Less of Less

I tried to explain my theory of household budgeting to Robert. I think he was amused.

The way I figure it, we’re “ahead” if we have a chance to spend money, but don’t.

Example: we could buy tickets to a show at the local Center for the Arts. That would set us back at least $60. By not buying tickets, we’re ahead $60.

Aside from providing a rationale for not spending money we don’t have, this silly fantasy has no real effect on our assets or cash flow. It just makes me feel better. It’s a pretense that we have enough disposable income to spend on luxuries and entertainment, but choose not to.

So, although we have less than many other people, it is a smaller amount of less than if we (I) weren’t so abstemious. Less of less.

Nothing Special

img_0531Made more soup with the rest of the turkey carcas. Froze it all.

Finished the back yard mowing around the oval. We received the new shed today but one of the parts seems to be faulty. Ron did the Senior Center run; we split driving Robert to and from work. I finally got an sample Angular2 project to compile. Lots of issues with add-on versions.

Finding this tutorial quite good, though.

Typical Sunday

img_0530We’re heading full tilt to the Winter Equinox. It’s encouraging to know that in a little over 3 weeks, we’ll start to have more daylight.

Today Ron did three loads of laundry. I made a big breakfast: poached eggs, bacon, toast. We changed the sheets, did a little deck cleanup and hung shower curtains and Ron’s apron outside while we did the transfer station run.

I’d promised James that I’d bring over a leaf blower, so we dug out the big Toro and attachments and dropped them off with Peter.

Stopped in to CVS and Walgreens so Ron could get Lysine.

Had turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce and salad for a late lunch.

Buon Lavoro

img_0525img_0529We put the new garden bed together on Thanksgiving and Thankgiving Eve.  Today we covered it with Agrabon and fencing to hold everything down.

We thoroughly enjoyed part 2 of the feast we received from the Mashpee Chamber.  Each serving was plenty for both of us.  We also had Laura’s delicious rolls and apple pie from the bakery.

I cooked the Pantry turkey, along with rosemary, thyme, 2 cups of water and a pile of vegetables: potatoes, carrots, turnip, delicata squash.img_0526

Ron brought back returnables and did a mid-week transfer station run.  I cleaned out the magazine rack the other day and pretty much filled the recycle container.  He washed the truck bed of some spilled compost; it’s went to one of the gardens.

I also cleaned the bottom of the frig and vacuumed today.

Smokey has been around twice.

Falmouth Peacebuilders

Each morning the children at East Falmouth Elementary School say the Peacebuilders Pledge:

I am a peacebuilder,

I pledge:

  • to praise people
  • to give up put downs
  • to seek wise people as advisors and friends
  • to notice the hurts I have caused and make amends
  • to right wrongs
  • to help others

I will build peace at home, at school, and in my community and each day.

I think all the children in the elementary schools in Falmouth say this pledge. That’s approximately 1,300 or more children. These are beautiful words spoken from the heart about how to behave, build community and live in a town, a country, a world with one another.

Last CSA

Kitty came and left early.

Picked up our last share of the Fall CSA this morning.

Splurged on a winter decoration yesterday from Home Depot.

Appointment yesterday at the Wound Center.  They switched dressings from salve to collagen, which only needs to be changed every other day.  Everyone seemed tired, including me.

Ron pointed out a gash in my truck this morning.

Good Cat, Great Day

It was 32° this morning.  “Kitty” was here from around 8 to quarter to one.

I left at one point to pick up our turkey dinner “kit” and mail the Amnesty letters, including a plea to pardon Leonard Peltier.  Kitty was completely well-behaved.

Got myself enrolled, then re-enrolled, in a health care plan through Cal as well as the Cal HSA.  After giving it some thought, I realized that I’d made a mistake yesterday but was able to correct it today by opting for a $0 premium plan that includes prescriptions and all my docs.  It removes the worry of absent mindedly missing premium payments.

Much-needed supplies arrived yesterday, a day early, from Total Wound Care Solutions.

Had a really nice visit with Emma and Toddler Man yesterday – what a doll!  He’s only 2 but speaks very well already.  Homemade chicken soup and sandwiches for lunch.

Paul came over for dinner; always a pleasure.