympics and a local restaurant.

I remember freshman year at an Ivy League school as a living horror.