The Evangelicals

In spite of their complaints about negative press, Evangelical Protestants have been getting a lot of deferential media attention this election season.
Yesterday, I happened to see both a recent documentary on the subject, as well as the last half hour or so of a famous 1940’s film about a Roman Catholic saint, “The Song of Bernadette”.
The Song of Bernadette won its star, Jennifer Jones, an Oscar for Best Actress. Ms. Jones’s performance was such a perfection of luminous piety that some members of the public castigated her when they discovered that in real life, she was not actually a nun but a wife and mother. This was further compounded by the announcement shortly after the Oscar ceremonies that she and her husband were filing for divorce.

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This is the big weekend: P&B’s anniversary today, Halloween tomorrow.
Tonight is a Samhain circle in E. Falmouth sponsored by a unique little shop, Green Goddess Herbals.
I attended last year, and thoroughly enjoyed the company, the ceremony, and the FOOD, oh my gosh, what a feast!
If memory serves, we had an extremely rare display of the Northern Lights on October 30 last year. On my way to mind the kids so P&B could go to dinner, I missed it, the roads between here and there being heavily treed and thus, effectively hiding the horizon.
This year, though, I did see the full moon turn orange-red in the partial lunar eclipse, on the same night that the Red Sox won the World Series after an incredible, unprecented 8-game winning streak.
Good omens, perhaps, for the holiday and for those major events soon to follow.

Bad Call In Dennis

In reference to my posts a few days ago about a dog that bit not one, but as it turns out, two children at a fund-raiser in Dennis, the town dog officer has decided that no criminal charges will be filed against the owner because in her view, there was no “intent” on his part to harm others.
You can read the full story for free, provided you link to it before the 23rd, on the Cape Cod Times website.
Right-thinking citizens can only hope that the parents of the child who was maimed by this “pony sized” dog will pursue a civil suit.
Meanwhile, if you’re walking around in the town of Dennis, especially with young kids, bring your (properly licensed, of course) stun gun and/or your mace.