Things went well. I didn’t have a bad reaction to the anesthesia, and didn’t need any pain medication, not even acetaminophin.100_6781

100_6778Energy auditors were here today and came up with a list of recommended improvements, most of which are heavily subsidized. They also left us with over $100 of energy-efficient devices, including a smart power strip and dimmable LED bulbs. The only other change they recommended was to replace the washing machine at some point for a more water-efficient model. They’ll pick a contractor to do the construction work; we should have a schedule in about three weeks.

What an excellent program!

Got a nice lunch, which I enjoyed outside, from meals on wheels.

Managed to put supper together with leftovers and steamed asparagus.

Watered all the transplants and cleaned the pruning tools.

Did some work for NEPS.

Sick of the Bots

Their hero is a petty, irritating little man who has spawned a crusade of petulant malcontents who confuse negativity with sophistication, slander with truth, mobbing with consensus, narrow-mindedness with virtue and ignorance with ideological purity.


Put mulch on the corner garden yesterday. Watered. Gave Laura an assist on one of her assignments.

It’s raining now and expected to last most of the day.

I went to Hyannis to get records from my dental surgery. Turns out, the surgical center will use the same vile stuff on Thursday.

With Robert’s help and some back and forth, we got AppleCare+ for Ron’s phone. I got Ron’s yahoo email account working, too.

Senior Care: Aids to Independent Living

Paying for senior care

Benefits and Services

It is the goal of this program to help seniors age in place outside of nursing homes and as such the benefits are selected to aid in independent living. Beneficiaries and their caregivers can receive any of the following services:

Adult Day Care
Home Delivered Meals
Homemaker & Chore Services
Home Modifications to Improve Accessibility
Home Health Aide
Personal Care
Respite Care for the Primary or Family Caregiver
Transportation Assistance for Medical and other Appointments
Wander Response System (Reserved for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients)

Still Have To Make the Bed

Got up early.  Ron did the laundry and hung everything outside, including the sheets.

I watered trees and loaded the truck for the transfer station.  Peter helped at Edgewater.  Drove Robert to work and met Cathy and Cindy for Cindy’s birthday brunch.

Finished weeding grass out of the garden.  Planted the Romaine lettuce and brussel sprouts.

Watered the back lawn.  Ron mowed the front.

I think my arms are going to fall off soon.

Cambridge, Lupine

Ron was off to Cambridge today to deliver an order for the bakery and stop at Peet’s in Newton on the way home.

I planted a new lupine and transplanted our old lupine in the corner garden to replace the rhodie. Also picked up lettuce and brussel sprouts from the discount garden center.

Stopped by Green Goddess Herbals for mechanics hand soap. Had a brief but nice chat with Andrea, who has known Liz for quite some time. Small world.


I pushed today and got a lot of outdoor stuff done.

Did a deep prune and sprayed horticultural oil on the roses. Did some watering. Transplanted the little rhodie from the corner garden.

Ron had a PT appointment and went to work.

We went to “No Place Special” for a fine concert of original acoustical music. Met “Ma” Sue, who is a senior tax advisor for H&R Block, and had a long chat with “Pa” Ricci, who made it a point to visit with us to make us feel welcome.

The guys from Talbot transplanted the red maple and the eastern redbud. They were great, and very easy to work with.

Three Grands In One Day

James and I cleaned, fertilized and mulched over 20 bushes in the back yard.

Each bag of mulch weighs 38 pounds!  Which means that this week, I’ve hauled half a ton of “stuff” (20 bags plus 300 pounds of building materials).

I dropped James off at 3 and picked up Alpha for YAG.  Forgot my book, so I passed the time at two nice beaches on Hyannis Harbor, Veteran’s Park being one.

After bringing Alpha home, I gave Robert a lift from work.

Rare, to see all three grands in the same day!